Beliefs Structure Creation

Eye of the Needle Time

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — Spiritual Awakening,

Friends, we all know we’re misinformed to one extent or another, here on 3D earth. The truths we’re told don’t last long before being subsumed or replaced by other truths, the only constant in the mix being change.

What are we to make of this?
Yes, we’re waking up, but to what — & as what?

What if we, humanity, are the ones creating the overall chaos? As we come to see & accept that consciousness, itself, is the power to create, is the very mechanism of creation, what are we to make of that? How will it change our lives, for it surely will? What choices will we make?

Whatever You Think —

Right now, most of us don’t make very robust use of our free will. We accept too much with little questioning. Things look familiar, how they’ve long been, & we just accept them.

We haven’t a clue about the powerful role we each play as consciousness, creating it all.

That’s by design, of course. When you’re in a prison without visible bars, you may think you’re at the beach on holiday, having a good time. Both can be true. Few of us recognize how disparate, seemingly opposite things can be true at the same time as the 2-sided coin. We’re used to demanding, to seeking out only one side of that.

As we pull ourselves away from believing thought & the mind are our ultimate tools to work things out, things improve.

Oh, they may seem to go to hell in a handbasket for a little while, but not for long. Like a toddler learning to walk, we become adept at shifting our perspective to view things from Heart, where the view is radically different, indeed.

No one can satisfactorily explain this to another. It’s territory we must explore on our own; our own consciousness. We’re not exploring the consciousness of another, just our own. When someone has walked a mile in our moccasins, has adventured into their own explorations, then no explanation is needed. We share & we’re hugely understood, innerstood.

I begin to see this whole awakening thing, this amazing time as humanity’s invitation to, as it were, pass through the eye of the needle, to strip down to just the self & our awareness, releasing everything extraneous to that. Our baggage, including our mental baggage of beliefs, expectations, & attitudes, cannot pass through this narrow passageway.

What do we do? That’s up to us, individually; we get to choose, to pull our free will off of the back burner & put it to more active use. Do we even want to pass through into we know not what? Some won’t. If we do, then our hands are quite full just tending to what that means in our life. It’s not up to us to judge the self or anyone else.


What if humanity has been, in effect, harnessed without their conscious knowledge to serve the needs & desires of another — or other — races of beings? Once we’ve surrendered a sufficient burden of beliefs & attitudes, we’ll be more than able to consider such a possibility without fear.

I’m not even saying this is the case, just presenting a possibility, so do take note if your response is intense; perhaps look into that. We’ve been dragged so far into subjectivity, into our emotions, that logic & common sense seem all but lost. People holding different ideas about whatever topic can rarely converse peacefully about it, these days.

That’s okay. We don’t need them to converse peacefully with us or converse with us at all, we just need to first find, then master ourselves. We’re basically lost — perhaps you’ve noticed? We’ve been so effectively divided against one another that we have difficulty sharing our great ideas.

Negative vs Positive Thinker —

It’s time to allow for the fact that it’s not likely that everyone will awaken together. That has to be okay; it just is what it is. We may; we may not. It’s okay, either way. That’s common sense since we can’t change it for anyone but the self, anyway. It’s time to back off & chill a good bit.

What if your experience of life, your reality, had little or nothing to do with anyone else? Could you leave them alone, could you just let them be, not feeling the need to persuade them or change their behavior? Would the world be a better place to be in the presence of a more universal Respect, an honoring of our right to be & to make our own choices? I think it would be.

Nor is it important that I convince anyone else that my way, my view is the right one, the best one to take. I can truly relax, deep within, letting everyone else have the right to run their own show, to rule their own life & make their own choices. So long as we harm none, we’re free to go our own way.

Things in the world seem to be out of control, & from some perspectives they are. What about our life? When we can keep cutting others free like this, we grow lighter & lighter, finding more room to breathe, room to spread & try out our inner wings. We’re cutting the ties & the cords in which we have long been bound.

Fear is one of the first casualties of our cord-cutting, just falling away, no longer finding a foothold in us. We don’t know what to do with our freedom, at first. I suggest we just notice & enjoy it, not thinking too deeply about anything. Heart will deliver all we need, guiding us into the ways that will enlighten us about whatever it is.

We are powerful creators, this Family of Humanity. As we awaken, we begin to recognize the saddles, the bridles, the lead lines being used to manipulate & control us from every direction. While it’s quite a mess to which we awaken, it couldn’t happen at a better, a more perfect time or place.

There’s a divine design at work, here.

Over time & as we take our power back, we’ll discover our connection with & as the divine. “Source-in-form” won’t just be words, anymore, but that which we begin to directly experience. It won’t go along any expected avenues nor will it be understood by the mind, so it’s best to let that expectation go free; or rather, let ourselves go free from the expectation. It bound us, it chained us. Not nice.

We each have much waking up to do, but there’s no time like the present, like the present of the NowHere, the gift uniquely crafted for each one. Things are actually far, FAR better than they currently seem. We’ll be shown that to the extent we’re willing to let the old baggage go.

No one can give us our awakening, friends; nor would we want them to.

As eternal Being — notice, not Beings, but Being — what would we do with eternity if we had everything 100% figured out? What if we knew everything that would be happening next, & after that, & beyond? How long would that be fun?

As we back off from the intensity of programming we’ve each endured; as we begin to cut all the ties that bind us in any way, to anything; as we give ourselves new room to expand, room to just breathe & just Be, oh my, what we’ll discover will blow our socks off!

It will launch us into the greatest adventures, yet, the ever-expanding, magnificent journey of Heart in the NowHere that never ends. We’re both on this side of the veil & the other, for the truth is we never left there to come here.

We just projected a thought of ourSelf into 3D.

As we get used to being in both places at once, just as we’ve always been while unaware of it, our enjoyment will increase & increase. It’s been so challenging for a while that we all but forgot to have fun. We’ll never cease to celebrate our time of The Great Awakening, friends.

Let’s be about stripping away, or allowing Life to strip away every rope, chain, & cord binding us to sadness, grief, pain, hate, rage, or whatever negativity. We no longer need to hide them from ourselves, to put a happy face on what felt like misery. We are perfectly able to set the self free, as free as we like.

We have all of eternity in which to discover the better, the best ever way to take the current step, to climb the present mountain, to scale the current cliff. As Source-in-form, we are not bound in any way, shape, or form; only to the extent of our chosen beliefs.

When & as we are ready, we will let those go, launching them on the incoming breeze. Whatever is useful or true among them will find its way back to us as long as we live true to Heart, to Higher Self (for lack of better words,) & to Source, the One in whom we all find & have our Being.

Creator works through each of us to craft & create our reality, our experience of that. We’re not crafting one another’s reality, just our own. They will walk along with us to the extent that it feels good to them. We wouldn’t dream of binding anyone to us, of limiting their freedom in any way.

Consciousness creates. We’ve been unconscious creators for quite a long while, but no more. As we awaken, we’re coming back to ourSelves, to the Self that we are at our core. We become ever more conscious, ever more aware, ever more able to keep Source in charge right where we are in the NowHere, which is good for both us & everyone & everything else.



2019/03/02 — Mayan day 4 Wisdom / Cib