Korea Digital Payments to target the global market, join hands with DawinKS

June 25, 2022 at 7:53 am

Korea Digital Payments (KDP), which operates ‘Touchbee’, a tech comprehensive solution for small businesses, joined hands with DawinKS, a blockchain fintech company, to ‘cooperation on exchange/remittance and electronic money settlement using blockchain’ It was announced on the 22nd that a business agreement was signed.

In April this year, KDP launched Touch B, which integrates kiosk and POS hardware into one account, as well as solutions such as membership, waiting, and pay stubs required for store operation, in one account for the first time in Korea.

DawinKS is actively promoting blockchain-based identity authentication and virtual asset ATM business through regulatory sandbox authentication. Since December last year, it has been the first in Korea to install and operate a direct currency exchange service ATM for fiat currencies in 16 countries at the Seomyeon Financial Center of Accuon Savings Bank. In addition, it is developing a project with two South American countries to demonstrate blockchain fintech technology that internalizes ID and passport forgery detection and AI facial recognition.

Through this agreement, the two companies will gather their experiences and strengths to explore ways to expand digital ATMs in overseas markets and link services such as kiosks and memberships. A KDP official said, “Through TouchB, we plan to continuously expand the business of improving store efficiency and establishing payment infrastructure for overseas self-employed people.”

An official from DawinKS also said, “We plan to continue introducing leading foreign exchange services in the global market by combining our blockchain identity verification technology with KDP’s experience in the payment business.”

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