Crafting Our New Reality

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204

Friends, I’ve recently discovered something so special — a Light Being like us, who is far advanced on her awakening trek — an awesome mentor for others moving into that stage. We know it can be a challenge, finding those online who’ve largely sorted things out. There is ever so much disinfo & misinfo mixed in among the good stuff, that it’s a real treat to find someone who deeply resonates; who walks her talk.

She is Lisa Transcendence Brown, & I’ll introduce you to her through this interview, the first I saw of her voluminous work:

Exiting the Old Earth Matrix with Lisa Trancendence Brown — 57:54

Lisa’s website is here, where I’m injoying her August, 2017 blogs. You’ll find free Quantum Light Activations on her YouTube channel — Lisa Transcendence Brown — among her many videos.

Lisa’s work is for all, of course, but the newly awakening may find it a bit challenging, since mind (Belief Systems, attachments…) will interfere with what she’s saying.

Don’t ya just love mind, LOL? The good news is that, as we do the necessary work to step out of it & become its observer, it’s less & less in the way. Our injoyment quotient continues to rise as mind, & what it has to say, fades in importance. Those still Matrix-bound may think she’s actually deranged, not at all realizing how their mind is projecting their stuff onto her work. Life is strange, getting stranger the more we move into the higher dimensions that co-exist with 3D.


Every dimension has layers & levels aplenty — did you know? If 4D, at the top, offers what most call heaven — & what they call hell at its lowest area — just imagine the territory in between. Now, consider 3D — is it any different? It is not. Add to that, that we’re often surrounded — especially in times of spiritual focus & meditation/prayer — with even higher dimensional Beings — oh, my!

Our “world” is far vaster than anything detectable by the 5 senses. As we rise in consciousness/vibration, our inner senses are activated as our bodies shift & morph. Our DNA has vast potentials, pointed out to Alex Collier by his 5D Andromedan friends, who say we are “Genetic Royalty.” Imagine that!

So why don’t we perceive these things? Clearly, some among us do, Lisa being one — yet there are many more. You’ve likely perceived some of it, yourself, perhaps just writing it off as something else — a glitch in the Matrix, perhaps ;) Our bodies, themselves, perceive far more than we let them tell us — using the mind’s Belief Systems’ BS as our filter, the lenses through which we perceive & manifest our reality.

It’s so funny, really — if we weren’t so darned sure of those things we believe we know — the “facts” we’ve accepted — we’d see ever so much more — we’d see differently, too. Our available reality is vast. Compared to that, what the 5 senses perceive is akin to the small slice of the full Electromagnetic Spectrum we see — Visible Light:


Did you know that black is NOT a color? Most people don’t, not realizing that black is the absence of all color. There’s so much we don’t know that it’s amazing. A purple flower is not actually purple, but appears purple due to its absorption of every other color. Purple is actually the one color (wavelength) the flower is rejecting. Are you amazed, yet? I surely was, on first learning these things.

It just goes to show how much we don’t know about those things we presume to know. What if it’s like this with everything else we believe we know? The curious among us will want to explore deeper, much deeper into their “knowledge,” which turns out to be more like cheesecloth — full of holes — than anything solid. Besides, solidity, itself, is an illusion. How could it be otherwise, when the atoms of which it is composed are, themselves, anything but solid, i.e., 99.99999% empty?

We need to reexamine our relationship with the mind — with thought, itself, which we then turn into belief, once we feel it’s been sufficiently proven. Let’s question every belief, friends — they’re all full of holes, none of them standing up long on our awakening trek.


What many don’t yet realize is that thought is the instrument we use to create our personal reality. Not one of us lives in precisely the same world/reality as another. There are as many realities as there are beings on the planet — which is good to know, helping to make sense of the many contrasts & conflicts we encounter everyday, either directly or indirectly (TV, Internet…).

So what is your experience of “reality?” How closely have you examined it? What boxes have you put yourself into via your particular beliefs? For those who desperately want to exit the Matrix haze that seems to have trapped so many of our brethren, let us look no farther than our own set of ideas & beliefs, which begin to crumble under close scrutiny.

Who has the courage to go within? To the extent we’re Matrix-bound, we just don’t go there — too scary to mind, which wants simply none of this. Self-examination, much less self-observation, is anathema to mind, which likes to think it has everything well under (its) control, poor deluded dear. Yet, as long as we remain on mental auto-pilot, that’s our state — thinking we know what we know precious little about.


