Exit the Dragon — Pt. 3 of 3

Within to Gone

These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204

What a journey this last 24 hours has been — bringing this forth has not been easy, working through the issues arising along the way. So, back to the beloved Purrsilla, my companion of 5 to 8 years (linear memory no longer being a strong point). She was 3 kitties ago, & I carried a heavy burden of guilt & pain over the manner of her passing — until this very day.

I allow my cats freedom to roam, no paved roads being nearby. One night she didn’t return home — nor the next, nor the next. After about 5 days I feared I had lost her, though I didn’t get the sense that she’d crossed over. Then, the next night she returned, but OMG, she was different — terribly stressed, unwilling to eat — just different.

That wasn’t the scary part, however — it was on looking into her eyes — it was not my Purrsilla looking back out at me. Something else was in there, with her — something nasty & dark, that frightened me. I could tell she’d been through something quite terrible — had been abused in some way — yet it’s not often you look directly into the eyes of something “evil.” So I distanced myself from her :-(

After a day or two of her not eating, my friend dropped her off at the vet for me, where they hooked her-up to a tube giving her something, reporting that she should be okay. They kept her for 9 days, & on the 10th she was supposed to come home.

Didn’t happen.


Here’s where my guilt & suffering came in. On the 9th day I got a call from her, clear as day, to come & see her. Being much more in mind, back then, I decided to wait — after all, mind said, since she was coming home the next day — but she died. The vet couldn’t explain it — no physical reason for that to have happened, he said — she was doing just fine.

I went & picked her body up to bring it home for burial. Felt so very sad, so disappointed in myself. Perhaps she felt abandoned, being in that cage, all hooked-up & not free — with no visits from me. (It’s clear, now, that fear was in the way.) Perhaps her spirit just gave-up, so she chose to leave her body & move on. (It’s not really death, you know ;)

Though I cried a few tears, I never really allowed the deep grief to flow. I was the strong type, don’t ya know — sad to say. Now I’m much wiser, or at least getting there, realizing that such pain, disallowed, only festers & brings on more suffering — acknowledged, or not.


Last night as I lay in bed, the tears flowing, I opened up to the heavy weight I’d been feeling all day. It hadn’t yet become specific — just a vague heaviness, even felt in the body. This was one thing that came up. I called out to her, to come in her spirit form, to reassure me that she was okay. Hey, maybe pets can have some sort of hell experience, too — I didn’t know.

Yet, when we’re in grief or any sort of mourning or suffering, what we don’t realize is how that blocks our dear ones from being able to connect with us. They’re present — but we don’t perceive. So I didn’t get the comfort I sought — at that time.

It came today, on calling my daughter, friend of the elements & the elementals since her birth. I asked her about Purrsilla, & she shouted & laughed, saying, “So that’s why Pursilla visited me in my dream last night… She’s okay, Mom.”

OMG — been carrying this burden for about 5 or 6 years, now — such a weight. Kept pushing it off — didn’t want to feel that. Now, it’s totally gone. Poof! Just gone! We’ve got to feel our feelings, friends — don’t be like I was, ever avoiding that. Such a delight to discover how quickly it can vanish.


Now, to the dragon part, for no, that small demon was not what I’d carried throughout my life — just one of its pals, perhaps. Anyway — gosh, how do I share this? My daughter is also of the Valkyrie — has been one in other lifetimes, & brings those strong characteristics into this incarnation.

Anyway, it wasn’t long after Purrsilla’s passing that both my daughter & my partner were able to identify a very dark, very powerful being inhabiting my space. I could finally perceive enough, due to the gradual opening of Heart sensing, to realize that they were correct — there was something present, here.


My girl made the trip down from Missouri to do a ritual removal — to bring it before a High Council with whom she was still able to connect. The day she arrived she wasn’t feeling that great, physically, so we put it off to the next day, then the next — that’s when the nasty action began. (Now I realize that her “not feeling good” was the beast, likely already at work.)

She was being attacked — developed a terrible, bright red, painful rash on the side of her neck — looking much like claw marks. Her face was puffy, her eyes swollen, painful, making it difficult to see. I’ve forgotten the other manifestations, but it was clear to all 3 of us she was under attack, so we needed to get this thing done!

It was amazing. Though I’m clairsentient (not generally clairvoyant), I was even able to see some of the process, as she brought the beast forward for judgment, listing it’s many misdeeds. She’d taken some notes — don’t know how she tuned-in to all of that — but toward the end I saw part of the proceedings.

The beings were so tall, so formidable — the one standing before them raging angry, but also afraid. As they pronounced judgment, my girl was repeating to us what they were saying — actually pronouncing the judgment. I saw a great vortex — long, dark, & receding at an angle, like looking down & sideways into a tornado — into which it flew, screaming, shouting obscenities all the way into oblivion.

It was a final judgment on a very powerful beast.


No, I don’t expect anyone to just believe this, nor do I need or want them to. Just sharing, as I said, earlier. Yet we all felt such relief with its passing — it was palpable — as had been the whole Council experience. Being a blood curse, our 3 family lines were connected in this; now cleared.

