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Hy everyone!

It’s not a full article, it’s just a concise version of my life experience.

I want to tell you about my lifehacks and techniques which allow me being productive.

I’m sure that the best way to live your life happily is to have at least one goal in your life. I have some goals and one of them is “to create something cool for this World”. Since I’m a web developer, the exact goal is “creating applications for people and have pleasure from it”.

Since I got married, my life’s changed a lot, especially when our children were…

Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to tell you about my experience with upgrading my mobile application to React Native 0.60.5 and some errors which I was faced with.

It’s not a definitive guide of course, but I saw a lot of discussions about upgrading, and I think I’d be a good idea to write about them in one place. Unfortunately, I have one iOS version of my application. So, it’s all about iOS related issues. But I haven’t also seen any Android issues. But I could be wrong here.

If you have something to add up my article, please let…

In this post series, I’m going to tell you about how I created my first iOS application, why I did it for, and how things are going on now. I think I’ll post new posts in the future. These posts are more about different aspects of developing an application with React Native and promote it than just about technical parts.

In this first part, I want to tell a bit about my preparations for creating this app, issues which I faced with and why I did it at all.

So, let’s begin.

Why I did it and how some of my dreams come true

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Today I’m going to tell you about my solution to get your JavaScript apps (and not even JavaScript!) prerendered.

That’s my first post here and today I want to tell you about my version of server-side rendering for my JS application.

Mainly, it’s about SSR for Laravel and any frontend framework. Follow this method, you can easily replace Laravel with any other system or framework.

The reason why I did it

When I decided to create a small website for me, I also decided to use the latest technologies.

So I choose Vue as a frontend solution and Laravel as a backend solution. Everything was okay…

Dmitry Ivanov

I’m a web developer who loves to create something cool and useful. I usually use React, Vue, Laravel and React Native.

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