How to unlock the power of Nudifier AI App

DeepSukebe is more than just a photo manipulation app.
Not mere photo maker app.
Nor deepfake app.
Revealing the truth hidden under your clothes.

Also, DeepSukebe is not deepnude variants.
More powerful in that covering diverse clothing and womens.

Unlock the power of DeepSukebe

In this article I will show you how to unlock the features of DeepSukebe.
You can use DeepSukebe for free, but you can also pay a small amount of money to get a variety of features available.

What is Deepsukebe

DeepSukebe is an AI-leveraged nudifier that predicts nude images of a subject.
See the following introductory article for details.
Dive into DeepSukebe

How to choose pricing plan

Each plan has a different quota.
The quota is reduced by 1 for each use of DeepSukebe.
You can use it for free, but there is a limit of once every few hours.
If you want to use it continuously, please select a plan.

BASIC or VOLUME is recommended for users who have multiple girls who want to Nudify.
In VOLUME, the amount of money per quota is greatly discounted.

Each plan has various functions in addition to the allocated quota.
The file size and image size that can be uploaded are significantly increased compared to the free mode.
The images created are usually deleted after some time, but they can be downloaded retroactively.
Also, when busy, requests are processed with priority.

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Pricing Plan page

How to pay

Here we introduce the payment process.

To make payment, you first need a cryptocurrency account and email address.
This is because currently only cryptocurrencies are supported as payment methods.
We also have a policy of not collecting personal information as much as possible.

Users who are new to cryptocurrency should first open an account and purchase a currency.
The following sites may be helpful.

Once you’ve decided on a plan and hit the cart button, you’ll automatically be taken to a third-party payment page.
First you need to enter your email address.

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Payment Page — type your email address

When you enter your email address, a screen for selecting the cryptocurrency to use for payment is displayed.

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Payment Page — select crypto currency

Information about the selected plan is displayed at the top of the screen.
It supports major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and USD-Coin for payment.
Click on the crypto currency to go to the payment information screen.

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Payment Page — check amount and address

Next, log in to the cryptocurrency account and send the amount to the address displayed on the above screen.
Immediately, payment is detected and the payment screen switches.

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Payment Page — payment detected

After confirming the payment, the following screen will appear.
It usually takes about 5–10 minutes.

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Payment Page — payment confirmed

After payment is completed, you will receive an email containing a ticket to use the API to your email address in 1 to 3 minutes.

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DeepSukebe ticket email arrived

How to use

Here we will introduce the flow after payment.
There is nothing particularly difficult.

First you need to activate the ticket.
The above email contains a link to activate the ticket.
You can activate the ticket by clicking the link.

ticket activating

When the ticket is activated, it will automatically move to the premium screen.
It’s similar to the free mode, but it’s a screen only for premium users.

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Premium Page

First, the purchased ticket information is listed at the top of the screen.
The remaining quota can be confirmed here.
The line below the quota shows the list of past nudified images that you can download.

Upload restrictions are displayed in the center of the screen, below the file selection window.
You can upload files up to 1MB and image sizes up to 1024px.
You can only press the upload button once every 15 seconds.
This is to prevent the quota from being decreased by accidentally pressing buttons in succession.
These features are severely limited in free mode.

The rest of the process is no different from normal use.
Pressing the upload button will generate a nudified image.

Future of DeepSukebe

DeepSukebe is still developing.
We plan to further improve user experience.
Currently it only supports uploading one image at a time, but we will allow multiple images to be uploaded at once.
If you have a request for a feature, please let me know.
We are accepting messages from Twitter.

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AI-leveraged nudifier https://deepsukebe.io/

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