How the Energy of Knowing Alters Outcomes
Ariaa Jaeger

Enjoyable post — some deep ideas, here.

You mention an NDE. Thought I’d share something from contactee Alex Collier that his 5D Andromedan friends shared with him. First, that humanity — all of us — are what they call “Genetic Royalty.” Our genes have far more potential even than theirs. Which is not to say most of are accessing it, but comforting to know great potential is there.

Also, Alex does the research to find where science backs-up what the Andromedans share. Both science & the Andromedans agree that those returning from an NDE come back with an additional strand (or more) of DNA. So you likely now have at least 3.

This helps us understand why so many NDEers come back seemingly more psychic, intuitive, & so on. May you be endlessly blessed on your Life trek.


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