Not a random article about college drop out.

I fail my modules. Its will be wasting time if I keep continue my studies. 
Long story short, a ton of people told me to find my passion.
In case you are bored, skip to the final section. I have a good book and song to recommend.

So I google, "how to find your passion." "how to find the job you love." I know. My goal is not getting rich. Speaking of prestige, I am currently getting rid of the mindset that seeking of prestige. The course that I drop out will promise me a stable and high pay salary job. I failed because I hate math and physics, and theres no point for me to keep going if Im doing something that I don’t enjoy, theres another term for that if I keep doing what I hate, college freshman robot! Not only that, the fees are expensive as well. After wasting 10k for a year, I need to find another course that I did enjoy.

In the process of finding what I like, I did personality test that determine what type of career path I should pursuit. Of course, my results are psychologist, life coach or an artist who likes music, art and photography. I knew it will be funny if I am the one who becoming life coach because I cant fix my life when my life is broke. After searching some sorts of similar search, I figure out another problem, college debt. And I change the topic that i wanted to Google. Should I drop out from college. My parents will probably freak out if I told them I have the idea to drop out from college because for them, that piece of paper is everything. After doing my own research for few days (mostly procrastinate and watching pointless video) from reading book, "The idea in you how to find it, build it and change your life", watch youtube videos (vlogbrothers, school of life, thomas frank) and google, I know I need to find a job but I'm too lazy to do that.

But one thing for sure, I found out people misunderstood about why student choose to drop out from college. People misunderstood college drop out will be "successful" like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and one of my favourite singer Steve from Kodaline (They’re really good) if they drop out. Before that, I need to rephrase that the definition of "success" from everyone is different. I observe some of my friend drop out from school or refuse going to college because they want to get rich. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no one to judge, because everyone have their own way to solve and they know what to do in their life. I won’t force you to agree everything I wrote here. People assume Bill Gates or Zuckerberg will get rich because of dropping out from college. From the three person that I mention few sentences ago including Steve, I found out they are doing the stuff that they love. Yes it is. The thing that making them lost while they were doing it. If you don’t trust me, google it. Bill Gates get lose when he is programming something. Of course, it needs time, experience, and hard work, most important, learning. Steve love music, and he enjoy to write songs. Dont get me wrong. I never ask you to find your passion. Find what makes you lost while you are doing, what you are interested in, or what will you do when you dont have to worry about the aspect of money except sleep and eat, of course. Then work hard, improve your skills. Your passion will come while you fully accomplish something when you are working hard.

Please, don’t focus on how people earn money. When Zuckerberg creating facetime, his goal is to create a website which allow students of Havard University connected with each other. He didn’t focus on money. I have a friend, which I assume he will be successful one day. He create stuff, he never focus on money (perhaps yes, but he dream big) and mostly, he get excited when he was building the prototype about the container which will warm the food itself by using solar panel. Well, not everyone perspective are the same. Some of them want to get rich so they choose the major that ensure them money. I mention twice, I won’t change their perspective. I don’t care eventually but I’m just thinking how insane people think that follow the lead of what successful people will do and imitate what they do will succeed because everyone have their own way and the definition for success, and Gates will success because of starting when he was 12, do what he love and preserve, focus on what’s matter, instead of dropping out from college.

This is what I need to tell myself. I know the step that allow myself to have one step closer towards my dream. It is working hard and be preserve. I should start doing instead of procrastinate.

  • Here's a good book that change my view of perspective. Without this book, I can't complete this article: The idea in you how to find it, build it and change your life
  • Here's a good song that potrait a college student try to be positive eventhough he was dropped out from his college: High Hopes by Kodaline
  • Here's a good quote: Focus on what's matter
I usually don’t write. I mostly spend my time watching Ellen. I need to express myself if I write. The first intention for me to write this article is because my friend motivates me from the way she think, but after I finish until the half of this article, I realize that I’m writing this for myself.
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