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Going Naked (of beliefs) into the Divine

Another Perspective on “The Fall” (& the Return)

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — Spiritual Awakening, Bodymindsoulspirit.com

Our language has long been used against us in both subtle & gross (obvious) ways that we don’t notice when we’re in our mind-centric routines. We’re being played — who sees it? It’s time to move beyond the mind.

We’re all telepathic, all psychic to some extent, whether we’re aware of it or not.

Let’s have some fun. Let’s go back to the time of the Tower of Babel story. We do not know the truth of this, just the stories we’re told, what’s been passed down which, I hope you realize, is highly suspect. If we had access to the contents of the Vatican Library (& other hidden libraries), we’d be deeply, repeatedly shocked.

Remember, it was being too darned trusting that landed us in the current soup. Let’s cut that out! 😆

Prior to Babel, perhaps we all spoke the same language — or — it may well be that we didn’t need words or sound to communicate. It’s even possible we were in a higher frequency where communication was silent & internal, where we were more consciously One.

Light Beings — iO.wp.com

Along comes the incident of the Tower of Babel, & suddenly we’re separated out by language, by languages. ET interference, anyone? Source/God, being Love, isn’t going to do something like this.

Who is ready to consider the possibility that the “God” of the Christian Bible (& there are more than one, El, Jehovah & Yahweh, for instance), are higher-dimensional ETs, not the one & only Source/God? If it’s a being that appears before you — or anyone — it’s a part of the Creation, a creature. Do you see? That’s not our Source.

YOU are just as much a manifestation of Source as these gods, but heck, so is an ant, so let’s not get the big head about it, as they have.
Oh boy — these things write themselves when “I” get out of the way to let Heart speak. Didn’t expect this, but let’s be in Heart to see where it goes.

Just as the story of Adam & Eve in Genesis speaks of beings suddenly surprised to find themselves naked — have you considered how “The Fall” could well be the descent from a higher dimension into 3D? If there were not “things” in that dimension such as clothing, such as 3D bodies to clothe, of course, it would be a surprise.

Costume Over Emptiness — Farm3.static.flickr.com

What if both of these stories passed down to us — keep in mind, they’re all edited, no matter what we’re told — speak of being first in a higher, a non-physical dimension? One dimension is not “better” than another one, any more than one person, one country, one gender or whatever is better than another one — not in the One.

There are no hierarchies in the One, not of beings, places, or things.

As we look around at certain belief systems or religions that place some clearly above others, look at their fruits; look at the treatment the “higher” ones dish out to those they consider subservient, well beneath them. We judge a tree by its fruits, yes?

Enslavement, cruelty, & arrogance are not worthy fruits, arise not in the Purity of the Divine.

For those who are ready, it’s a time of releasing old beliefs, of being willing to go naked (of beliefs), to let all just be what it is without having to have stories built around it. [1] When we realize we are not separate from the Divine, this is not difficult, challenging only the mind & its habits of belief.

To hold beliefs is to prevent ourselves from fully emerging into the NowHere, the Present.

Beliefs leave our mind in control. Beliefs apply to both the past, their origins, & the future, where the mind projects their continuation. They are not necessary to the one fully in Heart. That one is in touch with What Is, needing no beliefs.

Heart’s Knowing is belief-free, is the direct experience of the Is-ness.

Beliefs are the strings controlling the puppets that we were made to be for a time. Now, for many, they begin to fall away. At first, it seems strange, but we soon realize they are not required. We see how very limiting they are, closing us off to anything that challenges them.

It’s a time of coming to recognize the difference between a belief & a Knowing.

A belief is a “knowing” of the mind, that’s all. It cannot stand the Light of day, cannot stand in the Presence of a Heart Knowing, as anyone who has had such an experience can affirm.


“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

The mind exists in the dream, the dream we call 3D. Heart, the portal of access to Source/God, lives Beyond, certainly beyond any 3D mind’s ability to comprehend. The wise among us realize the futility of trying to mentally grasp or understand things of Source, realizing they must be experienced to be Known.

“I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.”
Plato, The Republic

That’s why such things cannot be passed on to others via words of any kind, they can only be pointed to. It’s funny, too, that to point is to indicate something external, but what’s required is all found within. Nothing is what it seems to be, & the sooner we see this, the better — for all of us, not just the seeming individual.

The individual we take ourselves to be is but a myth, a dream creation.

While terribly frightening to the mind, this is a great Joy & deLight to discover, & wonderful journey to take for Who we truly are, aspects or elements of Source here in form, playing around in this strange creation called time/space, oh my.

Naked came we into this world, & naked (of beliefs) do we leave it. 😆 [2]



5:04 p.m., Tuesday, 2019/04/23 — Mayan day 4 Jaguar / Ix

[1] If we just let things be as they are, & see them as they are, what if we want to change things? We recognize that all change — heck, all of 3D — begins within; that we’re manifesting all of it. All change starts within.

[2] “…naked (of beliefs) do we leave it,” doesn’t speak of crossing over, of leaving the body behind, since we take our beliefs with us to the other side. They have very much to do with our after-death experience(s). By “this world” I mean Creation, I mean all that’s projected by Source/God, all of the dimensions. Source/God is neither contained within nor dependent on Creation.