Designing (content) for better User Engagement

The thought sinking into your conscience.

Building a narrative in the sea of content

The platform being a content rich source, upon critical analysis and user testing, one of the major insights was an obvious one. The process of navigating a user from giving a cue for starting a desired activity and hooking them to a routine for retention was broken.

Rearrange the content rather than creating new ones (contextual)

Introducing existing components in a new context

The platform is a rich source of tests, test series, quizzes & other assessment resources and is known for the same. Tests being one of the major revenue portal provides a simple single point of access on the platform to its users. Users with a particular goal enrolls into a specific category of exam and follows the drill. The engagement graph runs stable in his zone.

Engagement in Test Series

The right content in the right context

SEO generated pages contribute a huge chunk in the signup rates and the discoverability of the platform. One of the pages provide free study material and mock tests to its users in the form of ‘Previous Year Papers’. It is also a portal to enter the platform and land onto the most crucial pages. Although the content is made available in both online and offline modes, the medium provides a huge opportunity to enhance user engagement and user experience ✨

Better Visual Language for better engagement

A good user interface is one of the most powerful tool in user engagement and retention. As the objective demands, one of the ways to better the activity on the platform through the previous year papers was to optimise the visual aesthetic of its front page. It merely consisted of the paper’s name and the date but the possibilities of the space were limitless.

PYP page revamp



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Deepshikha Pegu

Deepshikha Pegu

‘The world is a place of imagination and magic from the eyes of a DREAMER’- said the protagonist of this story.