Pulling together a project team can be a tricky job. Skills, time and availability all come in to play. There are often occasions when, for one reason or another, it isn’t possible to create a project team from your internal staff. Perhaps your best developers are tied up on another project which is running overdue or maybe this project is encompassing some new technology which means you don’t have the relevant skills in-house. At this point it is time to go out to the market for the skills you need.

To market, to market

Bringing in external resource can be a project in itself. You certainly need to keep this in mind in the early project planning stages as it can take time to find the right person. Key considerations:

  • Skills

What are the key skills which you need for this role? This is not just a list of technical skills, what soft skills is this project going to need?

  • References

It’s surprising how many people neglect to follow up on reference checks. This is a really worthwhile activity. Don’t forget that LinkedIn is a really great tool for checking out recommendations and work history.

  • Availability

Can the person you’re looking at commit to the full term of the project? What happens if the project runs over, will they be able to stick with you to see it through? Trying to backfill a role halfway through a project can be incredibly stressful.

  • Personality

Think about the dynamics within the team. What sort of person do you want to bring in? Personalities can have a huge effect on the success of a project. Dealing with the fallout of personality clashes and HR issues can add unnecessary stress and time to projects so it’s worth giving this some consideration.

At Deeplogica we work with our customers to gain a deep understanding of their resourcing requirements. Resourcing is more than just a numbers game for us. Rather than just filling desk space we personally vet and evaluate each and every resource before placing them anywhere. Being software engineers and architects ourselves, we apply rigorous tests and interviews ensuring that our customers truly get the best fit for their requirements.

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