Perspective & NowHere

These Eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me

I once thought I had a pretty good idea of what the NowHere is— but these days even the “I” is in question. Who am I — who are you? Where this writing arises “I” can’t even tell you — but does it matter? To whom would it matter? And why? It’s funny, the things mind thinks it knows — basing so much on what’s later seen as nonsense.


Not that we see this immediately, of course. Often it takes a few decades before we begin to see the humor — to see through the nonsense. Meanwhile, though, we’ve taken — or been taken on — quite a ride. I, for one, tire of such rides. I’m getting off of the train.

I don’t care if that amounts to stepping off of a sheer cliff, either — I’ve had it with the same old merry-go-round going nowhere — NowHere? — fast. It doesn’t take any sort of genius to have a look about & see the mess things are in.


I won’t bother to detail any of it — you have eyes. Besides, romping about in the mud just gets us dirty — brings us down, energetically. No need for that — we can point to something without taking a nose-dive into it. It’s rather like looking at a link without clicking it, yes? Not so difficult, once we get the hang of it, as we become more choosy about clicking those negative links.

This is not to suggest being airy-fairy, nose-in-the-air about troubles — to pretend they don’t exist, or that they’ll disappear entirely, if we just look the other way, or think good thoughts. Troubles exist. There, I said it. Actually, troubles turn out to be our friends, as we step into the deeper Reality.

We can see that soon rather than late with a shift in perspective, but this may be a bit early to introduce that. Let’s just say that, absent the night, the sun’s rise wouldn’t be such a glorious thing, would it? This is neither to laud nor to seek out troubles — just to take a step or two back & have a new look — from a new perspective.


The other side of the very same coin — the troubles everywhere — is the intense beauty all around (and within). With our eyes too full of our troubles, we won’t see much of that beauty. That’s worth pondering, for if you’re over about age ten, then you’ve experienced this.

A focus on trouble will bring you more of the same — which may be a good thing. After all, if you’ve a lesson to learn about something, why not immerse in it & get it over quicker? Oh well — just a (mind) thought :P

What I’d like to suggest is that perhaps our continual focus on the external world — outside of our times of inner stillness — may be doing more to feed/multiply our troubles than to bring them to any satisfactory resolution. “Energy flows where focus goes”[1] is a good way to say (and see) this. Far better to keep our focus on what we desire, to flow our energy into that.

Further, I suggest that centering to read this is helpful. It doesn’t offer much to satisfy mind, for which I make no apologies. Logic is not a thing of Heart. You’ll find me ever calling you back to an inner focus — into Heart. If you’ll go there with me, you’ll start to find that it just reads differently that way — not just this writing, but anything deep. We get much more of the sense of what is meant, rather than staying on the surface with the linear word flow.


Who wouldn’t like to have fewer troubles? That would be most of us. Yet, when in Heart we can have another perspective, even if just for a few moments of contemplation. What if those very troubles are actually gifts? Literally, not figuratively, gifts. Could that be?

Well, anything is possible, but beyond that platitude, what if simply everything that occurs to you, 24/7/365, is actually a gift, a blessing? Takes a bit of stepping back, I know — at first it sounds rather crazy — but stay with me. Mind will object, but Heart won’t.

What if running from troubles just multiplies them? What then? Shall we just stop, for a change — both stop running, but also come to a stop — an inner stillness? It’s here for us, always, but that’s something else we avoid by running away. This is not about being a masochist, either — or about embracing your troubles, hugging your attacker — none of that (mind) stuff.

Are you sensing any sort of discomfort, perhaps a subtle fear? If you are, that’s mind at work. Mind wants to reject what it doesn’t understand — what scares it, making it feel unsure of itself. Just do what you can to ignore mind, okay? It gets less challenging as we go on, especially once we set a good, strong intent.


Mind wants to know, “What will I get if I master this?” Nothing. While having a mind is a good thing, indeed — you wouldn’t be reading this without one — mind does present perhaps the major barrier to awakening. Now that’s my take on things, for all I can do is present my own perspective & experience.

I’m not claiming to know anything, to be “right” about things — just sharing what’s working for me. So, while it’s great to have a mind, right now, if you’re “normal” (in the world’s eyes), your mind is in charge of you. I suggest we reverse that. It will seem like an uphill trek for a bit, but it’s ever so well worth it.

Balance is beautiful. Every coin has two sides, & one of them could be seen as blessing, the other one as trouble — a package deal. Are you a parent? Is your child not a two-sided coin, both blessing and trouble? Or your spouse? Your job, your teacher, your vehicle, your classmates…? You name me something that is only blessing — or only trouble — I’ll suggest a deeper look will show us the other side ~ including yourself :D

What if we pause in our reaching out for blessing, in our pushing trouble away? After all, we can’t have a one-sided coin, can we? What then? How does that feel? If you’re in Heart, you’ll be sensing — which is good. Perhaps you’re seeing how that “other side” has always been there, too — just not seen — when the focus was elsewhere.


