Current Disasters

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204

What is wrong with our world, our society, today? Perhaps that we’re looking at & looking for what is wrong. Seriously. Do you see the potential harm, there? As Creator-in-form, what we look for, we get. Most don’t yet realize that, by our attention upon “what is wrong,” we increase that, garnering more of the same. We don’t reckon with the Power of thought.

When will we wake-up to this? That’s a strictly individual choice, available to each one. To choose, instead, to focus upon what is right, what is great about our world is a choice which mind will fight, every step of the way — until it is brought into line & tamed. Mind in The Matrix will laugh at such a choice, thinking it Pollyannaish.


That’s because, for so many, mind is still running the show, still in charge of them; if not their mind, then the minds of others in their acquaintance & in the media. Mind keeps people in check, afraid to step out of the established boxes — the so-called norms. Ptooey! to that — it’s utter nonsense! Yet, until we back away from mind, we don’t see it that way.

The word about enlightenment, about awakening, has been out for literally thousands of years. Yes, I admit it’s been somewhat quashed, definitely altered, in most cases — yet, in our Heart, we know. Let’s quit making excuses, shall we? The time for that is long gone.

What we have in The Matrix is lies around awakening, pointing us in this or that (external) direction, when it’s only available, within. We’ve been trained to seek it “out there,” in others who have found it, or supposedly done so. Yet the biggest trick that’s being played is to make it a mind game, a mind search. We’ve got mind seeking what it has no hope of understanding. So how is mind supposed to navigate? Crazy, huh?

It’s ever so comforting to realize that everyone has the same access to Source. Let’s drop all feeling sorry for anyone, at any time — including & especially, the self. We’ve got what it takes, friends. We’ve just trusted mind too much — it’s really that simple. Be it our mind or anyone else’s, mind is not trustworthy in its current Matrixed condition.


Wizard of Oz — blogspot

Once we but see that, the way is clear. We’ve got to be like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, spotting the little wizard, pretending to be so big & strong. While we’re at it, let’s grow a pair below the belt, both males & females, & ditch all of our current beliefs. Throw the books out — at least, don’t read them. They have nothing on what you’ve got, right within — as Source-in-a-body.

Hey, you’re all that — you truly are! It’s mind that’s been trained to not believe it — heck, to not even think about it! Time to recognize that for the work of the little wizard, making himself out to be so great. He’s got literally nothing on you, friends.

The biggest trap, early on, may be the spiritual ego. That critter is just mind in another disguise, playing at being Heart. It won’t wash, being easily spotted, once we’re in Heart. Heart can’t be fooled, the way our minds have been, to accept the Matrix garbage, delivered up by the various cabal wizards.


We’ve had the ability to control the weather, publicly known since at least the Viêt Nam war — yet we’re having these massive hurricanes, these massive droughts, & now fires in the Western USA. So what’s that all about. We can take it to Heart, & ask.

What I see is the cabal going down, messing in its pants, trying to create havoc & disaster for their own dark ends. Best not to go too deeply, trying to figure them out, either. That’s a dark road, & we’d only be helping them build more of it. As we stick with Heart, we rise up above, right into the better answers we seek.

They know their phony fiat money systems are on the way out — so they attempt to bring monetary disaster — the need for huge sums to rescue the disaster victims — in one more attempt to retain control. It’s destined to fail — & they know it — but “quit” is missing from their arrogant vocabulary.

Well, okay, then — let them go down with their sinking ship. Withdraw, friends, from following the chaos, which is what they want for all of us, just as our grandparents would have done. When we’re down, in panic or fear mode, that blocks our access to what’s within — to higher consciousness.

They’re terrified, to be being this blatant about it, so in-your-face. They’re depending on our media & technology addictions to see them through — to follow where they’re trying to lead. It’s self-punishment, to follow the MSM, especially their so-called news, which is little more than negative programming against our own Higher Self — keeping us locked down in a much lower vibe.


Just say no, okay? It’s not that difficult, once you begin to get used to it. Shut the darn tech toys off, at least for a while, each day. It’ll grow on you, if you give it a chance. There’s that within you so ready to awaken, but if we don’t align with that, then we’re using our free will to remain slaves, bound to technology, instead of Mother Nature & all she has to offer.

Oh, dear — I may be a bit off, here. There are still one or two uploaders to whom I pay attention, & I just watched one of them sharing the news of the various disasters. So it seems I’m not following my own advice very well, eh? Oh well — I’m not into being a fanatic, not about anything. So we’ll take a dip in vibration, now & again, until we wake-up further.

It’s easy to get angry over what we’re being shown. I don’t advise it. Now & again we’ve got to let it roll, as suppression isn’t the way, either. Yet, when we’re alert & close to MOM (Mind-Observer Mode), we catch it, quickly. Eventually, we catch it before we even go there 👍

If you think withdrawing from the tech addictions is tough, just wait until you begin withdrawing from mind. OMG, what an adventure that is! It offers up a plenitude of opportunities to laugh at the self, for sure. And eventually, we begin to truly enjoy them — just not so much, at first 😉


Let’s be alert, dear ones, for that underlying movement of being against — anything! That helps us more quickly extricate the self from this whole Matrix mess we’ve long been in. We actually begin to have real fun, once again — rare, in today’s world for longer than a short while. Even our drinking, our drugging — which are supposed to be recreational — are really more of being against, or running away from the Matrix mess.

We’re better than this, better than all of that — & deep within, we know it! Let’s let that still, small voice have more of a say in our lives. Let’s reduce the static by shutting down much of the electronic distraction. It only seems hard at the first, really. It gets easier.

Let’s be less polite & far more stubborn about following our own way, our own inner guidance. First, we’ve got to hear that, of course, so as we turn the static down by shutting off the devices more often, we make ourselves available to the Wisdom, abiding deep within.

Meet you there ☼

Plato — The Mission on



7:36 pm, Tuesday 2017/09/26, 2nd, Mayan day 2 Sun / Ahau