Presentation 2.0

A Web App that helps to quickly prepare and present presentation simply from a Markdown file

The presentation is one of the powerful ways to portray our information and let the people know its gist. This process in practice has circumvented the series of steps to follow up in order to make it better and enticing. People prefer various slide preparing tools, but the goal of all is to make it simple and informative.

Some of the popular slide preparing software are:

  • Apple Keynote — Popular to pitch ideas
  • Microsoft Office Powerpoint — Popular in offices
  • Libre Office Impress — Popular amongst Linux users
  • Google Slides — Popular for collaboration
  • and many others

Each of these above-mentioned software helps to prepare our slide with rich graphics, charts, images and animations giving life to our contents. Though the work of all these software appears to be same, why do we favor some over others? Depending upon our context, one of the above-mentioned tools may prove to be handy but that might not take its stand on the other scenario. Once we are done with the preparation of slides, we manage projector and start delivering our presentation.

During my own slide presentation in many places, I faced many problems which these tools failed to solve. Some of the problematic scenarios that I faced were:

  • Scenario where I had very limited time to prepare slides
  • Scenario where I did not have a projector to present slides
  • Scenario where I wanted people at the back to easily read content in the slide.

Many times, I along with my friends had to miss our snacks in an event like Hackathon just because we didn’t have enough time to complete the prototype and slide preparation. Truly speaking, even if we prepare the simplest slide, it takes a minimum of half an hour because it involves two steps, jotting down the points followed by preparation of slides. Both steps are time-consuming.

During my college days, there were many cases where I had to dump my presentation just because I could not manage projector. I used to think we have many devices with displays such as tablets, phones, and laptops. Why can’t we utilize those displays? Wouldn’t it be great if we just typed our content and the slides were generated automatically so that we can focus on content rather than content preparation? Wouldn’t it be great if we could present our slides even in the absence of projectors?

Considering all these setbacks, I started Presentation2.0, a web app that helps you to quickly prepare and present presentation simply from Markdown file. Nope, it’s not the second version of the project, the name itself is Presentation2.0.

There are two modes of Presentation2.0

The first one is the presenter mode:

  • Presenter jots down points in Markdown format
  • Presenter logs in Presentation2.0 in presenter mode and uploads Markdown file
  • Presenter starts presentation and control slides

The second one is a viewer mode:

  • Viewer opens the URL provided by the presenter in the browser
  • Slide starts to sync with the presenter


  • Instantly prepare slide simply in a Markdown file. Your repository README is ready to present on Presentation2.0 ;)
  • Seamless slide sync amongst all the devices that are connected to the network
  • Deliver presentation even in the absence of projectors
  • Control slide from any devices connected to the network. Presenting presentation in a team is possible

If you want to prepare a slide with rich graphics, data and chart just continue with the software that you are familiar with. If there is a case where you have very limited time or you couldn’t manage projector, I suggest you to try Presentation2.0.

For detailed instruction on how to install Presentation2.0, prepare a slide and start presentation, please refer the following links:

GitHub: deepsadhi/presentation2.0

Packagist: deepsadhi/presentation2.0

Documentation: API Docs, User guide

License: Presentation2.0 is licensed under the GPLv3 license