Love Affair — with Source — & MOM

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204

What great fun it is, clicking on the journal template to open a new canvas on which to discover what arrives on the NowHere moment’s flow. It brings such a power to carry you off into unexplored realms — or point to aspects of the everyday things you hadn’t noticed. Journaling is the most wonderful, free, & freeing alchemy of which I’m aware — so awesomely available everywhere, every-when, as we take/make the time to explore.

While what we’re exploring is actually Self — which contains the All — that’s actually a bit shocking to the mind, which considers itself the sole vehicle for exploration. OMG, has mind ever got a new thing coming — or twelve — actually, it’s infinite, as well as eternal.


Well, perhaps not eternal — that is, unless we make the choices that result in taking our once-3D body with us into the higher realms — where we’re clearly headed. Folks, if this stuff just sounds weird to you, please note your mind at work, there. The central Being we are has access to every bit of this, & more. It becomes a choice, a matter of choosing to take this particular (Heart) trek.

Naturally, I highly recommend it. Yet I’ve got to be honest, & report that it can be pretty rough on your old 3D world, the reality you’ve got carved-out, there. Things tend to tumble & crash on a fairly regular basis — though I can report, not so often nor so all-at-once as to be unbearable.

And what arises in the midst of said crashing is more than adorable — you see yourself shifting in phenomenal ways, ways you never expected. Expectations become one of the first things to hit the floor & just disappear.


We enter a reality where we’re frequently, even regularly, in surprise mode for a while. Being inaccessible to any mind, these happenings are a source of continual surprise. So very many things you were sure you knew fall to dust & flow through the fingers trying to hold onto them. The foundations of your world go decidedly unsteady for a time — who knows for how long.

Many things may seem overwhelming, at first — & some are — but eventually we realize it’s only the mind being overwhelmed. (If you’ll sit with that, it has much to offer.) If we were just a creature of mind, this would bring doom & destruction to all we held dear, all we thought we knew — but we’re not so limited.

If you’re a curious sort, then you’ll have a blast with this stuff. It opens whole new worlds, new realms to you, & on a regular basis — no drugs required. ;) Once we “get it,” that it’s whatever is presenting in our Now moment that actually holds the deLight, we’re well on our way. Our conversation with Source, with Higher Self has begun.


Stop to be Present more often — mine these treasures. I wouldn’t do much sharing with those in my household or my acquaintance at the start. Best to keep your mouth shut for a while — you’ll see why, later. Otherwise, lol, you’ll see why immediately — you’re going where few have trod, so we are few with whom you can openly share without receiving a blast of criticism, shock, a blank stare — or misunderstanding.

Some may actually think you’re going nuts, so tread with care, here. ;) Until those of us on the Heart trek found one another, we sometimes wondered that about ourselves. Though not strictly necessary, it’s ever so great to find you’re not alone in your new perceptions/adventures. Plus, it’s just lovely to be understood — to recognize another trail-blazer.

Why are we so alone in this? Actually, we’re not, but we don’t generally recognize that, right away. At some point along the way, we may even begin to connect with soul family in higher dimensions, but not generally right away. Takes some exploration, some refinement, a greater depth of both understanding & confidence in your discoveries, before you settle down into a sort of comfort level with such things.

Yeah, you actually get used to regular surprises — what a great way to live!


Where are you on your trek? Guess what — it doesn’t flipping matter — not one bit. You are where you are, that’s where — & it’s time to recognize mind behind such questions & begin ignoring them. You are where you are — make friends with that. Many things are in store for you that will support you in ever greater presence in your NowHere — the only spot such discoveries are made.

We have a beloved saying in our home — “The best is yet to come.” It ever is — eternally. It ever proves itself in daily life. My new perspective, which has held for quite a while, now — is that there is naught but good, better, & best — or simply flipping awesome! Try that on for a new belief that will, on its own, weed-out many old ones for you. It’s a powerful belief.


In a way, it all gets down to how brave you are — are you much of an adventurer? There’s not a more awesome trail that I’ve yet discovered — nothing that beats the trek out of mind, & down into Heart (or soul, Spirit, Source, or whatever you choose to call that).

Nor is this a trail for sissies or wusses — you’ll be well tested along your journey, so stick to Heart, where you’ll find whatever courage is needed. (“Courage” is, from the French, “cour” for heart, & “age” = can be seen as the coming of age of the heart. Cool, huh?)

Our whole self-concept goes through the meat-grinder along the way. No matter what you currently believe about yourself, get ready for some big changes. We’re brought-up believing in limits of every sort, yet now we’re off into the land of the limitless — the unbounded. Heart abides in a realm of infinity/eternity — not something we’re used to entering, much less inhabiting — yet that’s our new state, if we like — if that’s our choice.

What’s so completely amazing is that this realm is universally accessible to every soul, right where they are & at all times. Naturally, during the times when we’re locked-down in mind it won’t seem that way. That’s the time when we can fall back on our new beliefs — such as the good-better-best one. From a mind perspective, you actually are crazy — but only to mind, which isn’t blessed to have this available, explore-able.


We gain great hiking boots as we settle down into Mind Observer Mode — MOM for short, lol. Seriously, though, the better we get the knack of this new perspective, the better things get for us — seriously better. We find firmer footing along the narrow mountain paths, the deep, dark canyons along the way. The scenery is almost always great — yet that’s more the case once a certain mastery of MOM is attained. Until then — well, we’ve got some truly nasty crap lined-up for our viewing pleasure.

