No Improvements Required — Celebrating

You’re OK Just as You Are

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — Spiritual Awakening,

What if you transcend anything your mind could conceive of? What if you’re already perfect, with only your thoughts & beliefs blocking that realization? Most of us haven’t considered that we may be fine just as we are, no improvements required. It’s a radical view, here in The Matrix, perhaps you’d agree. Let’s have a deeper look.

We’ve been brought up with a sense of inadequacy, never feeling complete, not fully acceptable as we are. The focus is most often on how we need to improve, on how we’re lacking this or that, be it inner qualities or attainments or external qualities, relationships, or possessions.

We never feel we measure up, always focused on our need to improve, our lack.

Have you realized yet that nothing is what we take it to be? Our mind develops an ego along the way, taking itself to be all that the more that it knows. Well, what if it doesn’t really know anything? What if what it knows turns out to be only beliefs, not at all the absolute truth many take it to be?

Niels Bohr — We’re Creating the World —

School let us down when it didn’t teach us we live in a realm of relativity, the deeper implications of that. Today’s scientific fact is yesterday’s theory & tomorrow’s incorrect assumption. In relativity, change is the one & only constant, but who prepped us for life with this fact?

No matter what it is, time will change our view of it.

7.83 Hz was once the known constant, the global electromagnetic resonance dubbed the Schumann Resonance. Today it often spikes well beyond 100 — a “constant” no more. When we step back from time enough to impartially observe, we’ll see it’s this way for whatever constant we’ve recorded. Given enough time, things change.

Perhaps it’s time to quit relying so trustingly on such “constants,” seeing them, instead, for the temporarily useful things they are. How would that change our perspective on things, on life? It might be interesting to find out.

In the future, we’ll look back with amusement on how we once held many belief systems riddled with false premises. We’d take a constant of whatever kind & build a whole belief system on it, or insert it into a belief system already in existence. We’ll just laugh at our current innocence, our selective vision.

Some today would call that innocence ignorance, but our future selves will know better than to apply such pejoratives. We’ll be more aware of how consciousness creates & won’t want to insert anything negative into our creations, our experience, via our thoughts.

We’ll be much more at peace with ourselves. This isn’t to say we’ll have everything figured out since that will never happen for our embodied selves. Our Source aspect has that covered.

Besides, if it did, if we figured everything out, what use would we have for eternity? While that may be a backward way to view things, it could get mighty boring to know it all at any point, taking any sense of adventure out of living.

That being the case, why does this story lead by suggesting our current perfection?
Yin-yang —

For those ready to hear it, those open to new perspectives, we’re both perfect & forever imperfect at the same time, as in NowHere. We already are the fullness of Source-in-form at our center; it’s nothing we need to develop. Yet, at our periphery, we remain never-ending explorers, adventurers into manifestation; the perpetual two-sided coin.

A lot is determined by what we take ourselves to be. If that’s the body-mind, then we’re necessarily limited to its realm of relativity. If instead, we know the self as awareness, as consciousness, then the limits progressively disappear, for consciousness is both infinite & eternal.

Our explorations into incarnation are all about free will, at least here in this universe. It may well be that universes exist where free will is not the case; and why not? Why should there be limits on anything?

So we are perfection having an adventure in various lands of seeming imperfection. What a radical idea! We discover these lands to be only seemingly imperfect as we continually realize how hindsight is a perfect 20/20.

That takes coincidence or chance out of the picture.

It gets quite uncomfortable along the way — often — but we relax as we realize the source of our discomfort is always the mind or the body. When we can step back from identification as the body-mind, we also step back from its limits as we expand further out into consciousness.

On first encountering it, we may not have comprehended Jiddu Krishnamurti’s saying, “Observation without evaluation is the highest form of intelligence,” but we’re getting it on deeper levels as we expand. There’s an objectivity, here, that our mind cannot handle, so we just observe its discomfort.

The perfection of Who & what we are is never challenged, & we realize it’s the mind that’s uncomfortable with the new discoveries.

Now comes the next challenge: do we focus more on the challenge or our core perfection? Do we use our consciousness to magnify one or the other? Abraham-Hicks has a lovely perspective on this:

Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.”
Excerpted from Asheville, NC on 9/5/98

When we combine realizing that we’re so much more than just the body-mind with realizing that consciousness actually creates, we empower the self in new ways. We spend a bit more time contemplating what it is we’d like to create. We also begin to see just how we’ve created our current situations.

“Blame” is a word that falls right out of our vocabulary. That’s real empowerment, owning our own life in every way. We’ve enabled ourselves to have radical perspective shifts at this point. Though our mind may be regularly shocked by this or that, we’re much more steady & even serene in simply observing that.

Life is nothing like we once imagined it to be, like we once firmly believed it was. It’s something so far greater that no words can cover it. Our reality has become sufficiently different that it’s now hard to relate to how things used to be — or rather, to how we once took them to be.

We do find we’re far more understanding, now, of those coming from other perspectives. We give them plenty of room to be where they are without feeling the need to correct or somehow improve them. Ego & arrogance have diminished, at least in their intrusive aspects.

Nothing is the same as it once was. Our regular “everyday reality” is now a distant myth of something that once was. The tiny correspondences that remain are whispy at best, & we smile often. Things are so much better than we ever realized they even could be. We’re consistently, persistently upbeat, not in line with a belief system but via our direct experience, our new normal.

We enjoy The Great Awakening, seeing the never-ending nature of that. Joy is our purpose in life, our whole reason for being. With Byron Katie, we now know that “Life happens for you, not to you,” & we’re better at spotting the blessings hidden away in whatever challenges.

We don’t talk as much. We don’t have much to say & it’s a bit rare to find those open & ready to hear us. No problem; we just shine.



Friday, 2019/02/15, 3:30 a.m.— Mayan day 2 Deer / Manik