DeLight Amidst Discord

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204

These writings seem to come easier, to flow better, in the wee hours of the morning. Was so heavy, so (bodily) tired today, yet now I’m energized — who knows why, LOL? Who cares? It just is what it is, & to flow with it is Heart’s deLight.

Frequencies are clearly rising. As we pull away from media immersion, they’re easier to sense, to actually feel. Then too, with no light coming through the windows, there’s something about the relative darkness that makes the higher dimensions easier to perceive. You may think your eyes are just playing tricks on you — but remember, no thinking is required to let your cork float. Perhaps just looking without thought will present another view.


Thought just gets in the way of higher consciousness, friends — but we won’t realize this until we begin to set thought aside, to assign it a lower priority. We have other sensing mechanisms that can’t fully come on-board until we exit thought mode & just sense, just witness. Allow Higher Self to show you what it’s been Lovingly showing you all along — unnoticed precisely to the extent you were occupied in/with mind.

We’ve forgotten how to just Be. How very strange that is to realize. No one taught us, unless we went to some sort of meditation school, how just to Be — unaided, unadorned, & unbothered by thought. Mind fears the emptiness, I guess, else we’d have stumbled upon this on our own somewhere along the way. Mind thinks it must be busy, or we’re somehow being lazy — LOL. As if.

What is it we’re being? Why, the Self, of course. Yet until we release the wheel & turn it over to Self, mind continues to chart our course, to drive us in its chosen direction. As I look back, I guess my parents & grandparents didn’t realize any of this, either. When you don’t know, & there’s no one there to tell you there’s any other way, you just plod on.


It looks as if there’s both a rising & a falling happening together, on the world scene — & individually. Once we “get it,” that we’re the ones creating all that’s manifesting, here, we’ll surely back away from how we’ve been doing things, giving ourselves the space to reconsider — well, basically everything.

Our science has gone full-bore materialistic, taking no care for, nor even being aware of, the spiritual foundation of Life. If you can’t prove it to them, via their matter-based randomized trials, they won’t listen. Perhaps they’ll be among the last to finally wake-up. Creation is from the within to the without, not the other way around. Thought creates.


That means that every thought you think counts. Consider that. By itself, that’s enough to bring someone into Observer Mode, at least for a short while. What if your thoughts were shaping, were actually creating/manifesting your reality? Are you willing to entertain the possibility? What if it’s true? Would you change anything about how you think?

What sort of thoughts make-up the bulk of your thought processes? What things go round-and-round in your mind? What about looking to your life to see the results of that? We’re not in 5D & the higher dimensions where what is thought about instantly manifests — & I’ll say, thank heaven for that! OMG, the things we, as people, think — we don’t need them to instantly manifest all over the place, I hope you’d agree.


Yet, by adding just a bit of time, they do just that. As frequencies rise, that time gets shorter & shorter, too. We’re seeing the results of what humanity is thinking manifesting faster & faster every day. At some point this, alone, will help many awaken, as they finally recognize it in action.

Thus, right now it’s actually a good thing that we’re not in those higher dimensions. Out of pure self-defense, the occupants there would bar the door until we had attained better mastery of our mental processes. We’re dangerous! To self & other right now. Surely they laugh while watching some of our thought processes play out, bringing the inevitable manifestations, all while we’re largely oblivious.


Here’s the thing, though — we’re NOT unaware — only our minds haven’t got a clue — but We do. Who we actually are is not accessed through mind, but rather through Heart. As we become ever more Heart aware, sufficient clarity arises with that, so we begin to see just what we’re doing, here.

It’s all so very strange, at least to the mind. Poor dear, it’s not equipped with these higher senses, with the ability to witness itself. Mind ever says, “Show me, prove it to me, then I’ll believe.” What if it doesn’t have the capacity to see this stuff? How are we to prove it to mind’s satisfaction? Ain’t happenin’ — not do-able.

Mind thinks it’s so smart, being able to justify all of its beliefs. It very carefully constructed those beliefs to be provable — thus “reliable.” LOL & OMG. This stuff becomes simply hilarious to the one who has made their way into Heart. Mind thus invites the proof, while keeping the door firmly closed against it.

No such proof is possible to the senses mind has at its disposal — but you can’t prove that to mind. It doesn’t have to capacity to view the proof, which is abundantly visible to/in Heart.


What is the solution? It appears that it will be utter chaos. Mind has backed itself into an unjustifiable, indefensible corner — & it’s the only one unable to see that — or itself & its foolishness. A little child is much smarter in these ways than educated mind is or can be. It’s quite a conundrum, only resolve-able via Heart — which mind can’t enter. Thus — chaos.

