Mama I am burning out

I didn’t write for a long time about something important and useful, but honestly I even didn’t have any time to think about something important or useful, such I did that before with social problems or professional things about technologies and how they impact on our society.

I am a student of business school in Canada, and freelance marketing specialist, who is breathing and living of Digital Media and always aspiring to take my body and do some work out. What can I say, I am not really different from you dear reader. Probably you are also fully slam. You have time for everything, except stop on 5 seconds and breathing, just 5 seconds and slowly breathing.

It happened today, I caught a flu and didn’t go on my last class, because my bus decided to delay and I decided to go on foot. It is one of the features of Mississauga( big city in agglomeration of Toronto), if u have a choice to go on foot or wait for a bus, probably you will go on yours two to not waste much time. As always misfortunes never come singly, on a half way to my house it started to rain. For the person which optimism reserve is not very high this day seemed very ironic and sarcastic, the same as my humour. Karma pushed its verdict.

I decided to dedicate this post to the people the same as me, who diligently working on him(her)self, who sleeps a little, may be who still studying in university or have part-time courses. If you are also introvert the same as me, and all new contacts for you like a circle of Dante Alighieri, we clearly understand each other. When you immediately fall asleep on half dressing out. When you don’t understand about what events your friends are talking about, because you are not a party person anymore, even though high pressure you think that working on a half. Probably we are friends in misfortune. I can say on 100%:”Dear friend, I understand you absolutely”.

Last time I recognized, that going to be less productive, first of all I started to see that on my courses, but for job is going to be the same. I cannot focus for a long time on speech, my mind is flying away in the direction of the constellation of Andromeda, or even far away. In a result conversation thread losing and I have to ask stupid questions, about what person told me second ago. Thank you my dear team and academics for you patience, probably you think it’s because I am international student, but the problem is much deeper: insomnia, changing time of sleeping, and unfortunately I have to reduce running, because of leg injury, which was always my main instrument for fighting with burning out.

I decided that I cannot live like this anymore, after the last burst of emotion when I slept 4 hours, trying to get everything that is possible and impossible, in the end leads to more impossible. I started yelling at the people who did not deserve that and blaming myself more. Do you want to improve yourself? Change your life right now!

  1. New habits

Organize your plan for the week and month. You obviously heard that many times, but to me it began helpful, when I left from the ego and phrases“I am spontaneous, that’s why have spontaneous life”. I realized that it’s extremely dispositive capacity in real time. I write my daily plans in a program Note. I am a big fan of Apple products, that’s mean I am fully immersed in their ecosystem.This app with simple and minimalistic interface very useful to take notes on a Mac system, where they will be automatically synchronized with the same program on your iPhone.

If you are a user of another operation system no problem! My previous phone was on Android and I used Evernote. A lot of people arguing on this app, but in my mind it’s still one of the most useful programs, which has even web interface and you can download it to all operation systems. For yours weekly and daily plans their functions will be more than enough.

I can also recommend my lovely app, it’s one of the best helpers for people, who always forget to do something in your daily routine.’s interface is very flexible and simple, so you can put an alarm to the important task and you will never forget about it. We are living in a tech world and 21st century, be productive!

About monthly plans, I am a kind of person who always need some motivation flow to stimulate myself for doing something. I am really a big fan of challenges and risks, that’s why I created a plan for a month. It will consist some extraordinary things, which you cannot implement in one day. It can be like a new habit to go on yoga lessons or gym, or read 5 classics from different countries and cultures. So I suggest you to do the same thing, it will help you to put some new things in your life and also make it more interesting. You will ask me, where you will find so much time for doing all this stuff, believe me, when you will start to organize and plan your life, it becomes easier. I know it scared, everything new scaring.

2 Breathing, relaxing, breathing …

You are right, I will talk about meditation, a lot of people have big prejudice about it, but just yesterday after first lesson I recognized how useful it is! I started to feel calmer and happy, like warm flow going through your body. I immediately destroyed all stereotypes, which I had before.

For meditation my friends recommended me HeadSpace app

I know there a lot different apps for meditation in Apple/Android stores, maybe you will find more useful for yourself and recommend it to me, but for me one the biggest reasons to use it was interface. This app is very colourful, simple and functional, you can use it on all devices. You will find a lot of helpful advices, which will do your interacting with this magic program easier. For meditation you need approximately 10 minutes, you can say like me yesterday, that you don’t have enough time for meditation, because you have laundry/course/homework/dog/grandma and blah blah blah, that’s why don’t make any excuses and start in the morning. Try to do it in one time all the day, to make a new habit. Trust me, you need that to not burn out, before I also said that I going work out and running, but it’s completely different. When you are running for instance, you brain is still working. Yes, you don’t think about your job or daily routine, but it’s working, your brain works even when you have dreams at night. So when you are meditating, you are fully offloading your brain from information, please give your brain a little break. I promise you will see a result immediately, and remember it’s always hard at first time, as the second is much easier, you know that even better than me.

