Yearly ‘beat the fear’ season

I started a little activity last June; I joined a swimming class along with my flatmate. While this may sound run-of-the-mill boring and unworthy of a blog post, you’ve to understand my deeper fears to appreciate the insurmountable courage that it took to attend this class.

As a kid, I feared beaches more than lizards attacking and ghosts haunting me. My beach holidays were forever ruined. My family’s annual Goa plan was marred with my pre-holiday weeping sessions. When finally at the beach, I wouldn’t let my family go anywhere into the ocean and would furiously cry and create a scene for everyone to take me back home. My fear had defeated me big time and I’d no clue how this originated in the first place.

With such a dreadful childhood fear, I decided it was time I tame and conquer them one at a time and you’d be surprised with what happened next. Not only did I want to never leave the pool again, I was often called a champion by my instructor. Boy! Did that feel great. My new found love didn’t stop there.

a. Seeing how I enjoyed this new hobby, my Mom was inspired by it and I taught her in merely 5 days, which she hadn’t been able to learn for years!

b. I’d gone on an island vacation recently. Of the 12 days there, the best part of the trip were my solo escapades to the nearby islands where I’d dive right into the emerald waters and swim for hours amidst the aquatic life.

Reflecting on my fears, I realized how much I’ve missed so far to have realized my love 23 years into existence and then it struck me —

Maybe life is all about conquering the ghosts in our mind one step at a time.

So, as June 2017 approaches I’ve found another pertinent life skill that I should have mastered much earlier — driving a 4-wheeler and I’m super excited about it this time. This year, I plan to double up the game and up the ante! What’s next? I’m already setting up my itinerary to attain a certification in deep sea diving for later this year. Couldn’t be more excited about the next 6 months!