Enter the Dragon — Pt. 2 of 3

Within & Without

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204

It’s still so very strange, at times, how these journals write themselves. When I am in full allow-mode, they will even announce how many parts there will be. Ya just gotta loosen-up, laugh, & let go to take the ride, friends. Ever so well worth it to just let go & let flow. (Nothing says you have to publish the things, lol.)

So, the stage is set for the dragon, the hugely powerful beast I had no idea was accompanying me on this journey, this lifetime. Not that I know the full history of that, yet, but what I know I’ll share. First, though, let’s speak of evil — so-called — to make things clear.

Throughout, this will all be from my perspective, but of course. You have your own — just sharing, here.


“Evil” is a misnomer. We note that it spells “live,” backwards, which just about sums it up. Many deeds could, indeed, be said to be evil — I need not name them, here. Yet it’s time to separate out the actors from the script, the people from the deeds. I placed my child in a Montessori school[1] because they had this one down pat, ever punishing the deeds, not the child. (No child was ever made to feel bad, to feel “less than,” due to their deeds.)

This is the Heart trek we’re on, so let us ever keep centering, there — nestling down into that space of Peace & clarity as we explore the dark side.

As we step back ever more from being in mind, we gain the sufficient distance on the world scene — & our internal one — to once again see the forest, having stepped out of the trees. There’s a special sort of “objectivity” that is of Heart — not at all like the mental kind.


Our eventual goal is to actually perceive it all through eyes of Source. Yet, as Source is a moving target, so to speak — Its environment being eternity/infinity — it’s something we’ll never quite attain. This is fine — great, actually — for we also discover along the way that it’s the very journey we’re on that’s the whole point, the be-all, the end-all, the pinnacle of existence — as Source-in-form.

This is what’s commonly called the Now, or the NowHere — point of the present moment, yes? Where could the present moment ever be but on the journey? There is no destination, friends, outside of that. Along the way we watch as all limits keep falling away, granting us ever greater clarity. It’s time to be done with ends, with beginnings, with limits of any kind — especially & including the present lifetime as being the only one.

Stick with Heart for this — it’s the only way any of it makes sense ;)


Back to evil — just what is that? In the realm of duality in which we abide, evil doings are the evidence of someone having lost their way, that’s all. Now yes, if we stick to the surface of life, evil can surely have terrible consequences — ones no one (but a “bad” guy) wants. That’s a given, it’s acknowledged. Yet, let’s go deeper, much deeper within.

Over endless lifetimes some beings go off the tracks. At first it’s just the little things — a lie here, something stolen there — but being used to our very short lifetimes, we’re not acquainted with what can happen over eons, over endless millions of (earth) years. We don’t really know time very well, as current humanity. We haven’t been exposed to beings that typically live thousands of years — or more.

That’s how, being in mind all of the time, we try to fit what we see into those little (belief) boxes of what makes sense to us. Let’s get with this time of endless expansion & break out of a few more of those, okay? Do what you can to allow the possibility that our life, here, isn’t a template for all life “out there,” in the galaxy, the Universe — in Cosmos.

Now, from our somewhat vaster perspective of possibilities, let’s look at our earth, once again. Beings get lost — go off of the tracks of honor, integrity, compassion, & love — that much is clear. But if we grant them sufficient time to really get lost, then you begin to see how deep evil can go.

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely” is very well said. Anyone who has had some measure of power, be it in business or even at home, raising a family, will know the temptations of power, how it can be carelessly handled, at times. No one is innocent of this, friends — be in Heart. In the 3D realm there are no one-sided coins.

This is something from which humanity has been taught to run, by being only good, only kind, etc. — distancing ourself from what’s also found within, not just “out there.”

As we stick with Heart, we can see this at work, everywhere. It’s unnatural, yet there you go — we live a hugely unnatural life, these days, until we find our way back Home, within Heart. We’ve even been taught that evil is somehow outside of Source. Stop & look at that. If Source is the All In All, the All That Is — how could that be?


Free will is the secret, here. Source is the playground — humanity is at play, with the complete freedom to go our own way — & we do. Both great good & great “evil” are the consequences of that freedom — yet Source doesn’t reject anyone or anything. Doesn’t work that way.

We’ve got it backwards. What we’ve got going is us, rejecting Source. Do you see?

Another favorite — “The sun shines on the just & the unjust, alike.” Source is impartial in this, not the least bit pushy, as some would have you believe — nor judgmental. That’s all human crap, projected upon Source, the pinnacle, the epitome, of Compassion — of Love, a Love no human mind can even approach, much less contain.

You’re never alone, friends — never abandoned. That’s not even possible — & the proof is ever resident, within, where Source abides. The Masters have long sung this very song. Keep snuggling down, there in Heart.


We’ve got this broader panorama, now, so back to this arch demon, or whatever it was, that hitched a ride with me in (at least) this incarnation. Now, how do dark creatures work & do what they do? Dear ones, the world is not just peopled with people. There are Light Beings, aplenty, walking our earth, some visible, some not — entirely dependent on our personal vibration. In addition to these, there are the natural creations, the results of dark deeds.

