Home Tips to Keep Your Gold Jewelry Sparkling

Is your precious gold Jewellery getting tarnished? Don’t worry, gold (and all precious metal for that matter) tends to get dirty after months of use. We in the Indian subcontinent sweat a lot and sweat contains salts which reacts with gold and that creates spots. To clean those you can either take your Jewellery to the jeweler or try out these simple tips to clean your Hallmark Gold Jewellery at home.

The Antacid Treatment

Get a sachet of your favorite antacid, you can pick anyone you like that can be bought over the counter at your locality. Dissolve it in a cup of water; take only enough so that it doesn’t fizz out of the cup. Drop in your gold studs and keep it in for a few minutes. Fish them out and rinse under tap water until you have washed it all off. It should take care of most stains on your rings and bracelets.

The Ion Exchange Procedure

Does it sound like you need to set up a laboratory at home? You don’t have to. All you need for this advanced sounding process is some aluminum foil and some detergent powder. Cover the insides of a bowl with aluminum foil and pour in water to it, add half a spoon of detergent powder and let your Jewellery sit in the bowl for some time. The detergent will react with aluminum and get stains off the surface easily.

There are lots more that you can use to clean your precious Hallmark Gold Jewellery and other metallic Jewellery, but we are sure these two will take care of most stains.

Originally published at khannajeweller.blogspot.com on April 24, 2015.