Let Your Cork Float — Enter DeLight

“These eyes, through which I hoped to see God, are the eyes through which God sees me”

As we move from 3D into higher consciousness things are shifting. It’s a new realm we’re entering & people want to bring their old habits & beliefs along for the ride — not realizing this just doesn’t work. Certain aspects of our being will just fall away—as we allow that.

So how to allow? What comes along, & what must depart? Enter Heart & let’s explore.

Friends, it is our old Belief Systems (BS) that helped to create The Matrix in which we found ourselves seemingly trapped for perhaps eons, maybe longer — who knows? We are, each one, as a cork, floating on the water. Our old beliefs are as weights, holding the cork underwater. Ponder this — lock in the image.


By its very nature every cork floats, rising to the top unless weighted down. What we are so delighted to discover is that we have the power to cut away all that weights us down. How do we do this? We rediscover the delight simply native to our Being, our soul.

It may sound funny, but make friends with delight. Find it within & get to know it. Welcome it back in as your true native state. Let your mantra be, “I am a being of delight.” It’s just another way to say, “I am a being of de Light — of the Light.” Do you see? Is it not true?

Delight is not a state of mind, but of inner being — of Heart — something more sensed or felt. Thought is not the route to awakening — beings of thought though we’ve come to consider ourselves.

Time to cut that cord, that weight submerging our cork. Thought cannot take you into higher dimensions — but that’s fine. It doesn’t need to, for your cork unthinkingly floats, yes? Let’s allow it to float.


My journals sing the song of the journey out of mind & into Heart. It’s no small deal to cut the burdensome ties that have us joined with mind at the hip. These are habits, long practiced, seemingly a part of who we are. They are not, yet it requires that we cut the cords. No one can come along & do this for another.

One day we’ll all laugh as we realize that, all along, WE were the only one holding us back. See this just once & you’ll never forget it — it’s a true revelation, once seen. By taking our native power back this way we take a huge step on the awakening trek.

Humanity tends to make things too complex. Most of our troubles, our challenges, our pain & sorrow are based in mind, in thought. Based on our BS (Belief Systems), we have self-identified as thinking beings, whose way into awakening is based on what is known. Know more & we’re closer to awakening — so the thought goes. Question that. Challenge it!


Your cork unthinkingly floats. Thoughts have nothing to do with it. We can begin right now to cut that cord, to let that particular thought go. What if the route to higher consciousness has nothing to do with thought, or even with knowledge?

To explore the “what if” takes some courage. We’ve become so attached to viewing ourselves as thinking beings, standing on the shoulders of those who’ve gone before, moving ever higher based on our power to think. Move into Heart. All of the support, the upliftment, the courage you seek is found there.

Neurotransmitters are not just found in the brain — they also exist in both the body’s heart & the gut. So even thought is not what we took it to be. At some point on the upward journey we realize that what humanity thinks it knows is basically a joke. It’s an edited version of Reality, this “reality” we take to be real. And by taking it to be real, we sustain it, rather than moving on as we meant to do when we came here.


Awakening is more a process of releasing than it is of adding to our knowledge. It’s by letting the old go that we cut the cords weighting our cork down. We naturally rise, friends — not by effort does the cork float. It doesn’t somehow add to itself by gaining knowledge. Instead, (3D) knowledge is (usually) weight.

Some intellectuals will object, of course. Having four degrees, myself, I understand. What softens the blow is to realize that our so-called knowledge is not true Knowledge, which is also a thing of Heart. What is simply is, & Heart has access to that.

All Knowledge awaits us, within — yet to get there we’ve got to cut the ties that bind us to what we think we know. Only then can we enter the flood of this inner Knowing — definitely, positively not a thing of mind.


Many have begun to see how humanity was betrayed, & in so many ways — such as politically. We establish governments with the highest of intentions, the firmest resolve to create structures that will both nurture & serve us going forward. Yet what do we now have, anywhere in the world we care to look? We have disaster, or something quite like it.

Behind the scenes, we’ve allowed corporations to basically take over society. We trusted the monetary system to be useful, to help us to make our way, care for our loved ones, to make a good life. What has that brought us? The corporations could not do what they’re doing absent the tool of money. Now we see money being digitized, moving us yet deeper into dark control systems.

Our innocence was betrayed. We thought we could go about making a good life for ourselves, that the systems in place were there to protect us. Look at the legal system. In many areas it’s no better than the corporations or the monetary systems. Corruption is rampant, everywhere we look. Sure, there are good people in every system — but in no way are they the majority.


We have all the impetus we require to step back from it all & take another look. Again, enter Heart for this. Don’t let any of it depress you. Remember, as Source-in-form, you are the power that runs everything. No, not you, the individual body-mind, but you, the soul, the Being you truly are.

We, friends, are the power behind the worldly throne. It’s time we woke-up to it by going within, being willing to take a whole new perspective on what we thought we knew. These systems were put in place by us to serve us — or so we thought. Perhaps not, right? Surely, it’s time & past time to withdraw all trust in such things.


We don’t solve anything by working with externals. That’s yet another false belief. Things just don’t work the way we were taught that they do. Creation works from the within to the without — not the reverse. If you have a problem, the cause it within you — it’s nothing external. So trying to fix something outside of the self doesn’t help. You’ll just re-create it unless you clear it from within.

