Exit the 3D Recycling System

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me

Politics has most of us distracted from what’s really going on — many awakening, yet many more trapped in fear & discontent, stuck in survival mode. Not so many have found their way into their true base of divine power — due to their focus being kept on externals. Go within!

While awakening is a challenge in any age on planet earth, things are coming to a crescendo, now, & the current chaos is part of that. Once more of us recognize self as Source-in-form, look out! When an unstoppable force meets a seemingly immovable object — in this case, cabal control of the planet — startling results ensue.


The current chaos is unsustainable for any great length of time. Once more of us recognize that the chaos is largely due to the demise of the cabal, hearts will lift across the planet. No earthly power is equal to that of the divine — which we are, as Source-in-form. We haven’t yet begun to taste the fruits/results of the Power hidden within Heart.

Many still stuck in Matrix mode will want to fix, to repair & improve current systems, whether of governance or education or what have you. That won’t work. These systems are fundamentally flawed, having been instituted (or co-opted) by cabal minions behind the scenes. You don’t build a new mansion by upgrading an old shack — doesn’t work.


So many will eventually rise above the fray, above the mass consciousness. New inspiration, arising from within, will guide our steps forward into higher dimensions. Most don’t yet realize we’re already partially into 4D. This, by itself, goes a long way to explain many strange happenings & sightings currently attributed to such things as the Mandela Effect, multiple timelines & who knows what else.

What does it mean to be entering 4D? What is it — what can we expect? In the realm of infinity/eternity — our true environment as multidimensional beings — 4D is yet another realm, as whole & complete as 3D, yet distinctly different.

On each higher dimension what is perceived expands — more colors, a wider range of sound, a realm more expansive than the previous one. Not that humanity makes these huge jumps very often — we don’t. Yet it’s a time, now, that’s been long prophesied by so many.

Few of these prophets actually experienced the new realm of which they spoke— most of them being firmly ensconced within 3D. So let us take their messages with the proverbial grain of salt — don’t let them limit you — as we explore new experiences along our trek.


We’re accustomed to the current ranges of the 5 senses — a certain visual, a certain auditory range among available frequencies, etc. Our scientific instrumentation shows that which is beyond the range of unaided sight, unaided hearing — so we know there is more. Yet who among us experience it, unaided by technology?

More & more will, as many already do, experience these enhanced senses. There is also, of course, an expansion of mind — enhanced abilities of intelligence. Yet what IS 4D? Most have heard of the realms called hell & heaven, yes? What if both are contained in this next dimension?

Many in 3D occupy its lower regions — those on the dark path such as the cabal & their minions — while others choose a higher route, a more rarefied energy & consciousness. We see this contrast outplaying everywhere. While we still perceive their corporeal form, we have little in common with them — their low morals, their ugly activities.


What is currently not realized is that, at a certain point on our upward trek, we will actually disappear from their perceptions. We’ll still exist, just in the more rarefied realm of 4D. Universe, herself, if taking this trek. It’s not only on earth or only in 3D where this rise in dimensions is happening. For instance, those currently on 4D are rising as well. It’s happening on all dimensions, this upliftment.

Yet we must align our free will with the rise. It won’t happen against our will, so some on each dimension will not move on with the rest, but will reincarnate into their current dimension — perhaps in another place, on another planet, but same dimension — roughly the same consciousness as before. Free will reigns in this universe.


Back to heaven & hell — both, in the way various scriptures detail them, exist on 4D. So many who visit or even inhabit what many NDEers call heaven have no idea that it’s not some eternal resting place or reward for good behavior. In a Cosmos of infinity/eternity, there is no end, no limit whatsoever to our expansion. That’s a myth — as is an eternity in “hell.”

If upper 4D contains the proverbial heaven, then lower 4D likewise houses hell. Never fear, for you’re drawn to the realm which vibrates in consonance with you. Your passing through hell will likely consist of seeing some very strange, rather nasty creatures on your way into higher vibration. You’re just passing through as you rise in frequency, so don’t get drawn into anything by them. ;)

This 4D “heaven” has been used as a limit by the cabal. Did you think they only existed on earth, in 3D? No, they’re able — some of them — to occupy regions of 4D as well.

In this realm, often on crossing over, many greet you in the guise of angels or Lords of Karma — that sort of thing. It’s likely just the 4D cabal, friends. Be sure to challenge any being you encounter to show forth its true self — & know you’ll be able to distinguish the reality.


It’s time, now, to exit the recycling system that’s been in place for so very long. Finally, oh finally, humanity is rising up out of the mist of our long stay in forced ignorance of how things truly work — to recognize who we actually are as Source-in-form, unable to be limited or any longer reigned-in by these impostors, posing as rulers, angels, & gods. No more!

4D is not our final resting point, either. Many, if not most, will move into 5D & take up residence, there (or beyond). This is the current realm of contactee Alex Collier’s Andromedans, yet they are also moving on into higher dimensions. They’ll make great mentors for us, as will other advanced races we encounter along the way.

Don’t limit yourself! That’s the main message, here, for it’s the way we’ve been held down, held back for so long. By not recognizing self as Source-in-form & by taking on & believing the web of lies we’ve been fed, we have actually been self-limited to 3D recycling. No more!


This isn’t something that just happens to everyone, this rise in consciousness & dimension. It’s something with which we must align & cooperate every step of the way. As we take up residence within, in Heart & in our Now moment, leaving mind to the side as the mere tool that it is, we begin our entry into new realms.

These are realms of consciousness, friends — not things hard & solid, as we’ve been convinced is the case in 3D. While even in 3D this isn’t the case, by the power of our Belief Systems — cabal installed — we were taught to rein ourselves in. Instead, we’re meant to reign over our own inner kingdom, our experience of reality. Many begin to do that, today.


Many way-showers have graced our planet down through the ages, leaving their footprints in the sands of time as gifts for us to ponder. The way, the direction is ever inward, however. By our fascination with externals, we’ve gone off-track. Let’s rather choose to continue our awakening, riding this great wave of upliftment.

2:28 of FUN

Finally, please consider that you may well come from far higher dimensions than just 4 or 5D. Many of us (intentionally) fell into 3D from as high as 7D or 11D or even 12D. We’re far more native there than we’ll ever be, here. So if you’ve felt somehow out-of-place, look within to reconnect with Self & with that.


We’ve also been our own ancestors — all of us. Native Americans have long known this. We tend to choose a genetic line & continue incarnating within it for long periods in varying relationships. It’s also true that your current infant could be your great-grandparent, come again.

As we drop all current belief systems BS, we open the doors to what lies beyond. Nothing is what it seems to be — nothing of what we’ve been taught is true, or very little. Though this is hard to swallow — at first — it becomes great fun as we go deeper into Heart.

No matter what, don’t give up! Begin to more identify with your Spirit, your soul, your Higher Self or whatever you call that, rather than with just mind or body. It makes a huge difference! Like some divine sort of magic, all burdens lift along this trek.

You are a ray of the divine sun that is Source. Own it! Claim it! Not while centered in mind, however, for mind can’t enter such realms/states, & it will only take it to ego, to pride — which is naught but a detour on our way Home.


8:30 am, Sunday, 2017–07–16 — Mayan day 8 Star or Rabbit / Lamat