The Current Step

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

How many are familiar with depression, that insidious stalker of humanity? It’s generally present long before it’s recognized. We don’t know we have it, accepting the mind’s typical excuses for everything. As we listen more to Heart than to the mind we allow the hidden things to self-reveal.

“What a depressing topic,” I hear some thinking. Not to those depressed or suspicious of that, or even to those with dear ones diagnosed as depressed. To these, it is hopeful to just see it addressed, this interloper in our beautiful awareness. We, those consciously on the spiritual or Heart trek, are those best equipped to have this revealed to us, our depressed state.

Why is that? As Source is Compassion, is Love, Itself, we are handled gently & with much grace. Too much will not be revealed to anyone at any time — not until they are suitably ready to see & address what arises. Those without our firm foundation in Heart, our awareness of that, are not in the best shape to recognize & deal with such things, so they stay hidden.

Having set my intention to continue to befriend myself, this was allowed to arise just this morning as I awoke. As we reclaim our Love, reclaim ourselves as Love, we open our arms to both see these things & to comfort ourselves through challenging times.

Those who are aware that awakening includes the supposedly dark side of things are well equipped for this ride. This is also a time of further distancing ourselves from the mind, the endless self-talk in which it’s trained to engage.


In an amusing way, we can ignore ourselves back into wholeness, into regeneration, integrating ever more into our true identity — Who we really are, rather than this actor on the earth stage. Our choice to focus on the Light, on the positive side of every coin, starves the Matrix of our energies. This work helps us gain the useful & necessary distance from our character, to take our place, once again, as the scriptwriters that we are.

To ignore Matrix things is to withdraw from the Matrix, to loosen its hold.

No more allowing ourselves to fall for the old beliefs that see us as powerless, as insignificant, along with the many other lies we’ve taken on-board. This is MOM time, Mind-Observer Mode being that spot from which we’re best able to watch the goings-on of our character, yet, not deeply identify with the drama.

It becomes far less dramatic, less heavy, as we take this inner stance.
Corks —

I love the way Abraham-Hicks teaches that our cork just naturally floats. There are not endless things we must do to make that happen — & the depressed ones don’t feel like doing much of anything, anyway. MOM is a great place of temporal release.

We don’t actually have to “do” anything, friends.

Source does it all for us & with us, through us — to the extent we release & allow. Yes, we must issue the invitation, respecting free will as Source does, but it’s not hard to set our intent to let the wings of Source carry us through the whole drama. That’s what’s required — setting the intent to let Source lead the way, to shepherd us through & beyond the rest of the terrestrial drama. We’re going Home, home in consciousness as our frequencies rise.


A significant uplift is available as we learn what the 5D Andromedans release through their contactee, Alex Collier, concerning the higher dimensional technology working behind the scenes to support our release from the Matrix. Our soul families are joyfully at work, lowering a template through 4D right down into 3D which is suppressing & ultimately trapping the dark ones & their nasty doings. This, in addition to many other benevolent activities & wonderful current conditions not yet fully recognized by us.

In this process, all walking the dark path are given the opportunity to make another choice, to also set their course for Home. It’s either that or be crushed. It’s not really them being crushed, just the darkness they spew, yet they’re so identified with the darkness that it feels to most of them as if they are the ones being oppressed.

We can all identify with this if we’re fair.

Right now many of us feel depressed or suspect that we may be. Does it not also feel like that’s happening to & within us? It is not. That’s but an aspect of the old script, the Matrix line into which we all bought, at one time or another. So, just as the cabal are meeting their comeuppance, we are greeting something similar — our awakening.

They are not being crushed, nor are we being depressed by anything outside of our true Self. It only seems that way in the play. We have a “why” for this one, or rather a “how” — our over-identification with our parts in the play. That’s what seems to be taking us all down as the dark energies are corralled, but it’s only the dark energies on their way out.

Once again, the call is to withdraw from the Matrix, rather than suffer within it through its utter collapse.

For those with eyes to see, the cabal is, indeed, being brought down. Those still deep within the Matrix are blind to this, but our Heart stance provides the clarity to view it. We have more rough times ahead, as the dark ones are fighting for all they’re worth in their attempts to cut our awakening off at the pass as if they could somehow prevent it. They cannot succeed in this, yet they try, so fearful of what’s in it for them — the utter demise of their rule over us.


