Deepa Sayal, Managing Director & Co-founder of ADG Online Solutions

With Management books in library, PowerPoint presentation on the computer, and a call with her little daughter, she meekly demands us to wait for a minute, before we talk to the veteran digital-marketing evangelist Deepa Sayal, CEO & Co-founder, ADG Online Solutions. For her, it was just one idea that led to a transformation. Avidly, she explains, “the idea of diving into digital-marketing struck me when I incidentally stumbled upon this commercial of an ad- agency, resting peacefully in my drawer. That was my moment. I found enormous potential in it, and my journey began.”

Empowered, imaginative and enthusiastic. These words alone don’t do justice to her vibrant personality. Armed with MBA from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, and 17 years of impressive experience, she has recently been recognised amongst the “50 best Digital marketing Professionals “ by the CMO Council.
Deepa did not get success on the platter, she earnt it. Strongly driven by an inner conviction and a never-say-die gut, she rose from the rungs of a management trainee to the successful CEO that she is today.

Deepa embarked upon this journey in 1997 working as an accounts manager in an ad-agency, shifting places and positions further in various marketing streams.

Along with the status of “Social Media Evangelist” as the industry leaders call her; she is a mother of two and handles her family with an immaculate equilibrium. She elucidates how her family and husband have always been her pillars, and is very fortunate to have such a strong team to support her.

Her longed dream realised as she incepted ADG Online Solutions, an interactive digital-marketing solutions company which now boasts of many renowned national and international accounts, handling it with perfect blend of technology and in-house creativity. Unlike many with a great turnover, the business was instigated with just 1 Lakh Rupees. Today, the giant she runs has a turnover in Crores with numerous affluent B2B and B2C clientele in her kitty. The company has delivered optimum case studies without compromising on its aesthetics and is constantly augmenting with newer technology, providing brand-makeover, creating websites, online ads, viral campaigns, digital apps, 3D models, HD films, interactive installations, content management, et al. Spread across all major metropolis including Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, etc; the sky is the frontier for company’s future.

She was recently featured in the Financial Express and Zee News , “No road is paved smooth; there will be trills and frills in every journey, and that’s what makes it worth it. The current macro-economic and structural issues may account for a sustained slowdown, but that’s when innovation walks in. I am not daunted by change, it has always made me stronger in the end.’’

When asked about her next move, with an effortless grace, she revealed, “To passionately craft, innovate and expand. I’ve planned to generate 3 times the present turnover and set up another venture which is has a value added approach for the CIOs.’’

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