It appears than many will make the choice to go through the inevitable pandemonium that’s the natural result of mind’s stance on these things. There is no one on earth — nor in “heaven” or higher dimensions — able to satisfy mind’s conditions. Mind doesn’t realize that it has set itself up for this major fall/fail. Those choosing to stick with mind are going down with it — unless & until they wake the heck up.


It’s so bizarre, for no one can come in & wake anyone else up. Doesn’t happen like that — not in the presence of free will. Though humanity (in mind) can’t imagine it, there are other universes where free will is not the case. Not yet having full recall of any of my experiences there, I can’t share with you what that is like. Doesn’t matter, though, because that’s not the case here, & we’ve got plenty on our current plate with which to deal before we go off into useless meanderings.

Those in Heart are far better equipped to deal with what’s coming, here. Our other senses are coming on line, so our vision is better able to discern the many elements at play in our world, our region of Cosmos. It’s clear to us that humanity is fast transitioning into Humanity 2.0 — leaving all of the old ways behind.


The tricky part is that, by everyone’s Now choices, they’re selecting which future they’re moving into. Those who remain mind-based are setting themselves up to crash & burn, until they choose to wake-up. So many await some sort of savior to come in & right things — refusing to take responsibility for things as they now are, throwing their hands up in defeat

While it’s a bit sad, & you may wish you could reach out & help someone, I have yet to meet or hear of anyone who had the power to wake-up anyone but the self. That free-will thing, again — sticky bugger, it is. They actually have the right to make their own choices. Imagine that, LOL.


And to the extent we let any of this get to us, we need to look inward & see — what’s acting, there? What sort of things are we believing? When we would willingly take away someone’s free will & force them to change course — what are we doing? What are we assuming? Perhaps that they, too, are not Source-in-form, as we are — as all beings of soul are? Not a good choice.

It’s ever & always about the self/Self, folks. It has to be. That’s the only aspect of reality we have authority over — the self. With no support from the realms of current science to back us up, we couldn’t convince anyone in mind of the truth of our perceptions/perspective, anyway. Heck, we can’t even convince our own mind, right? We don’t awaken until we lock that bugger into the back seat, so there’s no way we can do squat for anyone else doing the mind thing.


It’s all going to work-out just fine, though — you’ll see. As we enter Heart & get comfortable there, we have a whole new slant on simply everything. Then, as we learn to actually Love the self — as the Self — things just keep getting better & more awesome. So many things clarify along the Heart path. We discover the Self as a Being of pure Love, & it just gets ever better from there.

We develop a new respect for the Self, as the Self — & for everyone & everything else, simultaneously. As Love, our whole world resolves into something rather like a heaven, right here on earth — chaos, & all. No, we’re not able to share this with others not on the same trek, but we no longer feel the need to go out & rescue anyone — clearly seeing they’re every bit Source-in-form, too, & not in need of any rescue.

We actually knew the broad picture of what we were getting into before taking incarnation, here. Yes, it’s true that we forgot — during our trek into mind — but that’s clearing up, now. We’re getting ample confirmation, too, from others on the Heart trek. Things are shifting, & really quickly these days. We’re using these inner senses that are coming on-line to expand our vision of the possible. Clarity continually arises, when in Heart mode — straight from Source.


We don’t all live in the same reality, folks. We’re each carving out our own destiny by the moment-by-moment NowHere choices we make — mostly by how we choose to use our mind — what thoughts we entertain. The Light Beings are becoming ever pickier about thoughts, refusing to any longer entertain thoughts of division, of enmity, shame, anger, blame, hate & the like. And we’re seeing the changes our choices bring into our experience, our life.

We all have proof, aplenty, but it’s personal proof — not transferable to another. Yet it’s enough. We’re getting ever firmer with mind, mastering that — & reaping the rewards, the wonderful results. It’s not an overnight thing, but a process — of course. Yet it doesn’t take long for the way to be made plain, as we find our way into Heart.


Let’s envision our brethren finding their way in, as well. It’s one thing we can do without infringing on their free will. As we determine to see each one as Who they truly are, we do no harm — & maybe a great deal of good. We render their soul some real support, while letting them have the room to come to this in their own, unique way.

Those who have been through the toughest trials often turn out to be the strongest, the wisest ones among us. We may discover that it was the very greatness of their souls that took on this mission into turmoil— who knows, right?

Meanwhile, we can best “do” by allowing Heart/Higher Self to be the dancer, being content to be the dance. Let that pretzel the mind ;)

In L’akesh


Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote
“You are the vibrational writers of the script of your life, and everyone else in the Universe is playing the part that you have assigned to them.”
Excerpted from San Francisco, CA on 3/2/97
Our Love
Esther (Abraham and Jerry)

2:32 am, Tuesday 2017/09/05, 1st, Mayan day 7 Storm / Cauac