IOCL- Marketing TOP at khunti project

This Desktop Study Offers A Preliminary Overview About IOCL — Marketing TOP at Khunti Project, Name, Title, Path, More Detailed Information, Please Refer To The Attachment File And Table Of Contents. If You Have Other Requirements, Please Contact Us, We Can Also Offer.

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Table of contents Table Of Contents \n1. Status Updates\n2. Project Completion Outlook and Action Report \n3. Brief Project Description\n4. Schedule Performance\n5. Financial Performance\n6. Summary Status of Major/Mega Projects in Petroleum Sector (November\’ 14)\n7. IOCL — Marketing TOP at Khunti — Project Completion Outlook and Action Report (Nov\’14)\n8. Status of Expenditure in Major/ Mega Projects under MOP&NG during 2014–2015 Period\n9. EIL\’s Monthly Monitoring Report on Major Projects (October 2014)\n10. Brief Highlights\n11. Major Critical Areas\n

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