Deeplink Just Got Deeper (and way Linky-er) — Announcing Persistent Deep Links

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By definition, app deep links allow developers and marketers to send their end users to specific pages inside the app. We’ve been at the forefront as thousands and thousands of apps have leveraged the Deeplink platform to easily drive retention and reengagement.

But continuously, our app partners have requested our assistance in improving their onboarding flow, and helping their newest customers find the content that helped drive the download. And as a team of product folks, who are we to say no (forever) to a necessary and relevant feature request?

Today, we are super excited to announce that Deeplink now supports Persistent Deep Links!

At their core, Persistent Deep Links (also referred to deferred deep links) allow you to pass data through the app install process, so that you can identify where the install came from, and deep link the user to the content they originally intended to see post-install.

As with all Deeplink initiatives, we’ve designed persistent deep linking to be super easy to use. It’s powered by the same SDK that you’re already using for AppWords and Spotlight Optimization. And since it’s built on CocoaPods, the version control should take care of most of the integration.

And furthermore, you’ll be able to attribute and measure all of the data in our portal (which has just been souped up like a car with nitrous boosters). We’ve been testing for a while and the product is pretty rock-solid. For existing Deeplink users, getting going is seamless and easy (be live in a few minutes).

It can’t get much easier than that! Let us know your questions, we’d love to help answer them!

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