Checklists to the rescue

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  1. Business context of the story
  2. Acceptance criteria(AC) clearly mentioned in the story
  3. Assumptions/Dependencies if any
  4. In scope and out of scope items
  5. High level estimation of the story
  1. Detailed description of ACs. ACs around edge cases and error scenarios
  2. Estimates of the story
  3. Mockups or UI screenshots if it’s a UI story
  4. Tech tasks and details around tech approach
  5. Toggling strategy (to maintain backward compatibility, more control over bringing features live on PROD environment)
  6. API versioning in case of API modifications
  1. All the Acceptance Criteria are working as expected
  2. Is there any environment specific dependency
  3. Is the Test coverage good enough as expected(Depends on the coverage percentage decided by the team ideally 85 to 95 % seems to be good enough)
  4. Are the toggles working as expected
  5. Is the rollback strategy in place if things go wrong in PROD or Pre Production
  6. Is the API documentation and User documentation (confluence etc) updated.
  7. Does the story needs a readme to be updated
  8. Is there enough Logging and monitoring: need to be checked (logs for external api calls/ kafka etc and No PII(personal identifiable information), entire data objects are added in the logs
  9. Are the tech notes updated in a way that will be helpful for the QA and other devs
  10. Is the response time of APIs as expected or is it breaking the SLAs
  11. Does the UI has any console logs or console errors
  1. Readme and documentation verification
  2. Verification of the feature on different browsers or mobile devices of different configurations
  3. High level tests such as functional tests, contract tests, performance tests etc.
  1. Code promotion to PROD environment
  2. Sanity on PROD environment
  3. Publishing the documentation (if applicable)
  4. Checking error dashboards or creating new ones if applicable
  5. Showcase with clients
  6. Turning off toggles/removing toggles



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Deepika Jhanwar

Deepika Jhanwar

Senior Consultant | Application developer | Thoughtworker | Minimalist