A big flaw with capitalism

Capitalism has become the norm in this world after a long bloody battle with socialism in the past. Though some other schools of thought exist but mostly people have accepted that capitalism is the norm. Economically specialisation seems like an amazing deal in theory at both macro and micro scale but actually it suffers from a contradiction with one aspect. The growth of an economy is a lot depended on the creativity of the people. History suggests that actually people are more creative when they follow more than one field of interest — the polymaths of the past.

To back this claim we have the examples of Newton, Fermat,Galileo,John Von Neumann,Leibniz and many more. This is a vague example though.These could be the exceptions. There was a study to find out the best time when researchers come up with new ideas. The basic notion is that researchers come up with best ideas working alone in their labs. What the research found out was the researchers came up with best ideas during lunch time when they interacted with colleagues from different fields of research.They concluded that this intermingling of ideas is important for new novel ideas. Similar to this a nearly a decade back the most creative company was 3M. They were even better than Google and Apple.They had a similar approach in which departments were shuffled after some time to promote intermingling of ideas.Apple and Google copied this ritual in their company and became more creative. Polymaths already have information from a variety of fields so there is no doubt that many new ideas have come from polymaths of the past.So the result is specialisation decreases creativity but it increases productivity with the methods at hand.Specialisation should not be completely discarded but the number of polymaths should be increased.At last in context of this article I want the reader to just think about what their brain does when they tell it to think.It is not a lot controllable activity you can only command it to think .What determines the quality of the thought or ideas the brain comes up with?