Just as a thought, repeatedly thought, morphs into a belief, so it is with the creation of these energy beings. More spells, more power focused into them, & they expand, intensify. Many of us are aware of the dark spells practiced by more than just a few, invoking other-dimensional darkness into our realm to do their dirty deeds for them. John Dee comes to mind as just one, but the entire cabal practices such rites & rituals, you can be sure. Absolute power corrupting absolutely, as it does.


The interesting, even lovely thing, here, is that such energies are, by their very nature, restricted to the lower dimensions, the slower vibrating ones. They can’t enter the higher ones, at risk of their very existence, for contact with such frequencies would utterly destroy them. Good to know, on our way up the vibrational range. ;-)

So, as humanity is moving on, the way we’re doing it is by aligning with these higher frequencies — this greater, brighter Light. This, my friends, is what has the cabal in total disarray, freaking out. They’re losing their power over us, & they know it — at least the ones at the top do. They’re filling their britches as they see humanity slipping right out of their grasp. (I wouldn’t waste any time feeling sorry for them ;)


Meanwhile, back at the farm — how is this playing out for the rest of us? Brace yourselves, friends — we all have entities of one sort or another on-board — yes, within us. Just as it is at the microscopic level, it is on the macroscopic & indeed, the spiritual levels, as well. Like attracts like — whatever our vibration, that is the sort of energy (& energy beings) we attract. (Or they can enter via hexes, spells.)

They may manifest in bad habits — things we cannot seem to stop. We’re being egged-on, there, by these hungry entities, wanting to be fed. Their diet? Negative energy of every sort, be it anxiety, temper tantrums, sugar addiction — the list is endless. Whatever it is, if it isn’t high vibrational, you’ll find these little energy vampires at work, at play.

I’d like to say, “No freaking out allowed,” but as that would be ridiculous — you may do as you like — what I will say is LOOK TO MIND for what may be freaking out, there. It’s not You. Source never freaks out :D


So, as we learn that nothing has any power at all over Who we truly are, we swiftly begin to take our power back from this whole game we’ve been playing. Yes, it’s more a game than anything else — well, perhaps also a stage play, we souls being the actors, 3D earth (which includes our bodies) being the stage.

While we’re headed (from &) for much greener pastures, the way out of the mess is by going through it. There are no free hall passes, here — nor would we want them, at the expense of the mastery we gain along the way.

In many lifetimes I’ve been a fighter, of one sort or another. Oh, so many times I’ve died (my body died) in battles of every kind. Perhaps you have, too. Hey, along with those inner senses I love sharing about, the reincarnational memories come, too. Slowly, but ever so surely, we’re putting the (seemingly) broken crock back together.

We gain enemies along the way, of course — some who practice the black arts, some on the “other side” who just like to torment us, to feed on our very powerful energy which we misuse. Further — as Source-in-form, we are Compassion, Itself, so we actually incarnate among the dark ones, now & again — to help us better understand them by walking a mile in their shoes. Does that ring any bells with anyone?


The sooner we exit this good vs evil meme, the better, as it’s a mind-construct all the way through. Remember, Source contains literally all of everything, so let’s be ever about shifting our identity away from mind/body, back into Heart, our core. Ever remember — evil isn’t bad, folks — it’s just lost. Many a “bad” guy finds his/her way Home, too. Let’s release all of the judgmentalism into which we’ve been programmed.


So, in the long, long, long ago, enter one of these “demons,” stage left — invited into manifestation by someone intent on doing me serious harm. While I don’t recall back that far, lol, I can share what the consequences were for this body, this life. There were blood curses cast, the kind that are more than tough to escape.

Was I aware of this, early on in this life? No — not at all. That’s what makes it so very strange, but heck — everything turns out to be so strange — to mind, of course — that I no longer let that be a bother. It just is what it is.

Sure, there were signs. Did I see them? Heck, no! As a Light Being of some stature — as I suggest we almost all are — I was dead set on finding my way Home, on leaving 3D in the dust. As that was my focus, I was unable to see this aspect of things, whether in self or in others. For many years I trod the “Only Light” road — you know the one, where it’s all about positive thinking, positive everything — the one-sided coin.

That seemed to work for a couple of decades, then it, too, got old, so I moved on. Meanwhile, all the while I had this beast on-board — still unaware of it. When you reach a certain point on the path, they — the dark ones — can’t get to you directly, anymore. So they use friends & family, pets & any situation at all, doing their utmost to manipulate. To the extent we’re resident in mind, they can succeed.

This whole thing exploded — made itself visible to me — through a terrible situation with my cat, Purrsilla. I’ll continue the story in part 3. Hey, trust me, I didn’t plan it this way. Heart writes these things ;)


[1] Be aware that Montessori schools are private, & not under any massive umbrella keeping them all alike. So caution is advised, not blind trust that, just because it’s a Montessori school, it’s necessarily all that. Best to do the research to confirm it’s the one that is right for your child(ren).


about 4:15 pm, Wednesday 2017/09/13, 2nd, Mayan day 2 Deer / Manik