It’s almost a month without emails , Facebook ,chats on handset😎… in the initial days there was some anxiety as if something is missing in life but now things are fine. 😋spending very less time on mobile and only using it for voice calls or sms..not carrying it all the time ,even in office its normally lying in cabin.. (What a relief)

The important point …mobile is not so important in my life and am spending time on other important and useful activities.. have also made conscious efforts to change few more things in life and things are improving day by day..

1. Only replying to emails which are directly marked to me.

2. Avoiding laptop after office hours with only exceptions to escalations.

3. Started daily 15 mins exercise and around 1km walk.

4. Daily Pooja and meditation

5. Spending more time with Kids ( playing cricket, watching football, movies together)

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