“DawinKS, business alliance with Sahara LLC”

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Korea’s BLOCKCHAIN TECHFIN platform Cooperation to advance into the US and Indian markets

Above Sahara LLC CEO Brian Jung, below DawinKS CEO Jong-Myung Lee Signed the agreement through ZOOM

DawinKS (CEO: Jong-Myung Lee) announced on the 5th (US time) that it had signed a business partnership agreement through ZOOM with Sahara LLC (CEO: Brian Jung, Han Ko), a company located in Saint Louis, Missouri. The two companies will enhance external competitiveness and expand sales in business fields related to DIGITAL (CRYPTO) ATM and POS (QR Pay) Biz, ID card, passport forgery detection, and reading, and adult and access authentication based on Darwin’s BLOCKCHAIN ​​technology, and Sahara is currently working in the United States. , KYC (Know Your Customer/identity authentication) business through passport authenticity verification and reading (OCR) for Metaverse platform members in the Indian market, utilizing DIGITAL ATM devices for cashback program (S2E) conducted on the platform, and other businesses We decided to work together to expand.

Sahara Blockchain, a real-tech company, is one of the few companies pursuing securitized assets. It has platforms in the United States, India, Dubai, Korea, Japan, and the Republic of Malta. The goal is to enter the institutional realm after proceeding with the realization of the platform in line with the global trend. Currently, Pyeongchang Resort, widely known as the host of the Winter Olympics, is preparing to make accommodations as digital assets possible through Pat Hotel membership. The service will start in the first half of next year.

Sahara established and runs MyPriceLive LLC (CEO: Chari Jung, Dr. Eunice Ko) to realize the C2C digital second-hand market service in which the MZ generation participates in the metaverse space. It gives economic value to virtual data by granting digital ownership to digital producers & consumers through linking and convergence between the real world and the meta world. It is composed of blockchain-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and digital assets used in the ecosystem. Like the real world (IRL/In Real Life), the MyPrice business model can be used as an economic value based on ownership plans to expand into various areas using NFT such as rental, subscription, BNPL (buy now, pay later), and microfinance. are doing

NFT types showing rapid growth and adoption include ticket and membership, gaming, and music sectors. Attempts to link the real thing with NFT are also being made. 1) Concentrate on specialized fields 2) Securing user pool and community 3) Prompt production of profit results is expected to lead to the enthusiastic participation of the MZ generation.

Through this technical cooperation with DawinKS, Sahara made it possible to realize KYC authentication by the white list and a global fiat currency exchange service that connects the meta space and the real world.

DawinKS supports foreign currency exchange, overseas remittance, and electronic money charging services through DTM/Digital ATM and CTM/Crypto ATM. It implemented non-face-to-face KYC (Know Your Customer/identity authentication) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering/Anti-Money Laundering) functions, and installed and started operation at the Seomyeon Financial Center of Accuon Savings Bank in Busan, a special blockchain in December of last year. . This was recorded as the first case of collaboration between a domestic financial institution and a fintech company.

DawinKS’s core technologies, such as national ID cards, passport counterfeiting, falsification detection, and AI facial recognition technology, are recognized not only in Korea but also by financial institutions and companies worldwide. It has advanced non-face-to-face KYC by combining global passport recognition and face authentication, which are essential for the global market, and provides foreign currency exchange services for 80 types of fiat currencies in 17 countries through DTM for foreigners who frequently visit Korea. In addition, Crypto ATM/CTM, which is currently operating in 77 countries including the United States, is being prepared for the first time in Korea installed and operating. It is said that the service can start within the year.

The aggressive move toward global market entry was invited to the ‘Korea-El-Crypto Distribution and Blockchain Excellent Technology Company Meeting’ hosted by the El Salvador Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of El Salvador in Korea, and the KMAC Global Knowledge Cooperation Complex under the Ministry of Strategy and Finance of Korea in April. Presenting themes and presenting as a speaker at the Korea-CABEI Cooperation Forum to commemorate the opening of the Central and South American Multilateral Development Bank (CABEI) Korean office We are actively negotiating with local partners to advance into the market.

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