We all have an inner rudder, a guide, in our sensing — yet often we’re too much in mind & the world of action to pay that inner tuition — intuition — any attention. As we begin to shift that, becoming more Heart-based, intuition intensifies. It goes with the territory. By focusing down into the central chest, the Heart connection is easiest to make.

Stillness — do you ever experience it? Do you see any value in it — or is your life just too busy to take time out to pause like this? Again, if you will read these while centered, they’ll say far more to you — to You — than otherwise.

After all, these are just words — nothing but letters strung out in linear order. The meaning rides much deeper than that. Perhaps every coin has three sides, instead — two in outer, visible manifestation, & a third, secret one, hidden away in an inner, dimensionless “realm,” accessible only via stillness and Heart?

Inner peace always exists, even in times of intense trial. We’re like a turtle — we carry Home with us, wherever we go. It’s right NowHere at all times, LOL — just takes some determination to go for it, to keep centering.

There are no magic formulas — no procedures that always work. If there were, every meditator would be enlightened, yes? Every monk, nun, & renunciate would be in perfect peace — which they’re not. Surely some are — but so are some business people. There are no guarantees in this. No one has more right to it than another.


Just as I’m discouraging the continual running from troubles, I also discourage the endless seeking of enlightenment. Take a deep breath before you throw this down & go away, okay? If you’ll just let that sit for a bit, you might come to savor it, to appreciate what’s being shared. Heart has a really different take on quite everything — & your Heart will see it differently than mine — which is also great.

As you’ll often hear me say, we wouldn’t want all the birds singing the same tune, all the flowers wafting the same scent on the breeze. There is great beauty, intense delight, in diversity — yet often we must step back a few paces to appreciate it, which mind isn’t trained to do. Mind would rather be “right,” would rather be out there ahead of the game, fixing, planning, doing. It has little use for stillness.

Why would anyone discourage the seeking of enlightenment? There are many angles on this one. One would be that we’re generally seeking it externally. As it won’t be found there, that’s rather pointless. Another angle is that we’re leaving mind in charge of the search, which is both counter-productive & humorous. Most of us can identify with this one.

Mind tries to figure out the best, quickest way to awakening, to “fixing” what it perceives as “wrong,” while Heart simply knows. It’s actually rather funny. We don’t even really know what the “I” is — nor what “enlightenment” is — yet we’re hot on it’s trail. Oh yeah, I gotta have that — as if there was an “I” & a that. Uh huh. What if we back out of that mind stuff for a bit?

Heart is an awesome “space” to occupy for a ride like this one. Whenever things get too strange, just settle down there, even if for sixty seconds, or even just ten. Really, even such a short pause makes a shift, a difference, in moving out of head, into Heart. It’s evidence of how you’ve set your (very potent) intention. It can shift your vibration from beta to alpha brainwave state, too, which is less tense. (It also helps to unclench your teeth & relax the jaw.)


What if time isn’t what we think it is? What if all time is just Now? What if you’re living all of your lifetimes Now? Really, what if that were the case? Yes, I’m serious. We — or rather mind — has taken time, itself, to be a limit, have accepted that, & for 3D it makes sense — but we’re not limited to 3D. We just have a presence, here — it’s not Who/what we are.

Yes, we can take charge of our mind. We don’t forever have to be caught in its grasp, under its rule. Mind is a harsh taskmaster — that is, until we start this stepping-back thing. Life just doesn’t have to be like that, but it will remain so until we make new choices — make a different use of Free Will. As we’re redefining our take on the “I,” here, of course it feels strange.


If you can’t take it seriously — that all time could be just Now — play pretend. (It also follows that all space is just Here, but we’ll play with that one, later.) All can pretend. Imagination is great fun, & this is a good use of it. Why? Because Heart knows — it just knows these things, & even if we can only pretend, we can get that closer connection with Heart, the fount (or access point) of all knowing. So it isn’t “time wasted,” LOL.

If all time was just Now, then guess what? Yup, you’re already enlightened. Try that one on for size for a few moments before you continue. It’s no joke. Well, aside from the reality that life, itself, is a bit of a Cosmic joke — but that’s okay. Why? Because Source has the best sense of humor of all, & its whole foundation is the most amazing Love, well beyond any words’ ability to convey or dictionary’s ability to explicate.

I’d also like to distinguish, for a moment, between enlightenment & awakening, which is a term I prefer. With “enlightenment” it sounds like a reachable destination, doesn’t it — some “where” at which you can arrive? With “awakening” it’s more like a continuing journey, which I find closer to my experience.