Yes, I hear the mechanics among us saying, “I don’t fix my engine by meditating on it.” Stick with me, here. Just be willing to let things go, as that’s required. Look at the woman married to her 7th spouse. Listen, as she tells you how each of them has been an abuser — that nothing is different about the current one. Do you see how she is creating the pattern? How she’s the common denominator, here?

She obviously doesn’t get it, but you can. It’s ever easiest to see the flaws in others, first — we have nothing invested, there — we can be more detached. Yet that’s just a step toward being able to see them in the self. Trust me, they’re there, LOL — in all of us.

All external things have internal causes. We are actually manifesting the world in which we live —albeit hugely unaware. Yet that’s changing, right now. How? We’re waking the hell up!

And it’s fun — or it surely can be, once we cut a few more of those cords to the weights (beliefs & perspectives) holding us down. Remember, corks do not think! Nor do they need to — they just float.


It’s not advisable to examine your problems with a view to somehow fixing them. That just weights you down. Mind doesn’t have the answers you seek. I don’t ask you to take this on as a new belief — just to be sufficiently open to consider the possibility. That’s all it takes — a new openness — one that mind won’t likely appreciate. Are you game?

Determination is required. At first mind will fight you at every step. Poor mind — it thinks it already knows so many things. As these are the very things you seem to be attacking — logical mind will resist. As we step back & simply observe mind at work, we’re taking the reins back, moving our point of control deeper within — into Heart. It’s a great start.


We soon realize that we do not actually know either who — or what — we are. We just thought we did. Atoms are empty, thought creates, & we’re eternal. It’s pretty funny, really — just not to mind. Can you laugh?

From Heart we have the ability to step back & be amused by mind’s antics. This is clearly no perspective mind can adopt, seeing itself as the butt of the joke — but You can.

This inner You is of the essence of the divine. Not used to seeing self as divine, right? And that makes sense —but only from the perspective of mind. For you are self to mind — the real You is Self. Same word, major distinction, yes?


Some fear ego may step in at this juncture — & for some, it does. Not for You. Remember, all of self’s challenges are hugely mind-based. Corks don’t think, so cut the cords as you go. No thought is required — just release. You’re not far from knowing, from seeing how all current thought is mostly BS. Anchor within.

Belief Systems are worthless to us at this point. They are the weights submerging our cork, friends. Excess baggage, they are, on the awakening trek. Have no fear — You are far greater, far vaster than any mind could ever conceive. Source-in-form, you are. Time to identify with That.


Okay, how to allow our cork to just float? You’ll cut the cords to the weights as you go. From the perspective of Heart comes the clarity to perceive them. Then it’s simple to just release, to let go of the old ideas & beliefs. But what, beyond that, can one do?

Are you ready for yet another good laugh? Your only job is to feel good. The better you feel, the more your cork floats. It can’t help itself — it just floats. So, & quite literally, the only discipline required is to keep yourself feeling good. I know, it sounds much easier than it is, but eventually it’s really simple. Everything is about how good you feel — not mentally, but deeper within.

We all know, in the core of our being, when something we’re doing is off — when it doesn’t feel right. Even if it’s something we’re expected to do — by self or by others — we know that feeling. We’re taught to push it aside in favor of doing/saying what is expected. Not anymore. Now is the time to first find, & then be loyal to Self.


There’s a price we pay on this journey. Many old friends, even family members, fall away — fall out of close contact. This is where that determination comes in — to be loyal to Self above & beyond any other loyalty. It is actually loyalty to Source/God, for that’s our true nature. Some simply will not understand. That’s just how it is. Entrust them to Source.

So we do our best, trusting Source for the rest. Source never lets us down, friends — we do that. We let ourselves down by sticking with the lesser self, in self or others — its so-called knowledge, which amounts to beliefs. It’s ever a free-will choice.


Yes, it seems quite odd at first. We’re taught to be selfless, to serve the will & welfare of others before attending to self. Thus do we become a “good” person. At some point we recognize the twisted logic, here — resting on Self vs self. We see just another aspect of the Matrix control system. Yet until this clarity arises, mind puts up a very good fight.

All that’s required is to keep stepping back from thought — to be steady within. As we’re true to That, our sense of humor returns in full force. Only now the butt of our laughter becomes the poor, dear self — the one that we once thought we were. Laughing yet?


Burdens lift & keep lifting as we rise above the false Matrix. Now able to see its inner workings more & more, we just can’t help but laugh. All those things we took so very seriously vanish in a puff of smoke, never to return & plague us — or if they do, to be greatly diminished ;)

This is after we’ve mastered mind, friends, buckling it into the back seat for the journey. Until then, it gives us a certain amount of grief — ever escapable by going within. So the bottom line is that your only job is to feel good — to take charge of your self in such a way that you now identify with Self.

Self has the very best sense of humor. Remember, the sun shines on the just & the unjust, alike — completely impartial. Source has no horse in this race. Source is ALL OF US.

We are quite literally That which we’ve been seeking all this time.

Can you, will you, not laugh?! Let your cork float!


10:13 am, Tuesday 2017/07/26, Mayan day 5 Flint / Etznab