Here Is Why You Did Not See Astrologers Predicting Pandemic

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Pre-Pandemic Era

We all were busy watching movies and doing our routine business until a few days back. Suddenly one fine day an unwanted evil knocks your door called Corona. We were just figuring out how it can impact us and our lives shortly, while on the go this killer pandemic was approaching near our neighborhoods.

Our reaction to this pandemic initially was very casual and this is evident with different social media platforms. Corona song went viral in this time and many memes like “people requested god to reinstall 2020 because it has a virus” came into limelight.

Rise of Corona Panic

Slowly and inevitably we were forced to progressive lockdown. Initially, people enjoyed lockdown thinking it as a vacation but as the dates of lockdown slipped further they had hard realizations to experience about this killer pandemic. Being locked and feeling suffocated and frustrated at home with their spouses. There were times with some breezes when celebrities and people from all walks of life made funny TikTok videos. In these videos men were spotted cleaning dishes and in some they were brooming.

During this time we people also witnessed several shocking news, like stone-pelting on doctors, one person died in Maharashtra in a tragic end where people of a local street just rushed to kill him when he coughed publicly. In another incident one lady doctor was forced to leave the society in the state of Gujrat.

These were the signs and reactions of the public in the latter half when the period of mockery was over about pandemic. Now people started witnessing how serious this pandemic was. and now we’re looking for relief but there has been none to date.

Inquisitiveness For The End of Corona

Now people were tired and until before this time, nobody was bothered to end their vacations. And now they all wanted hard to end these suffocating pandemic lockdown vacations very soon. People had the question now when this pandemic will end?

So, Who can answer such uncertain questions other than a fortune-teller? I know many business owners/ mall owners (whose capital was at stake due to lockdown) reached different astrologers in India as per astrologer’s availability and client’s affordability.

Astrologers didn’t see pandemic coming why?

Till this time no astrologer predicted the killer pandemic and now people were approaching the same astrologers who did not predict it. Astrologers can not change karma or past of native or of any community or any race. But what they can do max is to guide you in the right path depending upon the current planetary position in the sky and now they did the same as their ultimate dharma.

Astrologers predicted and are predicting dates for the end of the pandemic as per star transits but the dates are far away which adds further agitation in the mind of people and eventually, people started saying that astrologers don’t know anything if they can not see pandemic coming in past, how they can predict to end of it? this is all bullshit and astrology is a pseudoscience are some comments I heard from many sources.

We have already very limited faith left in our culture and its classics. A statement that our classics and Vedas are just pseudosciences are very diminishing and had been uttered in a hurry by many people for ages now. I have met many people who say that they believe in only science. No science can be said complete without observation and experiment. so if astrology is pseudoscience it will not have mathematics to prove the astronomical details of the planets and different constellations(like their names and locations hundreds of years back) which is even mentioned by NASA in today’s modern world of science, the point I am trying to make here is astronomy and astrology are deeply connected but only a few astrologers are well versed in mathematics (science part) of astrology.

I believe readers will agree that in science there is no guarantee that observations and experiments made will be successful always. Yet when it comes to astrology all observations and experiments should come true because the biggest mistake astrologers did is that they were more interested in claiming that astrology is divine(due to its connection with spirituality) rather proved that it is a science. This reason is the prima facie of such diminishing statements.

Like science has many mysteries to solve yet and many observations to be made and many experiments to go live. Science is progressing as per human needs and evolutions. Similarly, there are many secrets to be revealed by astrology and it will also evolve as per human needs and requirements hand in hand like science.

Mostly humans requirements are focused on money, love, sex, marriage in this era. Hence practicing astrologers also focusing to solve these mysteries for people and their well-being. Some many observations and experiments just can not join the working queue of the majority of the astrologers due to needs and expectations of the client and unavailability of astrologers practicing mundane astrology which is a very fine niche field of astrology. Mundane astrology requires not only predictive skills but astrologer should be sound in mathematics and even in geography, yes geography!!.

There are only a handful of people in India and across the world who practice mundane astrology and only this stream can predict world events of national and international interest.

Imagine you visited some “XYZ” astrologer in India or abroad regarding your love life and marriage and he starts telling you corona is coming, will be you be interested to listen to him? or he just says Rahul Gandhi is going to be PM in next elections what would be your reaction about this poor astrologer ? do share in the comments.


We can declare any subject’s relation with science based on two factors, observation, and experimentation. For observation and experimentation, one has to learn the rule of the subject before claiming on its nature be it science or pseudoscience. we have already slipped from our roots and we have priorities about money, love, and sex. Only a few think about god/spirituality and classics from a young age.

Having said this, there is no research and organized schools which focus on education and research in the field of astrology. On top of that people are just cursing available astrologers due to their incompetence (Due to lack of organized learning and other different reasons) and astrologer’s focus is also to earn quick money by offering quick remedies to a hurried worried client.

In the age of digital learning everyone wants to educate from idea university and astrologers are no different, the majority of the people fail to understand that this subject demands time and patience and can be learned in the guidance of guru as there are many exceptions in this subject. without your discretion you can reach nowhere in astrology those who have read it knows it better.

This pandemic is a time to reflect upon, this is high time for introspection of our priorities by both crowd and astrologers. Is it we who do not want to listen to anything other than our material desires and solutions to get rid of our sufferings? and when a whole community of astrologers is aligned to match your needs it is true that world events are bound to be missed as there are no buyers for these(mundane) event predictions and astrologers are too living in the age of industrial revolution where capitalist drive the life force.

Astrologer community should also reflect upon their practices in this time when their expertise could be truly helpful for the world, the majority of them could not do justice with this vast subject due to matching material desires of their clients and providing quick fixes.

Today, we all are moving away from the light which is against the core meaning of Jyotish (Jyoti means light in English, and Jyotish is about guiding towards light).



A Tech Geek | Meditator | Writer | Vedic Scholar | Speaker who loves to write about technology and humanity for personal and professional transformation.

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Deepesh Tripathi

A Tech Geek | Meditator | Writer | Vedic Scholar | Speaker who loves to write about technology and humanity for personal and professional transformation.