God’s Wholeness Includes Our Brokenness and Darkness
Amy Torres

Amy, LOVED your title, here. Darkness is something few seem to realize is encompassed in the All — in Source. Yet, if we ponder but a moment, it’s clear that nothing — no thing — can have its existence outside of That. As Source is the All That Is, it is likewise the All That Is Not — the emptiness. Between these must lie the dark, the broken, the not yet healed/whole.

As a result, we also tend to disown our own darkness, our anguish & pain. Balance is the ideal for me — owning both sides of the coin, yet balancing that. What would endless day be like without the restful, replenishing night? It’s great to be able to laugh at how silly we humans are in some ways — laughter that does not easily arise until we own & welcome both aspects of being.

Lovely topic — quite injoyed this.


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