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In this excerpt from her book Matriarchal Societies, Heide Goettner-Abendroth describes her journey to the shrine of Kali, which is at the meeting place of two streams. Heide’s writing brings to life the sacredness of both nature and women.

When they talk about her at all, Europeans describe the cult of Kali, India’s ancient great goddess, as being extremely bloody. It was apparent to me at the sanctuary of Dashkin Kali how many misinterpretations and western prejudices were tied up in this opinion. …

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Editor’s note: DGR strongly opposes the three new farm laws that have inspired the farmer’s protests in India. However, we do not necessarily agree with all of the demands of the protestors.

This article original appeared on the People’s Archive of Rural India on January 28, 2021. Written By Shraddha Agarwal.
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“We borrowed a 1,000 rupees from the seths [farm owners] to come here. In return, we will work in their fields for 4–5 days,” said Vijaybai Gangorde, 45.

She arrived in Nashik on January 23 at noon, in a tempo painted blue and orange…

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This article originally appeared on Mongabay.

Editor’s note:

DGR stands in strong solidarity with indigenous peoples worldwide. We acknowledge that they are victims of the largest genocide in human history, which is ongoing. Wherever indigenous cultures have not been completely destroyed or assimilated, they stand as relentless defenders of the landbases and natural communities which are there ancestral homes. …

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First Voices Indigenous Radio host Tiokasin Ghosthorse interviewed Max Wilbert about the occupation of a proposed mine in northern Nevada. Lithium Americas corporation plans to rip open 5,000 acres of this land to extract lithium for consumer products.

You can listen to the full interview here.

First Voices Indigenous Radio is hosted by Tiokasin Ghosthorse is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unreported License.

Based on a work at

How wild can we get?

Message from Illahee Spirit Runners regional indigenous resistance:

Feb. 7. 2021

Campers are hiking and gathering around a fire. Some visit with Cody and Cloud the wolf brothers. I…

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How do we fight? All together. What is resistance? Organized.

Passions, Humour and the Vocabulary of Strife

by Trinity La Fey

“Men understood what it is to be in a war and you gotta’ be armed. Women don’t have that knowledge.” — Phyllis Chesler.

. . .

“But humour, after all, in patriarchy, is just seeing the way things are, you don’t have to try.[…]Meanwhile rape increases out there, the destruction of the environment increases out there, in here, but women are dealing and dealing. And think of the consequence of the therapeutic[. W]hat happens is objectification of the speaker[. I]nstead of real passion, they offer plastic…

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Climate activists Ruby Montoya and Jessica Renzicek are pleading guilty in federal court in the legal action against their sabotage of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

On July 24th, Ruby Montoya and Jessica Renzicek released a press release admitting that they had carried out multiple acts of sabotage against the then-under-construction Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) in Spring 2017. The two activists set fire to heavy machinery and used blow torches to damage the oil pipeline and valves in an effort to decisively halt the project. While the DAPL was ultimately finished, their actions singlehandedly delayed construction for weeks or months. …

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Editors note: DGR supports The REAL Green New Deal Project, which is “setting forth a realistic alternative to the commonly accepted narrative about renewable energy and sustainability. That narrative — for which the Green New Deal has become emblematic — leads us to believe that the renewable energy future will look just like the fossil fueled present, but simply electrified and “decarbonized.” We’re pushing back against this dangerous myth. “
Consistent with the biophysical evidence, REALgnd acknowledges the following. . .

  • the fallacy of human exceptionalism. H. sapiens is an evolved biological species that is part of nature and…

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News Release: there have been arrests of water protectors in Fond Du Lac . Direct action was forced in order try and prevent damage to a pipeline, due to poor practices, which would ultimately lead to further environmental damage.

Late Monday afternoon, three water protectors were arrested for blocking construction of Line 3. Two of the protestors were arrested while blocking the entrance to the site, while the third, Jeff Nichols, climbed onto a section of the pipeline dangling over a trench. …

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This articles outlines scientific research regarding the harms from pesticides to bees. Originally published on The Conversation. Republished with permission.

By Kiah Tasman

Neonicotinoids, the most commonly used pesticides in the world, were banned in the EU in 2018. More than 99,000 people petitioned the UK government to support the ban amid a wealth of scientific evidence linking this group of chemicals to poor health in bees, from the reduced production of bumblebee queens to slashed sperm counts among male honeybees.

The UK government had pledged to keep the EU’s restrictions post-Brexit, but recently granted a special exemption to allow…

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This is an excerpt from a news article originally published on Mongabay.
Featured image: Sinjajevina, by
JYB Devot, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Montenegro’s military — and maybe NATO — want the Sinjajevina Highlands for maneuvers; traditional herding communities want these biodiverse alpine pasturelands conserved.

BY John C. Cannon

  • A 2019 decree by the government of Montenegro sets forth the country’s intention to set up a military training ground in the highland grasslands of Sinjajevina in the northern part of the country.
  • But the pastures of Sinjajevina have supported herders for centuries, and scientists say that this sustainable use…

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Deep Green Resistance has a plan of action for anyone determined to fight for this planet—and win.

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