Hey, Kerala has a new meaning about Humanity!

"Yesterday, it was reported that a woman in Malappuram woke up to find that her puppy had been killed. Before this, men had barged into her woman’s house after she had written to the panchayat explaining that killing strays was not a solution. Her neighbors, who supported the killing of dogs, had reportedly told her to “show some humanity”, and that they would not only kill dogs but also kill the people who protected them.”

Reference — http://theladiesfinger.com/stray-dog-menace/

It’s been a while I have been following up with the news related to the Canine Genocide. The people who still don’t know what is it, can go ahead and google it. The term Canine Genocide has been coined as a way to prove humanity to the people who suffered severe injury or life threat from ‘dog-bite’ terror. Yes, that’s another term.

Humanity has become quite alien to me, and to the people who believe in everything that is beautiful and just right in this life. (I am talking about the bigger picture here.) Every single day, thousands of innocent dogs are killed by the political party workers who blindly follow ‘shitty’ instructions by their mindless hierarchy. They kill the canines either hanging them or beating them to death, choking them with iron wires, burning them alive, cutting their ears and tongue or stabbing them mercilessly till they fall cold on the grounds. The worst and the most obvious way they kill the strays is poisoning them with acid.

Now after reading the article, above mentioned para, really hit me hard. Just imagine this happening to you, or someone you know. How will you feel????????

As scary it seemed to me, I imagined this to myself (a natural reaction, perhaps). I felt all wobbled up from the inside. As if I can’t breathe. I felt like someone just chocked me to death. I felt anxious about the situation, annoyed, and helpless. I felt numb. A sudden blackout! Why?

The reason is crystal; need I mention it?

What and how do you prove the point that killing strays will make us feel safe from the ‘supposedly dog-bite terror’???? Who gave you the fucking right or how do you even get the audacity to barge into my home and kill an innocent life of a mute being, which had every mean to live among us, in the society? My puppy was supposed to feel safe with me. He was supposed to feel right with me, in my shelter! Nobody was supposed to make him feel unwanted. I am angry for this happened to me, and this is perhaps, also happening with others too.

This is absolutely sick, a gruesome thing to do to someone, to anyone!

I don’t have any hatred for the state. No! I have no negative perception about the beautiful place that it is. But the people, they have lost my faith in them. They have lost their mind there. They have totally lost it. They just don’t know what actually the definition of humanity is. What is the meaning of compassion; they don’t understand these words now. They are too blind, deaf and dumb to understand the intensity of this horrendous act.

With a hike of 7% in the rate of Kerala tourism, State Government has gone mad. I know this is a big comment to pass. Last time I checked (which was a year back or so), Kerala attracted almost 4.5% of the tourism itself. Quite a big jump isn’t it? Hence, this initiative #boycottkeralatourism is just the right movement to save the canines from the nuisance which is simply incomprehensible.

I absolutely understand that sitting at my place and writing about it makes no big difference in this cruel act of doing. But still, it does make a difference. Maybe a mere 1% of it? I feel proud of all the people and a loud cheer for them being daring, for raising their voice against this barbaric act by the Kerala Authority.

Said that, I request everyone to come forward and make this initiative, loud and clear for the dick-head Kerala Government that whatever they think they are doing for the welfare of the people and the surrounding makes no fucking sense at all. 
 Join the movement any way possible, talk about it, and spread the word for #boycottkeralatourism. 
 If people bog your spirit down, give zero fucks to them. Anything that has a true purpose always starts with “me”. I did my part and I will continue doing so, what about you?