The whole thing, though not strange to my daughter, was certainly so to me, at that time. She hadn’t allowed me to see so deeply into this aspect of her, before — but when Mom was in trouble, she was right there, to the rescue! I’m ever so glad. We all felt the release. In the presence of sufficient Purity, these things can’t maintain their hold on us, as we’re on the Heart trek.

Life has been different, since then. My path has been easier, progress much faster — though the Heart path is never an easy gig, throughout. As one layer, one level of whatever it is is exposed, recognized, & released, don’t think there won’t be another. The brighter the Light shines, the more the cobwebs come into view— just how it works.

This whole incident, with its many revelations, took two or three years to process — to accept & integrate. I had the outer reinforcements that this had, indeed happened — I was now much lighter, energetically. I wasn’t so burdened. Having lived in chronic pain for decades, now, that lightened enough to reduce my morphine prescription — a great side-effect :)


So what are the take-aways? Certainly, that things are not what they appear to be, on the 3D surface.

We don’t know what we don’t know, & it’s not revealed to us absent our readiness.

As I look back, I had indications from others about the presence of this dark thing — but being unaware of it, I brushed them off. I never once felt or sensed its presence. You’ll even find a 2010 video on YT where I was responding to someone who said I had reptilian eyes — so others had sensed it, too.

Everything that comes our way does so for a purpose — nothing is either random or “coincidence.” I see it as the purpose of Source, Loving us into our next step, whatever that is. It always starts with a feather, the light touch — but will progress, over time, to a ruler, a stick, eventually a 2"x4", if that’s what it takes to get our attention. Along the Heart trek, we grow ever more aware, develop our inner senses, thus better able to spot the feathers, as they present.


Many will be tempted to stand in judgment — being in mind — yet that’s not the Heart way. Did I manifest this creature? Two-sided coin, so no, on the one hand — it was sent my way via a dark curse. Does that mean I should stand in judgment of the sender? Heck, no! That one acted from the depths of being terribly lost.

On the other hand, nothing dark can enter into the one firmly ensconced within Heart. That one has regained, reclaimed our true identity as Source-in-a-body, partaking of an eternal, infinite adventure throughout the dimensions of All That Is. So yes, were it not for my vulnerability — by being still somewhat identified with mind — this couldn’t have occurred.


In duality, it’s ever & always a mixed bag. Our deLight is in being well able to choose for ourselves, how we experience what comes our way — what we do with that. Do we take it as something negative, & turn away from it — repress it, or whatever — or do we open those Source eyes (ever available, within), to see it as the gift of Source, ever benevolent? It’s the ever-available choice.

We’re seeing a lot of the 2"x4" effects on the world scene — the bottles, sticks, stones, urine/feces filled balloons, acid attacks, & the general nastiness of groups such as Antifa. Now, yes, you could say they’re being used by the dark side to wreak havoc — but that’s just the surface. Let’s look deeper. Are these not the 2"x4"s being Lovingly presented by Source to help us to awaken? Well, could they be?

Yes, of course, Antifa members & the rest must awaken, too . The cause-&-effect backlash of their actions will haunt them — if not in this life, then further on. It’s how things work, at least until you awaken sufficiently, rising in frequency, to leave duality behind — the realm of in-your-face cause & effect.

What most don’t yet seem to realize is that the causes are ever within us — you & me. What are we refusing to face, to welcome, & feel — to deal with? What feather-light touches are we misreading — pushing away? When we’re ready to welcome the darkness, to question Heart for the message the darkness brings, only then will we begin to see the external world settle down, once again — into what it could be.


WE are the rescuers we seek. As we move ever deeper into Heart, finally distancing ourselves from who we thought we were — mental/physical beings — we’ll discover all of this. It’s the journey, the ever precious, ever enlightening journey we’ve somehow been refusing to take. That’s no longer an option, friends — not in the presence of these accelerating, intensifying frequencies.

The darkness within will come out to present itself to us simply because the Light is shining ever more brightly — as Source, inviting us all to come up higher — to find our way Home. Heart is the very portal to that.

Let us find our way in, whatever that looks like, & leave one another the heck alone. As long as we’re pointing a finger simply anywhere outside of the self, we’re doing the mind thing — blaming others for what we, ourselves, are creating.

That’s my current take on things, anyway. Wait a year & it will change, of course. You just don’t know what it is you don’t know until you’re finally ready to stand, face, & conquer — what? The self, but of course — right now, mostly the mind.


P.S. In referring to this beast as a “dragon,” I don’t mean to give dragons a bad name. Hey, just like us, there are good ones & others not so good — also taking the “left-handed path.” ;-) ☼

“From the very start Dragons were seen as guarding treasures, holding back the floods, and dispensing knowledge. They also are battled by gods or heros from the very beginning.


10:58 pm, Wednesday 2017/09/13, 3rd, Mayan day 2 Deer / Manik