Most of my experience comes from small startups, which has its own pros’ and cons’ that’s another story (Which I will talk about in detail later ;) ). Here I wanted to talk all about guerrilla testing and how it’s been, my saviour.

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In Action

Since most of my employers were startups we always had fewer resources but they are usually awesome.

The team I worked so far, they all love their job, so we always go above and beyond to achieve the goal. …

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Hamburger menu VS Tab Bar

Even though this has been well established, I have always been asked ‘what is your preference Dee? Are we going with Hamburger Menu / Tab bar?’ My question to them would be ‘what are we trying to solve?’

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The Hamburger menu has been around for a really long time but it only got recognised on the UX trend when Google released its material design. The burger menu started popping up ever since. However, Apple strongly suggests tab bar design.

My perspective of viewing elements is different. I will never use something on my product that does not add value. …


Deeptha Kandan

Product Designer in the journey of making life easier

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