This Desktop Study Offers A Preliminary Overview about CB-OSN-2004/1,Covers Basin Map, PSC Signing Date, Operator, Monthly Status Updates, Minimum Work Programme, Exploration Activities, Fiscal Terms, Contact Address Of Consortium Member(S), . More Detailed Information, Please Refer To The Attachment File And Table Of Contents. If You Have Other Requirements, Please Contact Us, We Can Also Offer!

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Table of contents Table of Contents\n1. Block/Field Specs\n2. Basin Map\n3. ExplorationRound\n4. Consortium Member(s) (Participation Interest %)\n5. Intimation regarding sale of test Oil from Exploratory well Parvati-2 — Shallow water Blocks \n6. Request for considering MWP well depth w.r.t wells falling in intertidal areas/ onland part- CB-OSN-2004/1\n7. MC Meeting for the Block CB-OSN-2004/1\n8. Request for Second extension of Phase-1 by 12 months in the Block CB-OSN-2004/1 under Clause A.3 of extension policy.\n9. Computation of amount of BG submitted for extension of exploration period-for CB-OSN-2004/1\n10. Request for considering MWP well depth w.r.t wells falling in intertidal areas/on land part in the Block CB-OSN-2004/1 as from Ground Level (GL) instead of below seabed- CB-OSN-2004/1\n11. Exploration Phases:\n12. Phase-I \n13. Phase-II\n14. Fiscal Terms: \n15. Contact Address of Consortium Member(s)\n

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