69 Clever Uses For Coconuts, Not Just The Oil

Coconuts are an all-purpose, amazing fruit, nut and seed where no part goes to waste.

In developed countries we use coconuts for commercial purposes. In tropical countries where coconuts are grown abundantly, it’s not just the oil that has countless benefits, the milk, the meat, the bark and the palm leaves are re-purposed into something clever. It’s magical really.

Here’s a list of uses and benefits of the “all mighty” coconut:

1. Drinking the water keeps your body stay hydrated
 **Also good for hangovers**

2. Reduces your sweet craving, eat it straight up from the jar or from the shell

3. Boosts nutrition in smoothies, by adding 1–2 tbsp of oil to any fruit/veggie smoothie

4. Moisturizer for face and body

5. Whip the oil into a rich body butter, by adding shea butter and a few drops of your favourite essential oil

6. Replaces shaving cream

7. Replaces other oils for cooking or frying 
 **Also great for sautéeing because the oil can withstand high heat without smoking**

8. Fermented sap creates alcohol

9. Leaves are woven to create accessories, brooms and roofs

10. Bark is used for mats, ropes and brushes

11. Hard shells create bowls, cutlery and other kitchen utensils

12. Oil removes crayons from walls

13. Prevents nosebleeds and dryness by moisturizing nostrils

14. Natural bug spray, alone or when mixed with tea tree oil

15. Natural sunscreen 
 **Oil has an SPF 4 and blocks 75% of UV radiation**

16. Replaces butter in baked goods and on popcorn

17. Great for greasing baking pans

18. Treats dandruff 
 **Massage 3–5 tbsp of oil into your scalp, let it sit there for an hour or two, then shampoo and condition your hair as you normally would**

19. Whitens teeth and gets ride of bacteria
 **Swish 1–2 tbsp of oil in your mouth for 10–15 minutes, spit it out, rinse and brush your teeth as you normally would**

20. Tames frizzy hair and adds an extra shine

21. Shapes beards and moustaches

22. Cuticle treatment/softener

23. Lip balm

24. Makeup remover

25. Heals cuts and scrapes

26. Coconut milk replaces coffee creamer and dairy milk, and it’s vegan friendly

27. Whipped coconut milk makes whipped cream
 **Use full fat coconut milk, chill it in the fridge overnight and only use the thickened cream at the top**

28. Odour neutralizer for pungent smells like garlic or onion fingers

29. Natural lubricant
 **Doesn’t work with latex, oil causes elasticity to break**

30. Detangles hair

31. Makeup brush cleaner

32. Natural vapour rub when mixed with eucalyptus oil

33. Unzips caught zippers

34. Furniture polish for wood, granite, counter tops and leather couches

35. Removes dust from furniture

36. Key ingredient in handmade soap, just add an essential oil and beeswax

37. Relieves constipation 
 **Take a tbsp of oil in the morning and before bed to stay regular**

38. Under eye cream
 **Keep the oil in the fridge and apply it when it’s cold**

39. Main ingredient in body scrub, simply mix oil with sea salt or brown sugar

40. Removes gum from hair, shoes or carpet

41. Cutting board oil

42. Insect repellent when mixed with peppermint or tea tree oil

43. Extends the shelf life of an egg
 **Put a thin layer of coconut oil over the eggshell and it will last an extra week or two**

44. Cheek bone highlighter

45. Stimulates hair growth by rubbing oil into your scalp

46. Helps kill yeast infections, when oil is applied to the affected area

47. Treats head lice, when mixed with apple cider vinegar

48. Night cream for face

49. Moisturizer for new tattoo(s)

50. Removes excess hair wax

51. Reduces chaffing by rubbing oil where chaffing occurs on body

52. Face primer 
 **Foundation will go on smoother and stay on longer**

53. Reduces stretch marks

54. Relieves dry, cracked heels and feet

55. Minimizes heartburn by swallowing 1–2 tbsp of oil

56. Removes stickers and labels from containers and serving ware

57. Polishes metal faucets

58. Removes soap scrum
 **Allow oil to sit for ten minutes before using the hard side of the sponge to wipe scum away**

59. Relieves food poisoning when mixed with orange juice

60. Coconut meat make healthy baked coconut chips

61. Creates non toxic finger paint, by mixing together coconut milk, flour and food colouring

62. Increases mental alertness by taking in a tbsp of oil daily

63. Improves sleep if taken daily 
 **Oil contains building blocks to create sleep hormones**

64. Helps support immune system; coconuts are antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral

65. Reduces wrinkles

66. Prevents split ends and breakage

67. Creates personalized perfume 
 **Google DIY perfume to learn which scents pair well together**

68. Coconut milk makes coconut buttercream icing

69. Coconut shells make an uncomfortable coconut bra, by cutting the coconut shell in half and stringing everything together

Coconuts are a popular super food. When a product becomes famous and trendy it gives birth to many brands producing it, importing it and modifying it.

In the Western world, it’s easiest to get our hands on coconut water, milk and oil, all year round. I tend to buy the oil more so than the water and milk, because it’s so versatile. I’ve had both good and bad experiences when experimenting with different brands.

Point being, it’s good to know what to look out for when picking up a high quality product. When buying your next jar of coconut oil, here are a few key points you want the label to read:

· Virgin
 · Organic
 · Cold-pressed from fresh coconuts
 · Fair Trade certified
 · Non-deodorized
 · Made in any of the top ten coconut producing countries.

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