What would that be? Elements & aspects of the old self — the one forged by & as mind. Hey, we did our best with the tools we had at mind’s disposal, so Love yourself through the tough parts. A big part of the early stages of awakening is being shown the muck & mess of our own crafting. Just remember, we’re being shown the way out of said mess — so be willing to see whatever you’re shown. Just keep centering, faithful to NowHere.

I have a theory — as yet unproven to myself — that one reason many haven’t already awakened is because they got scared during this phase. Not liking what they saw, perhaps they tried to paste a smiley-face sticker over it & just move on.

There are endless ways a mind may choose to deal with the darker aspects of self — plus, it’s so understandable. Let’s have compassion for those who chickened-out before having found good support to help them understand both what they were seeing, & why — the good of it, the flip side.


As long as any aspect of our being remains in 3D duality, every coin will have 2 sides. One is neither better nor worse than the other, I hope you can tell — just a part of the scenery, an aspect of what simply is. There is no blame nor shame, here, either, so if you’re feeling that, get out of your head & back into Heart, where that stuff doesn’t exist. It’s not possible, there. Good to know ;)

It was great fun to open a dialog with folks while I was uploading to YT (YouTube). So far, I don’t find much of that, here on the blog. It’s all well & good, though — we’re all connected in Heart & we become much more accessible that way, the further along we are on this journey. Our inner senses begin to open.

We’re opening up, first to ourself,[1] but then eventually to some few others. We find we’re now better at sensing their responses than mind ever was. For mind, it’s all about logic — & this just ain’t logical, not by any stretch of imagination.


What are your current views on Source? Not on “God/god” which has too much baggage, too many opinions, doctrines & dogmas attached to it. So what about Source, the origin, the container, the Creator of All That Is, Ever Was, or Ever Will be? What’s your take on That? I ask, because that is precisely what you’ll be encountering as you go ever deeper, within.

I hope you’ll allow your opening stance on That to be modified by your own experiences. As Source is the farthest “thing” beyond any mind’s ability to comprehend/grok, your views will definitely shift as you go — & that’s a very good thing, I hope you’ll agree. None of us will ever fully comprehend That, yet we can all continually approach/attain a deeper, clearer, ever more real understanding as we experience Heart.

Whatever else you do, please don’t be afraid to ever more closely approach Source. One day you’ll grok that That is actually your identity — you’re Source-in-form — always have been, always will be. So it’s your Self that you’re actually approaching, getting to know. Cool, huh? A little off-putting, perhaps, at the start, but that soon just falls away — like everything else that’s imperfect in your world. (All that’s mind-based.)


This can get awfully tricky, of course — we have a mind, don’t we? Which one day we’ll spot & convict as the author of every bit of our confusion, including all of our seeming imperfections. Yet meanwhile, many do take a detour into the Spiritual Ego for a time. The more you’re in MOM mode, though, the less likely that is to be you; you’re just Observing, not judging, not condemning anything that you discover.

MOM is ever the safety valve on your journey, dear ones. Grow close to her, lol. She’ll help you wriggle out of many a tight spot — & don’t fall into the (mental) trap of condemning yourself for where you’ve been — or for where you are. From Heart it’s ever seen that — wherever you are — that’s the absolute perfect spot for you to be, Now.


Of course, that’s no perspective that’s available to mind — so it’s a good way to “take your temperature,” to see which side of the head vs Heart divide you currently occupy. The right prescription for what ails you is ever found on entering Heart, again — & taking up residence, there. If you can see this, then that speaks well for you — that you’re on your way.


Pat yourself/yourSelf on the back, often, friends. Life presents challenges aplenty, so there’s no sense in your adding more to that. Be kind to yourself/Self! As you enter into what amounts to a Love affair — with Source — this will become ever more natural. Source is in Love with you — have you discovered that, yet? If not, then you’ve got something great to which to look forward — no kidding!

Source ever wants only the best, the most wonderful for you — as for all of us — so as you continue to align with That, you’ll find yourself doing the same. Self-Love is yet another one of those things completely missed during our period of “education” (which is now seen more for what it is — mere programming).

When entering into this Love, you’re merging ever more with Higher Self — with Self. This is a true Love affair where both partners are evenly, equally matched — Source & Source-in-form. Perfect match, as we’re all discovering along our Heart trek.


[1] In our lexicon we have myself, himself, herself, yourself, themselves, & ourselves — but not ourself. Since I refuse to settle for this, you’ll find “ourself” sprinkled throughout ;)

PS — For those eager to explore previously hidden/falsified realities, here’s a great vid that does an excellent job of putting mind (& what it thinks it knows) in its place:

Michael Tellinger — 2017 Sound Resonance Magnetics & Reality


Daily Quote — 8/29/2017
The Thoughts I Think Determine the Relationship I Attract… You are the thinking, Vibrating attractor of your experience; and the thoughts you think determine everything about the life that you live. As you turn your attention toward the positive aspects of the personalities and behaviors of others with whom you share your planet, you will train your point of attraction in the direction of only what you desire. Not only does the power of your thought determine which people make their way into your life, but the power of your thought determines how they behave once they get there.”
Excerpted from The Vortex on 8/31/09
Our Love
Esther (Abraham and Jerry)


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