Introducing our advanced next-generation AI-powered telephony services

Last week, we announced the launch of Knowlarity Artificial Intelligence Experience (KATIE) platform. With this launch, business communications and the commoditized cloud telephony industry is set to go through a paradigm shift, with Knowlarity leading the way. KATIE has been built specifically to Enterprise scale that will allow her to process a massive amount of data in near real-time using powerful backend services. In the front-end, it is enriched by a combination of AI based query & visualizations that enhance user ease and enriches user experience. KATIE is currently available to all our key customers and will be made available to all of our Enterprise Customers shortly.

AI in cloud communications makes the unthinkable possible by offering unparalleled insights and automation. It will act as a virtual representative, interacting personally with the customers of businesses and responding to their queries. AI and Analytics can track key business communication metrics and systems 24x7 while creating alerts immediately when anything anomalous happens, keeping the business completely secure.

As a part of the above suite of AI-powered services and the first one to be made available, we are also announcing the launch of our “Personalized Contextual Automated Calls” powered by advanced next generation Text-to-Speech services. This provides businesses with unparalleled quality and control over the pitch, accent, and language for every call, and businesses can now generate a communication experience for its customers akin to Amitabh Bachchan giving you a call in his deep baritone and reminds you to get your child vaccinated! The conversation is individualized through the use of information from multiple databases, which provide accurate and detailed insights on the user.

Leveraging TTS on Knowlarity requires businesses to upload the database containing customer numbers and other dynamic data points onto the Knowlarity cloud. The information entered is processed to initiate the call blast. Parallel calls are then made, delivering highly personalised messages to customers. TTS finds great application in automated reminders, KYC verifications, appointment booking, OTP sharing, and order confirmation. This allows businesses to maintain an impeccable quality in consumer-focused communications.

This is just the beginning of the revolution we are ushering into Cloud Telephony. Lots more to come.