Press F5

The single most important thing to remember in this life.

Flowing river stream is often calming and engages you in it’s own way.

It always reminds and draws unparalleled similarity with the flow of life. As river, flow of life commences, makes pleasant/unpleasant journey… and finally reaches destinations.

On it’s way it faces turns, hurdles, stones , trees and often it has to work hard to carve it’s way…!

It all sounds so familiar, isn’t it?

But we humans are indeed special breed. We hang on or stop on turns, hurdles, stones on the way. Call it whatever you like, give it any name…it can be your relationship problem, mental distress etc.

It’s true, sometimes challenges are huge and often it takes much strength to move-on but mind you ! flowing river doesn’t stop…and so doesn’t life.

May be browsing this page, your app doesn’t responds or system hangs — what do we do ? — We Refresh or Press F5

This F5 isn’t required in the app world but in our daily lives too. It’s the only way to keep moving forward. To retract back to the flow of life and know that the life like flow of river knows how to correct itself ….all we need to do is support it. We need to unload burden of our pasts and get back to the present moment. Every other thought holding you back …are indeed mere thoughts. Life is happening whether you hold on to your thoughts or not. It happens as you read these lines….it happens in here and now.

Life is nothing but an infinite present moment unfolding itself

You get the drift , right ?

It’s about this conscious effort to live in the present moment…to take a dip in stream of life and getting refreshed again. It’s about cultivating this practice daily.

To share the importance of it, I’d love to share the conversation between Zen master Dogen and his Master.

When Dogen attained enlightenment his master recognized it and said to him….“Never leave practice….as enlightenment is infinite… is practice…”

Deepest and profound words are often packed into simplicity. I offer you this thought of constant practice to live in present in life. To flow with this flow of life and not to hold yourself back…..

We are humans and it’s okay to feel the pain and dwell in to emotions. But grace remains in moving ahead with life and if in the process we fail again, it’s ok too !

Press F5 again and start over :)

More Peace & Joy to you !

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