How We Gave our Power Away —

Reality vs 3D reality

These Eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me

Humanity is moving — by wise use of Free Will — into higher densities, dimensions beyond 3D. In contactee Alex Collier’s latest webinar (#35) he reveals that science has recently discovered that our brains are wired for 7D, some even for 11D. This is our heritage, friends, fellow Light Beings. We came from higher densities down into 3D, home of the body but not of our true Being, our soul.


Earth, herself (along with our galaxy, our universe), is rising with us — yes, earth & all planets are celestial beings — fully conscious & aware. Is that a shock? If so, look to your BS belief systems, the programming used to hide & distort Reality. Go within.

It’s the same for all stars, for the grain of sand on the beach, for galaxies, for universes — everything has its own sort of awareness. In the One that’s All That Is, all is aware & able to share, to commune — self with Self & vice-versa.

So, how do we align with this rise, this upliftment? We start by realizing that it is strictly up to us. It’s beneficial to drop any BS that tells us we require anything external, be it an occurrence, a savior or avatar — whatever! We are Source-in-form.


Friends, at Heart, we are That. As Rumi said, What you are seeking is seeking you. WE are the ones for whom we’ve been searching. It is by dropping such belief systems that we begin to (re)empower the Self, leaving the lesser self behind. All that we require we have — we already are.

We have been so heavily programmed, right from birth, that it can seem difficult to uncover, much less drop such beliefs. We begin begin by seeing them — recognizing them as beliefs we’ve accepted — not necessarily truth.

We then begin to withdraw that acceptance, entering a neutral state to simply observe. These are the delicate first steps. Otherwise, we merely take on a new set of beliefs which then clash with the old ones, creating discomfort — breeding doubt.


It’s time & past time to turn inward, friends. We’ve been made to be outward-focused for so long. The powerful answers we seek are not external to us — we contain them on inner levels/layers, perhaps not yet accessed, yet ever-present. We are rays of the divine, Light Beings, all — those who would be drawn to such writings. We are united in ways as yet unrecognized — now we’re joining-up externally, too.

A vital aspect of the 3D control system instituted by the various ET/ED marauders — Anunaki & others walking the dark path — is to hide our true history from us, then to manipulate the history they allow to remain.

History may have 10% of truth hidden within it — the necessary bait to attract our attention — but it’s hugely a tissue of lies. Note how they scramble when downed UFOs or huge skeletons are found, to dispose of them before word gets out. Then they condemn those who would expose the truth as “conspiracy theorists,” as kooks — you know the drill. One psychiatrist has even decided that pursuing the truth about Niburu is psychotic. OMG, she’s the psychotic one, here.


As many are aware, any scientists, doctors, or others who come forward with something close to truth often end-up missing or dead of suspicious causes. We are all closely monitored, especially those whose work approaches actual truth. The dark ones require us to believe in their lies, else we might find our way out of their nasty Matrix, eventually starving them (the energy vampires) out.

Why do they need us to be trapped & filled with nonsense? What purpose does it serve? Perhaps you’ve already discovered the answer, but it’s because WE are the Creator in form. It is quite literally through us that this whole dimension & everything in it is manifesting — including the current chaos.


Recall that an atom is 99.99999% empty — there is basically nothing solid, there. Yes, your 3D senses seem to give that the lie, but it’s those senses & belief systems that are suspect — go within.

Obviously, if you run your car into the wall, there will be consequences — but that’s based on your BS belief systems. Had you been aware of this deeper reality, you could well have passed through, unharmed — car & all. It has happened to others who found themselves & their car passing through the car they seemed destined to hit after saying a quick, intense prayer.

Stay in Heart, friends. I’m not going to take you into mind, with it’s statistics & references. You can either choose to accept that this may have happened or not. Call it a fairy tale, if you will, but do what you can to at least consider it. I am not lying to you — feel the energy, here.


Nor am I saying to trust all that I say — never do that, with me or anyone. We’ve got to shift into Heart, to place our focus, our trust there. Heart will evaluate all you bring to it — but you’ve got to find your way there to sense Heart’s response.

That is where you go to evaluate whatever presents itself. Stay away from mind for now — at least during the time of evaluating those old beliefs. It’s mind that is attached to them — not You. Yet it takes a good deal of letting-go before this is seen, then eventually realized.

Simply anything is possible, but we’ve got to align with that. It won’t happen in the presence of our old belief systems. So if you’re not manifesting the life you desire, look to those beliefs! They are what’s holding you back. Consider the hypnotist’s ability to bypass subjects’ beliefs — the marvels that can result. Just as you once accepted the truth of what the teacher, the professor, the parent said, you are able now to reconsider — to possibly reject it.

It’s not necessary to reject something in its entirety, but it’s more than possible to realize that the instructor didn’t have full access to real truth. They taught you based on their own belief systems, yes? In all integrity, they were doing the best that they could at the time. That’s all we need to do — now, or ever.


So let’s cut all those teachers, parents. etc., a great deal of slack. This isn’t about being resentful or angry that we were misled. I hope you can see & feel that. This is not about turning the bastions of education, of science, of whatever-it-is, into enemies who done ya wrong, lol.

That’s just a potential pitfall, one into which we need not slip. It’s about wise use of free will which, when sufficiently empowered, becomes the Free Will native to the divine.

