A certain incident in this last week has brought my attention to this very poignant theory about love and relationship goals. I’ve never truly fallen in love or maybe I have and haven’t realized it enough or have given it too little time.

I live with an elderly couple who’ve rented out one of the rooms of their house to me. For an introvert like me, enjoying the company of an elderly couple who’d often cook heavenly meals transcended luxuries of a flat-life. While the lady of the house is an extremely health conscious individual who’d grumble even at the slightest increase in her waistline, the man of the house can be seen immersed in a mountain of bills, accounting books and newspapers at all times of the day with a pen and a calculator by his side; the silence of the room broken only when the lady serves him hot beverages and with a warm-hearted smile, he’d get back to his business.

This is all that has transpired in the last 18 months that I’ve lived here. But something strange happened. A fortnight ago, the lady fell terribly sick and would be seen tossing around on the bed, agonized by the pain. On further investigation, we found out to be a migraine attack hoping for the pain to subside with the week’s dose of medication. It’s been 15 days and there has been no respite. This I see from the creases on the man’s forehead, his eyes reflecting the pain that his wife has been undergoing. While he helps her sit on the sofa facing the television, he rushes off to the kitchen to prepare her dinner, indulging her in a hearty conversation so she doesn’t pass off. When the man is done preparing the meal, he feeds her despite her refusal and then sits down sorting out the medicines for the day, spending a good 10 minutes asserting if it’s the correct dose.

Closely observing this activity everyday brings tears to my eyes. A man who comes across as short-tempered has the tenacity and patience to deal so beautifully with his wife’s illness. He who can’t go without 3 hours of television-browsing at night now lies by his wife’s side telling her what her grandchildren are up to.

Maybe this is the definition of love that I was looking for.