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Originally published on Climate and Capitalism

Over 90% of the excess heat due to global warming is absorbed by the oceans.

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This episode of the Green Flame podcast is a discussion based on the film “Ocean Poubelles.” We talk about nuclear waste, the nuclear waste industry, nuclear waste dumping, and the production of nuclear weapons, nuclear power, and nuclear medicine that results in this highly dangerous and long-lasting radioactive material.

Nuclear waste is a massive issue. It’s actually a much more serious danger in the nuclear industry than a meltdown or some Chernobyl type incident. Nuclear waste is something that is ubiquitous in the nuclear industry and nobody really knows what to do with it. There’s no safe way to store it. There’s nothing that can be done to safely “dispose” of materials that will be deadly for tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of years into the future. …

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DGR stand in solidarity with land defenders in the Philippines`` and Colombia, where we see the highest levels of murders of environmental activists.

“For years, land and environmental defenders have been the first line of defence against climate breakdown. Yet despite clearer evidence than ever of the crucial role they play, far too many businesses, financiers and governments fail to safeguard their vital and peaceful work.”

Colombia, is a country with amazingly diverse ecosystems.

There are also a huge diversity of cultures. In 2019, Colombia was the worst country to be an environmental activist. There was hope this would improve in 2020 but sadly this was not the case. Worse still, Colombia started on new year’s day in 2021 with the murder of young people who were who fought with the guerrilla organization The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and had demobilized to return with their family after the peace agreement was signed in June 2016. FARC signed a ceasefire accord with the President of Colombia. A year later, FARC handed over its weapons to the United Nations. …

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Facing The Truth

by Elisabeth Robson

“In order to maintain our way of living, we must tell lies to each other, and especially to ourselves.” — Derrick Jensen

On November 6, 2020, I allowed myself one breath out, a breath of relief that a despicable administration and its despicable leader have been voted out of office. With my next breath in, I reminded myself that the administration that will replace it will be just as despicable, only in different ways. Its leaders may be more humane — perhaps they will no longer separate children from their parents at the border, and perhaps they will offer sincere sympathies to the families of those who have died of COVID-19 — but they will not usher in a voluntary transition to a more sane and sustainable way of living. They may not lie about their tax returns or the size of their inauguration crowd, but they will certainly lie about many other things. …

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Max Wilbert responds to the statement “we are all doomed.”

by Max Wilbert

Anyone who is honest about the present state of affairs on this planet knows that things are very bad.

The oceans are dying. Coral reefs are collapsing. We’re living through a 6th mass extinction event; around 200 species are driven extinct every single day. And things are getting worse, fast. Emissions are rising, not falling. Pollution is increasing. Population is exploding. Energy consumption is skyrocketing. The permafrost is thawing and life as we know it — perhaps life itself — is under serious threat.

Meanwhile, economic inequality is at it’s highest level ever. The rich grow ever richer as the poor work to the bone, grow sick, and die. Meanwhile, popular culture glorifies technology, fast cars, and pornographic images. We live in a culture of adolescents ruled by sociopaths. The Amazon is falling, the forests burn, and millions of tons of plastic churn through the seas. …

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In this reflective writing WIll Falk offers his thoughts on the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, human civilization and his thoughts on the natural world,.

By Will Falk

I viewed the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn from my parents’ back porch in Castle Rock, CO, a Denver suburb.

It took my dad and I several minutes to locate the planets amongst the streaking, blinking lights of airplanes crossing the southwestern sky. I wanted the experience to be more joyful than it was. But, it was hard to marvel at the heavens while the earth around me was being destroyed. Automobiles on Colorado Highway 86, about a hundred yards from where I stood, sped their way to their drivers’ homes at the end of the work day. Construction workers putting in a new high-pressure gas line across the street wrapped work up for the day. …

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In the concluding part of this three part series we are offered a stark reminder of the scale of greed and corruption involved in the drugs trade, a clear analysis of the impact on poverty and a reading recommendations!

By Russell “Maroon” Shoatz/4StruggleMag

Peep the Game

South Amerikan cocaine replaced French Connection and CIA controlled Southeast Asian/Golden Triangle-grown heroin as the drug of choice in the early 1980’s. Remember Miami Vice? Well, as might be expected, this country’s government, intelligence agencies and large banks immediately began a struggle to control this new trade. Remember: control-not get rid of-in complete contrast to their lying propaganda projects like the War on Drugs! Thus, they were in fact dealing with-not fighting-the South Amerikan governments, militaries and large landowners who controlled the raising, processing and shipping of the cocaine. …

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In the second part of this series we are offered systemic analysis regarding the methods employed to diminish resistance movements and the impact this had on working and middle classes.

“When you grow up in situations like me and Cliff…there is a
lot of respect for brothers like [drug lord] Alpo and Nicky
Barnes, those major hustler-player cats. Cause they made it.
They made it against society’s laws. They were the Kings of
their own domain”. (Cliff Evans, “The Ivy League Counterfeiter”, Rolling Stone, 2000; in Toure, Never Drank the Kool-Aid, Picador, New York, 2006)

The “Original” Black Mafia (BM)

Albeit a touchy matter to many, it’s an irrefutable fact that the
original Black Mafia (BM) was first established in Philadelphia,
Pa, in the late 1960’s, and has seen its cancerous ideas duplicated, imitated and lionized by Black youth ever since. Moreover, although it’s unclear how much the national Nation of Islam (NOI) leadership knew or learned about the BM, there’s no question of the local NOI’s eventual absorption of the BM-under Minister Jeremiah X. Pugh. In fact, although the BM was originally just local “stick-up kids” culled from neighborhood gangs, their being swallowed by the NOI would eventually turn them into a truly powerful and terrifyuing criminal
enterprise-completely divorced from everything that the NOI
had stood for since its founding in 1930. …

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In the first of a three part series this writing lays out the historical context of black and asian movements to reclaim identity and self-worth and a detailed account of the tactics used against them.

“Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission-fulfill it or betray it.” Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth


Within two generations the youth of this country have come full circle. Starting in 1955, youth were driven by two major motivations: one, the acquiring of enough education or apprenticeships, the use of their unskilled labor or street smarts to land “good” jobs or establish hustles, and to make as much money and obtain as many material trappings as possible. …

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Trinity writes about The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the seven ‘Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty’ (SHAC 7) members who were originally charged with violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. Trinity La Fey is clear in her writing: we all need to act as one to stop the destruction.

The Rules

by Trinity La Fey

Josh Harper, from Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty and one of the SHAC 7, once said,

“People care about winning. They care about victory and that’s the most beautiful thing about the Huntington Life Sciences Campaign: we’re not here to tell you how to behave. …


Deep Green Resistance

Deep Green Resistance has a plan of action for anyone determined to fight for this planet—and win.

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