The good news is that this actually becomes quite amusing to You — to the soul, the Real Self that you are. Yet you’ll never find out until you do it. No paper ever written will illumine you, my friend — that’s very much a do-it-yourself undertaking. Those who write the lovely, technical, erudite papers also view reality through the screen of their personal & professional Belief Systems — yep, more BS. They don’t realize it, of course, but when you do — something to ponder.

Upside-down Reflections

The awakening trek turns our world quite upside-down & inside-out, before quite disposing of it — leading us into the far greater, vaster Reality that’s been here all along — just unnoticed while we occupied the (mental) Matrix. (Did you know that your eyes see things upside-down, like these water droplets display them? It’s the mind that flips them, making them seem rightside-up.)

I’ve spoken before of how humanity’s mind has been hugely taken over by those so lost, themselves, as to be helpless to truly know what they’re doing — often called the cabal or the Illuminati.

Oh yes, they keep so much knowledge to themselves, the advanced technology, the secret patents, free energy & so very much more — so they think they know so much more. They’re even more lost than the humanity they work so hard to stifle. How is that? More than just their minds have gone astray, their whole value system is deeply corrupted.


Humanity is a bit lost, but easily found once they get on the awakening trek & stick with it. Abundant help & support is ever available, once the decision is made to access that. Sure, much personal work must be done — this is nothing that someone can deliver to anyone else. Yet for those willing to dig in & pursue their awakening, it’s there for them.

For the cabal, it’s another story. Theirs is a corruption that goes much deeper than mind, approaching the soul. When your moral values are cancerous, the work required, though do-able, goes far deeper & generally takes much longer to complete.

Be it said that it is not up to anyone to go rescue another. Yes, of course we rescue those calling out for help, such as in Hurricane Harvey, or a stranger with a flat tire, but this isn’t that. The last things these cabal folks want is our help. Thinking they’ve got things under control & all worked-out, all they ask of us is obedience. Well, even there they’re bound to be deeply disappointed. Where they’re going, we’re not following.


Things are getting rather more than just interesting, as we watch these things play-out on the world stage. The biggest thing humanity requires is some major perspective shifting — & e.x.p.a.n.d.i.n.g. Once the fundamental work is undertaken toward awakening, things begin to shift in ridiculous ways.

What once looked nothing but rotten, but horrible, turns out to be just what was needed to help some folks awaken. (:<0)


Evil is a construct, a concoction of minds gone astray, friends. While people & beings of various kinds can find themselves quite lost & bereft of illumining Light, we eventually see them as simply that — lost. Not evil, but rather making a very poor use of free will — seeking to dominate & control others, not realizing that what goes around eventually comes around. They’re crafting a very nasty future, indeed — for themselves — not for us (unless we let them lead us there).

The trick is that we don’t have to participate in their reality. We create our own. As we begin, more & more, to be the observer of mind, clarity arises — which gives us both room to breathe & ability to see just how lost the supposed evil ones actually are.

They’re the ones in a real mess, not humanity, whose awakening is as near as their next use of free will, their choice to awaken from the daze, the maze of The Matrix.

No one can prove any of this to you, so I won’t even try. Until we recognize that awakening is totally do-it-yourself, we can struggle as long as we can stand it. Once we reach that point where we recognize that we’ve not been taking responsibility for our own lives — & change that —everything shifts, & in huge ways.

We are the creator, the crafter of our own reality, & until we at least recognize the possibility that’s the case, no one can actually help us. Opportunity ever knocks. Let’s get up off of our duffs & answer the door. Freedom awaits.


About 10:30 pm, Tuesday 2017/08/29, Mayan day 13 Road / Eb (13 is the Mayan Calendar Ascension day, end of the current trecena)

From the writings of Lisa Transcendence Brown

Are You BEing Your Ascended Aspect of You? All of the Time?
1/18/2017 Blog
There is no battle of dark and light. That is an old program that each hold inside. There is fully conscious of ourselves, total responsibility, total accountability, total awareness and choice. Every word spoken transmits a frequency, just as every emotion and subconscious energy does.
A fully conscious being comes from PURE LOVE AND UNITY INSIDE. There is no separation, there is no “out there” that wasn’t created from within. There is no duality. There are purposes, gifts. opportunities and experiences that teach/show us what is within us/going on with us, so that we can understand. There is Mastery of all realities, not just ourselves, but all in our reality, for higher-heart-mind soul love transcends dualistic realities completely. They no longer exist unless they exist within.