Keeping Us Small, pt. 1 of 3

Throwing Off the Cabal

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — Spiritual Awakening,

Humanity around the world has greatness built in. Our combo of the body-mind with the consciousness that we are is truly awesome, offering tremendous potential. Were we to tap into that, any sort of dark cabal trying to dishonestly run things would be done, & in short order.

You can see, from the globalists’ perspective, how that must be prevented by any means necessary. D’uh.
Unequal Opponents —

They must keep us small & easy to control & they do it in endless ways. All of our programming, i.e., our beliefs & expectations, must be suspect at this point; that is if we would rise above the lies & utter nonsense sustained by our beliefs. Those who don’t choose to step back for a more impartial look at the scenery will be stuck viewing only the trees, blind to the forest.

Our biggest challenge? The first step.

Why? Because if we take it as the ego-mind or body-mind we’ve been trained to identify with, we’re just chasing our tail — yet again. The surgeon cannot operate on himself nor can the mind figure this out. We have some work to do before taking that first step in the external 3D realm.

Our work is within.

We’ve long been told — over centuries, millennia — that the Kingdom of God/Source is within. We’ve been told that we actually contain All That Is, but when it doesn’t make sense to the mind, we walk on. That’s an example of taking the first step before we’re ready. It’s the ego-mind rejecting that. We didn’t run it by Heart, our closer connection with our Source-in-form core.

Part of our programming is to be small, to “accept our limitations.” Pardon me, but BS. This waking-up thing terrifies the ego-mind, throwing it completely off balance.

In relativity there are limits, but they’re not limits to Source-in-form. They arise from how we’re seeing things, from our perspective. They depart as our perspectives shift, but not in any way our mind will comprehend. Let’s just observe.

Like the globalist cabal, our mind is quite used to running the show for us.

We thought that was us, running the show. Not. That’s Matrix stuff.

To wake up is to completely overrule the mind such that it’s no longer in charge, no longer the sole source of our decisions. Of course, that would frighten the mind! It could make us feel as if our whole life was practically worthless, as if everything we worked so hard to learn was thrown out the window, becoming irrelevant.

I get that. Been there, gone through that, as have many awakening ones. A lot of people think awakening is something we add to ourselves, our crowning glory, so to speak; a tremendous accomplishment. It is not.

It is not.

Awakening is the loss, the release of the false self, the ego-mind persona that was long in the way.

The old self does not awaken. That’s a myth, one that suits the malevolent cabal’s purposes to a tee. It keeps us bound & forever tail-chasing, going nowhere fast while thinking we’re gaining ground. By that route, we never even enter the NowHere; we don’t know it exists, this portal-like entry into higher consciousness.

We’re required to remove our shoes — the self we take ourselves to be — at the door of awakening. We must question that one.

Who are we, then? We don’t rightly know; none of us do. Some are closer than others, having abandoned more of the obfuscating false self. We all deal with fear in many disguises. If we continue to defer to our mind as our decision maker, that’s tail-chasing behavior.

At this point, many of us are recognizing a seemingly new ability: we’re able to read the energies, getting a sense, a deeper sense of what (or who) we’re dealing with, of what’s being said or done, what’s being observed. It pays to watch that, to note it. That arises from Heart, not the head.

Awakening is plugging more firmly into Spirit, soul, Higher Self… call that what you will. We can even call it Consciousness when we see Source/God as Consciousness, humanity as consciousness. [1]

To plug into That requires that we unplug from the phony persona. That one has only an ephemeral reality, unlike our core Being. This is an inner expedition to mind [interesting “typo” for “mine”] the internal gold we didn’t know was within.

The “we” that didn’t know it was within is the false self, playing at being the real deal. To see this is to take the necessary step back from the external world, the parade of all that seems so very real (& it is from the body-mind’s restrictive perspective).

“Real” is a matter of perspective in 3D, just like everything else. If you crash your car, it may injure or kill your body; true. Or it may not. You can find accounts of people who actually found themselves passing through the car crashing into them, coming out on the other side, neither body nor car being harmed. [2]

We are not soulless bodies walking around. We have greater depth & breadth than we take ourselves to have. We’re awakening to discover that we’re each great, spiritual Beings, rays of the Sun that is Source. (If your Source/God has a beard or a body of any kind, that’s not the One I’m referring to.)



2019/03/11 — Mayan day 13 Monkey / Chuen

[1] We’re both, of course: consciousness & Consciousness, the Both/And.

[2] How I wish I had saved that link, but it was something I came across during my time spent studying the NDE (Near-Death Experience) phenomena. The driver had prayed as he saw the impending wreck, surrendering it all to Source/God or Jesus, I forget which or perhaps both. At any rate, after the amazing feeling of the oncoming car passing through him, he had to pull over & sit with it before being able to continue driving.