We can do anything, friends, but our workshop isn’t out there, in the external world. It’s strictly & entirely within. We’ve got everything required, all accessible within Heart — that Inner Being we are that IS an aspect, a ray of Source Light. Right now we’ve cluttered it with a bunch of BS that stands firmly in the way of our awakening into our native Power.


Let’s clean that up. No one can do this for you. All they can do it present possibilities, point in what could be a good direction. If you’re communing with any sort of ET, angel, or “celestial” being, be sure to challenge them — an excellent start. The good guys won’t be bothered at all — they’ll approve.

There’s a delightful weakness among the malevolent ones — their arrogance. When questioned/challenged, that arrogance trips them up, exposes them. They’ll be angry, & that’s easy to spot — as well as being something you won’t encounter when dealing with true Light Beings. Let this be your ace-in-the-hole when dealing with any ET/ED, angel or “spiritual” being — this challenge.

Once we realize that the route to our disempowerment — humanity’s current status — is via the total crap we’ve been sold as fact, as truth, as just “how things are,” then we’re truly ready to escape. We can break all chains which locked us into the Matrix, the false reality most inhabit right now.


Since most of our beliefs are carried well beneath the surface, in the subconscious mind, they’re tricky to expose. One way to test your current beliefs is to adopt a new belief, one closer to truth. Then watch for the mental objections that arise — step back & just observe, at first.

Fighting with the old beliefs keeps us locked within mind. The best vantage point is Heart, so just watch for a time. You’ll know when the time is ripe to simply withdraw all support for the old belief — to reject it, in toto — & you’ll do so from Heart. Meanwhile, question simply everything — & everyone.


It’s wise to cut both yourself & everyone else a great deal of slack. There is no need to fight anyone or anything — this is not war. Your true nature is divine, is purely Love. Allow that to shine.

Allow that someone may be offering you the very best that they know. Even though it may be more Matrix crap, they’re not likely trying to deceive you. They’re just sharing their own, sincerely held beliefs & understandings. We can respectfully disagree as we go our own way.


As we awaken, it sets off alarms among the cabal & the marauding ones in power behind the throne. You may find deceitful people introducing themselves into your acquaintance, online or in person. The dark ones love to/need to infiltrate every bastion of independence, of Light, with their spies.

To the extent you’ve migrated out of mind, into Heart, these are pretty easy to spot. They’ll say & do all the “right” things, but be false, through & through. You’ll be able to sense that at some point(s). Heart is wise in ways mind cannot access. Be very cautious when others seek to lead you into any action.


One of the most empowering beliefs to take on-board is in your own divine nature — that you are Source-in-form. You have all of the resources, within. You’ve no need to consult with others, for they, too, are likely enmeshed to whatever extent in the Matrix. Our true purity ever awaits, within.

At first you won’t be fully aware of your abilities, due to the static generated by all of the BS belief systems lurking in mind. Yet as we continue our determined trek into awakening, clarity arises as the old beliefs drop away. You don’t really need them, friends — yet they don’t fall away until you enter Heart, becoming an observer of mind — exercising free will.


Beliefs are actually unnecessary. They’re neither required nor even useful to Who you truly are. Either something is or it is not, it is either correct or not — what you believe about it doesn’t change the underlying reality.

That said, the other side of that coin is that, via your beliefs, you use free will to create your experience of reality. There are as many realities as there are people — we don’t live in one, solid reality. It’s a hard pill to swallow that even our ideas around reality — what is real, what is not — are largely false.


We’ve been fed a great bunch of limits via our beliefs. Why? Because we are creators, Source-in-form. Believe it or not, those on the dark path do not have our ability to create. They require those like us to do that for them. That’s what underlies the whole drama outplaying, now.

We all require energy to exist, to survive. Why they create a negative reality (through us) is because, as negative beings, they require energies of negativity to survive — as food. Thus we find torture & war, anger & despair — all of the nastiness. They may not bite into our necks, but they are vampires, all the same — energy vampires.

When you’re walking a very dark road, at some point you so cut yourself off from the Light, the Love that IS Source, that you seem to quite lose your connection to That. You’ve thus forced yourself into vampiric ways to exist, to sustain your current form, your walk on the dark side.


While that explanation is somewhat mental, yet it may offer assistance, may bring better understanding of those who are truly lost — the Anunaki & their ilk. As we find our way ever deeper within, into Heart, we encounter the true Compassion that Source has for all — including the dark ones.

Remember, they, too, have their being in Source — even though they no longer realize or acknowledge it. ALL is One, not just the “good” parts. Nothing exists, nor can exist outside of Source. Those things we call devils, demons, creeps of whatever ilk, also have their existence in Source.


This, alone, offers fruitful territory for examining old beliefs ;) We flush a lot of crap down the drain as we release these particular beliefs. If you’re not yet in universal Compassion, know that you will/can be, one day. You can set your sights, make firm intent to discover it, within — a wise use of Free Will.

Let this not be food for mental musings so much as food for Heart, for a new Heart-centric perspective on simply everything. We’re getting there, friends. In spite of how things look on the surface, don’t let yourself be drawn down into the mess. Don’t let it upset you — that’s how they milk your energy!

Do all you can to be the observer of both mind & external events — witnessing from the vantage point of Heart. Heart will guide us into what action is required.

See you on the other side :-)


Pre-9 am, Tuesday 2017/06/20, Mayan day 8 Wind/Ik — solstice tonight

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