There’s no end to awakening, just as there’s no beginning. Do you think it’s over, once you hit 5D? What about 10D? And what’s beyond that? Lifetimes have beginnings & endings, but not you or me, nor any being with soul. We are eternal. Bodies may come & go, but we continue, my friends, as the many who’ve had NDEs or OBEs attest.

Let’s balance this out. On the one hand I’ve said that all time is just Now — all lives occurring simultaneously — & I stick by that. On the other, we’ve got this journey thing going on, which is apparent. Two sides of one coin.

One is a perspective from soul or Spirit — accessible via Heart — the other is more the 3D take on it all. Do you see? Are you Heart-centered? There are many other perspectives we could explore — some of them useful, many of them not so much.

For instance, there’s the whole thing of dimensions. From “higher” dimensions time takes on a whole new feel, a truly different experience — but remember, dimensions are also external. Those may vibrate at higher frequencies, but there’s still some form of “matter” there.

Then there’s also the very real technology of time travel — in use for decades by the black or secret government programs. There are also those with time-travel ability sans any technology, just via consciousness.

Though the list goes on, let’s not go there. Why not? That’s the journey of mind, & our choice is Heart, whose perspectives are far richer/deeper/wider than those ever dreamed up by any mind. We want to let Heart lead, not be led by mind. (The mind journey isn’t “bad,” it can actually be quite enjoyable — it’s just not able to take us where we’re going.)


The NowHere is a very real “perspective” experience-able by all — which is not to say you’ll either need to go on a long journey to attain it, or that you’ll just step right into it. Again, that diversity thing is quite real — & beautiful.

No one can tell you what your journey will be regarding this. What can be said is that our Belief Systems — otherwise known as BS — are all that’s in the way — that & our attitudes. Both of these are well within our power, our ability to change. So the only thing in our way is the self, LOL.


Mind seems to be a real pest at the start of this adventure. After all, it’s the one that’s been in charge of creating our beliefs, which are just thoughts we’ve fully accepted — & it’s those very beliefs that get in the way of seeing with new eyes — from these new perspectives. The mind seems to want to block them — & it does. These things scare the pants off of mind, for in them it begins to perceive its oncoming demise.

What mind perceives as its demise is really just its demotion, out of the driver’s seat, into the passenger seat for a while — eventually to the back seat, where it finally begins to injoy the ride. That takes awhile — the journey part — but knowing it’s do-able is great — empowering.

After all, we’re not a body, we have a body. We’re not a mind, we have a mind — & both are actually meant to be tools in the “hand” of soul or Spirit. Our “education” & enculturation have led us to identify with these tools, rather than with our soul, Inner Being, Higher Self — ever accessible via Heart.


So what we’re actually doing is shifting perspective. We can do it as play & imagination, or take it seriously — or a bit of both. I’m not recommending either one, because it’s entirely dependent on what feels best to you.

Always trust your own sensing, your own Heart to guide you — not me or anything or anyone external to That. We’re all Source in form, though I acknowledge that saying it is ever so much easier than directly experiencing it.

We come to it in our own way when we do — or we don’t — & it just doesn’t matter. It’s just what is, & it’s fun making peace with that — to cease running from troubles & pain, running toward some sort of bliss or enlightenment. I’d far rather be on the NowHere journey of awakening, wouldn’t you? Real Peace reigns, here.


Life has validated for me that it’s not any destination, but each step of the journey that’s the point — the destination, if you will. The “end,” the victory is already won, so we can take time to stop & smell the roses along the way. ;-)

We don’t have somewhere to go. We’re not imperfect. (Hear this with “ears of Heart,” where it makes sense —it’s not of 3D.) Awakening is a NowHere thing if we allow that. Or we can continue in the hamster-wheeling mind for the rest of our time in this 3D body. It’s ever & always a choice — one made by default for most, based on our chosen, accepted beliefs.

Sure, those beliefs were taught & programmed into us — I’ll give you that. As we’re awakening, there will be many times when that’ll feel & look like a raw deal — unfair, in the least, cruel at most.

The lies, manipulation, & gross mismanagement of our reality we’ll uncover along the way are deeply disturbing. But we can take our power back — we can change those thoughts & beliefs, thus choosing to create an entirely new reality.

We can choose to step back, to lighten the heck up, & see it all as simply what is — & make peace with that. Things really start to go better once we begin to take self-responsibility for our own creation — our life. It all really is up to us.

Keep centering ;-)

[1] I picked up this saying from Alex Collier, though I don’t know if it’s original with him.


12:31 a.m., Friday, 2016–04–08, Mayan day 12 Kan/Seed — Made Public 2016–04–20 — Published to 2017/03/16

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