30 Things I Thought I Would Have by 30

  1. Ring on my finger (not necessary from the man I’ll maybe marry)
  2. Townhouse or loft that I own
  3. Proper stoneware dinner set
  4. A Blendtec
  5. One proper custom pant suit
  6. Wall of books
  7. A published book
  8. A solid grasp on the following idea: Every time I was rejected, I was being re-directed to something better
  9. More orgasms
  10. Masters in Mandarin
  11. Custom pair of shoes for my tiny feet (size 5)
  12. The skills to make a round roti
  13. No more underarm flab
  14. A married sibling
  15. Better understanding of wine
  16. The backbone to not sell myself short or settle for less than I’m truly capable of
  17. Eaten at a 2 or 3 Michelin star restaurant
  18. The mindset to stop setting up roadblocks in my head to turn my passion project into something real
  19. The discipline to create new habits, (ex. drink 2L of water everyday, eat better, workout regularly, write more)
  20. Perfected the world’s best chocolate chip cookie recipe. (I’ve done it for the classic banana bread)
  21. A long term lover
  22. Learned to make molten lava cake, since I love eating and paying for it so much
  23. More use out of my knee-high Adidas lace ups that I bought immediately after watching those 2004 Missy Elliott videos
  24. Used my cookbooks more for cooking and less as coffee table books
  25. A solid understanding that everyone moves at a different pace and that I should move at one that makes sense for me
  26. More tattoos
  27. Dramatic haircut
  28. An arc floor lamp
  29. Attended a live taping of the Jimmy Fallon Show
  30. A stone head tissue dispenser

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