3.Less coffee, but more caffeine.

Don’t think that I want you to confuse you with this oxymoron. Honestly I didn’t want to write this subgraph, but this post is not just for you it’s also for me. It’s like remainder that I cannot derogate from all my responsibilities, which I am writing here.

I am obsessed of coffee, because I was born in Europe coffee culture in our blood. Coffee is our water, food, it’s our everything. Unfortunately I have blood pressure and cannot drink 6 cups like before. My dose reduced to 2–3 cups with milk, which sometimes is enough to blush my face and have huge headache. In a result I started to drink black tea, with lemon it will be even better, you will also get enough caffeine from it and be full of energy.

I know that you cannot remember how many liquids you are drinking, but you can control with Fitbit. It’s not mandatory to buy their bracelets, but if you decide to buy, you will control how many steps you did and your sleeping period.

4. Motivation: Just do it!

I will not write a long post, how to motivate yourself etc., you can find a lot of blogs and books about it in the web. I just to want you to tell how author of this post pushing himself. I often read my own mantras, and repeat to myself what I can do, pronounces clearly in my head, and sometimes aloud, thereby scaring the others, but what can I do, if it helps me.

We live in a quite busy world and often we get lonely and it seems that we do not cope with what is entrusted to us, and how bigger responsibility as more often it happens. So how it will seems to you, we should repeat ourselves, and clearly believe that we will cope with this task, we are strong, we are smart, and so on, it helps me, and I hope it will help you. Sometimes to believe in you more, you need to start to believe in yourselves. You can also go on a mad method like me, write the most important phrases on a sticker and attache them on the most popular place in your house for example bathroom, read them clearly a couple of times.

5. Friends(Entertainment)

I cannot spend all your time on a work, don’t forget to rest.

I know a lot of people who are relaxing, when they drink wine in a cozy bar with warm atmosphere and don’t see any shameful to relax with alcohol. Even introverts such me cannot asocial in era of social networks and omnipresence of the human race. Please, spend more time with your friends, we need to speak with someone, you cannot take everything inside, it’s just overload us more. I realized when was almost on the verge of a nervous breakdown, dialogue the best medicine for this, much better than pills with new-fangled names that are impossible to pronounce with first attempt.

6. Food

Food is one of the most important elements for our brains and productivity. As much we heavy meals, as more your body gets tired during the digestion of food. If you really love pizza and burgers (how I understand), you will have to abandon them.

I suggest to eat more, but with smaller portions, for sure more fruits and vegetables. Now is autumn, it means the time of harvest, you have the opportunity for a large offer for cheaper supply. I’m a big fan of meat, sorry vegetarians. I can not live without chicken, if you like me, and can not refuse meat completely, just start to add it to the salad.

7. Good night. Zzzzz

My cat used to wondered from me, how can I sleep more than she. Sleeping is one of the most important things for me, that affects everything from my mood to food and decisions which I make, that is all that is written above is not possible without a properly executed this component. By counting how much I spend time to sleep in a week and compared with 2 years ago, I realized that I have revealed the habit of not enough sleep. Normal person should sleep 7–8 hours per day. You can indulge in watching a show in the evening, but do not try to deny yourself even one hour sleeping. It can completely change the outcome of the next day. For this purpose, I suggest to listen a special selection of music: raining, forest voices, lakes etc. Also try to meditate before going sleep, if you already meditated in the morning one more time will be still good for your body.

Please, please and please don’t make my mistake, don’t take any drugs for better sleeping. You may seem that the next day you get enough sleep, but in reality you are only shake your nervous system.There is no substitute for natural sleep, better to drink herb tea, and when you go to sleep think of a pleasant, for example of how you go on holiday in the future.

And of course, do not forget to write all these things in your daily plan. I know, structuring is rare tediousness, but in the end it saves our time, at least because of the earlier decisions. We must realize that the most important thing is not how much you work. It is how you are productive. As long as you understand, that it is impossible to recover your time, you begin to realize, in spite of work or job, you don’t want to refuse of your life. Probably I will better plan and structure my life.

That’s my decision how to not burn out, what’s yours?

By the way if you are Spotify user,( if not I strongly recommend to be, in my mind it’s the best service for music streaming) they have a nice playlist “chill out brain”. I often listen it, when moving to Toronto and their vibrations really make my brain relaxed.

Good luck in your new beginnings, for me and you!