To Close the Gender Gap, We Have to Close the Data Gap
Melinda Gates

I represent a woman from one of the poor and under developed country Nepal; where computer is still something that is beyond the grasp. For me, making out this far is not an easy journey, where parents aspire their girls to get married, have kids and start family at mid-late teen age than inspire them to be an educated independent women. Along with this, I have personally became a part of society, how they react when a girl child is born in a family. Discrimination starts from day of her birth from her immediate family members including parents. A female child is treated as someone who has to take care of household activities when she is as early as 5 years. Discrimination is on her education, food, emotions, social values, everything. In a same house hold, food served to a male child is different than food served to a female child of same age. Education, is still beyond their reach in most part of Nepal.

I am working as software programmer/data analyst. So far, I have been associated with various top companies as a programmer, but the irony is wherever I have worked, I am the only female programmer. I so sometimes feel good to hold 25% of computing jobs. More importantly, I feel really bad to hear about the reality and why women are underrepresented not in third world but also in first world. Is it because women are interested in other things than tech or it’s our society/culture which is molding our girls into different figure.

Yes, I agree people find programming, data is boring, too many random numbers bombarding at the same time. But, it has its own beauty. It is sexy. It is just like refining valuable gems from mines. We have to wash, refine, cut, mold, shine, polish and finally get desirable and valuable assets from it, in the form of information. We need to make women, girls and a society to believe themselves to follow their dream and coolness that technology, education could bring in their life.

Finally, I would like to be a part of this philanthropic cause. I would like to contribute my experience and knowledge to dismantle the gender barrier, digital divide that are keeping woman out of tech. And help women and girls get their basic rights through power of education.

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