It’s rather funny that the answer to both the dark & the Light ones is the same — to first enter MOM, then to identify once again with Who we truly are. Did you think those playing the dark roles were somehow evil, dear ones? How could that be? Are we not all in the One, of the One that’s All That Is?

These are roles that we all play & the design behind them is ever & always benevolent. They have their purposes. Anything that divides us — any of us — is an aspect of the Matrix, for no division is even possible when there’s only One.

Take Heart, my friends — I speak to me, as well. Let us take what we know, our direct awakening experiences, & ground in that for this ride. Both fear & division are the imprints of the negative energies, for that’s what they are. It’s but the two-sided coin on display, & it’s helpful to see it that way. One side necessitates the other.

We’re moving into the transcendent territory, now — we all are — beyond the reach of 3D duality, of karmic challenges. To do so the dark must be seen & excised, allowed transmutation within the fires of divine Love — which we are — thus burning off the dross.

At our core, dear ones, we are Source, Source-in-form, yes, but still in & of Source. We are immune to anything “dark.” It is the Cosmic Law of free will that enabled the miscreations that produced the Matrix trap in which we now abide, to whatever extent.

It is the same law that secures our transcendent release as we choose to stay the course. We’ve got a lot of waking-up to do, yes, but that will always be the case in our infinite, eternal environment.


There is no time — nor will there ever be — in which we cannot celebrate this: The best is yet to come!!

That’s always the case, though our character-in-the-play doesn’t know it. We do, at our core, so let’s find our way there & celebrate the reality that we’re always growing & expanding, learning & having new experiences. That will never cease. It helps to know this, especially for those depressed ones among us, which may well be epidemic numbers, at this point.

Mental knowing is a good place to begin. Though it’s not yet a Heart experience, when what we know closely aligns with real Truth, that has the power to carry us through to the next phase & the next. As we release the hold thought has on us, our native intuition kicks in, enabled by that release. The mind will not take us where we’re going, you may already know. That would be Heart.

Yet, mind & Heart can work in tandem as we withdraw via MOM.

I’m setting out on an Internet search for those natural remedies for depression, so I don’t have any suggestions for those external aids, yet. Like everything else in our world, though, external things are not primary, are not the cause of anything, especially our regeneration, our return to wholeness. They’re just there to provide an assist, a further nudge in our desired direction.


Let us all recognize the Power resident in Heart, my friends — the Power of Who we truly are. There we finally recognize that we are NOT the character we’re currently playing. MOM gives us the distance required to see it this way, so we can set a firm intent to back-off from the actor, anchoring ever more into our Inner Being as we go.

Time Spiral —

There is nothing but the perpetual NowHere, by the way, so don’t let mind weave stories of rescue, of some bright future (or rescuers) for which we must wait. The time is ever & always just Now, & that’s a critical key to our release, one that can open Heart’s door/portal. We don’t go there when paying attention to the mind’s chatter-box spewings. Good to know.

Let’s release the self both from the past & the future. That’s the way we want to go, returning to the higher consciousness that we are & always have been. It’s been a strange time, seemingly stuck in the character-identification so necessary to give the Matrix a hold on us. The more we release ourselves from such paradigms, the higher we fly, only this “high” isn’t some temporary, here-and-gone phenomenon.

Anything having to do with TIME is highly suspect, a Matrix element.


Let’s take what we know into our next step. That’s all that’s required of us — this current step, ever ready for the next one. As we back away from identifying with our roles, here, let us enter our NowHere focus & maintain it. Anytime enlightenment seems far away, anytime we’re down on ourselves for any reason, let us Heart-center in Now & simply let go, realizing we slipped back into the mind script, that’s all.

We’re beautiful in awesome ways untranslatable via words. Words are of the mind, they are its tools, so they can only take us so far. As we replace our old, weakening beliefs with those inspired by Heart, we take the current step required to let our cork float.



7:40 am, Friday 2017/11/24, 2nd, Mayan day 9 Storm / Cauac

PS Just opened Abraham-Hicks’ Quote for the Day email, & it’s so relevant I’ll include it, here:

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote — 2017/11/24
“No matter what it is, if you really want it, and if you get out of the way of it, it will happen. It must be. It is Law. It can be no other way. It’s the way this Universe is established. If you want it and you relax, it will happen.”
Excerpted from Cincinnati, OH on 9/21/02
Our Love
Esther (Abraham and Jerry)