Introducing Spotlight Optimization from AppWords

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With the release of iOS9, Spotlight Search immediately provided a massive boon for app developers and marketers. Gone were the days where the pages of your app remained passively undiscoverable, patiently waiting for existing users to accidentally realize that content existed. Core Spotlight finally allows you to actively put your content in front of your users, all while they are looking for it from an OS level.

This is great news!

But, as many marketers and observers are quickly realizing and noting, the first version of deep-linked Spotlight Search is very limited in scope. Because this is a new feature and because Apple doesn’t provide any intelligence around helping the most relevant content to surface, each app is tasked with building a comprehensive strategy around Spotlight and app search. That doesn’t seem scalable, or particularly helpful to users, or to us app marketers!

And that’s where we come in.

We’re sooo pumped to announce Spotlight Optimization, a easy-to-integrate tool that helps your content be found in iOS Spotlight search. This tool will be included in the next version of the AppWords SDK. At it’s core, Spotlight Optimization alleviates your need to pass info to the device, instead passing only relevant pages (on a per-user basis) to the Spotlight index on-the-fly. Now you can use that time to do other things that are more core to your business.

In short: We got you, boo… (sorry about using that heavy technical mumbo-jumbo)

So what is this, really?

Who has the time to design, build, and manage an app search strategy? AppWords will be the brains for you, and decide which of your content pages are relevant to your users in real-time. Forget about serving your users pages that they have already seen (because that’s really just bookmarking, right?). Let your users experience all of the pages in your app, especially the ones that they haven’t seen yet.

How can you integrate?

`pod install appwords` (about 5 minutes of dev work)

Note: For the thousands of apps already in the Deeplink network, you already have access to the feature set!

How much does it cost to use?

Spotlight Optimization was built as part of a more advanced platform feature set. All of our Pro and Enteprise partners get to free reign with Spotlight Optimization, so use it, love it, and tell us what we could do better.

No, we’re serious!

Aren’t you guys a deep linking company? Why did you build this?

Well sure, we’ve built some bad-@$$ deep linking functionality (and there’s more coming). But our DNA is really that of a search company. And we’re also an app growth company. So <forced_modesty>we’re pretty good</forced_modesty> at crawling app pages, understanding content and context, and preemptively serving it up to users. Heck, we built a whole platform just on that premise!

So, now that Spotlight Search is here, why not help make it really sing? So that’s what we’ve done! And you get to reap the benefit!

Let us know if you have questions! We are here to help, and we love to hear ideas and thoughts on our products.

Hit us up.

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