Public vs Private — a false choice?

These Eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me

“I” no longer know a clear distinction between public & private. Those words may well offer what amounts to a false choice. What if the way we understand these terms is based on actual false premises? Let’s explore.


First, of course, is the issue of the “I” — & what is that? Most believe they know — until they begin to delve a bit deeper. Then we discover that it can’t be defined, touched, or shown. Have you experienced this?

If you’re not there, yet, then maybe this journal is not for you, for it may bore the mind to distraction. (I might suggest some time spent with Adyashanti — he can bring you to that, beautifully.) Yet I’m not out to define the “I,” here — just to have a look at the whole public-vs-private thing.


Over the decades most journals begin with something mundane. I trust that, & just keep writing. Don’t know what that’s about, but since they’ve begun that way for so long, I trust it.

Now what’s running through, inside, seems like private stuff — my singing, some things like that —that I was hesitant to share. I pondered putting “Private” across the top — yet that’s a laugh. Out of possibly over 10,000 journals (certainly that many pages & more), less than a handful are private. The many not yet up as either YT vlog or blog are just because I wasn’t doing that, then — or haven’t gotten around to it, LOL. Hey, I like to share. Communication is more what I am than what I do.


But let me ask you — did you know that you’re telepathic? We all are. No, we’re not taught that — but then, what I think about education — well, I covered that in Misplaced Trust, last week’s blog, & it’s not nice.

Education in the USA, at least, qualifies as mere programming. They instill a certain set of beliefs to turn out nice little factory workers, obedient slaves who will do their bidding for a pittance. So please, just because you weren’t taught something — so what?! Don’t let that limit your exploration.

We are, 100% of us, telepathic — it may abide rather quietly in the background, but it’s there. Okay, so we’ll have to deal with the “I” a bit more, but only enough to say you’re not the body — those come & go — & not the brain/mind, for they do that, too. You’re both eternal & infinite. I know — sounds strange — but great fun to explore.


So just for now, while you’re reading, expand your boundaries. Drop the body boundaries. That’s easy enough, for most are familiar with the energy body idea — the aura. So there, already you’ve expanded beyond the seeming limits of your form. It’s about that easy to continue, too — but only when centered in Heart. We’re going places head dares not tread.

Most of us have heard about quantum-entanglement, but just in case you haven’t, scientists have taken particles & put them at great distance from one another. Then they change the spin on one of them, only to find that the other one, though far away, instantly changes its spin, too.

You won’t find me trying to explain it, for that’s the low road to me — the high road being simply what is — simply that it is. Once we see something, then the magic can happen. Until we see it — not so much.

So as these bodies, along with everything else, are composed of those particles, those bits being quantum-entangled, so are we. Everything, separate seeming though it be, is linked up — intimately connected. Every bit closely connected with every other bit, such that each one knows what all the others are doing, on some level — clearly not the conscious level.

Well, telepathy is such a small step to take from there. Yeah, I know it’s totally different, & that the analogy doesn’t hold well. Still, there are ever so many ways in which we’re linked-up — telepathy being perhaps a mental linkage.


For those who think the mind is restricted to the brain, I’ve got some shocking news — both the physical heart & the gut also produce neurotransmitters — you know, those little “brain” chemicals. The HeartMath Institute has done great work on the science of the physical heart.

They also established — scientifically — that IQ increases when the subject connects with heart before taking the test. There seems to be a native linkage, long forgotten or ignored by us, between physical heart & head. They just perform better when linked.

All of which points to the reality that we can’t even clearly identify mind or brain — where & how thought functions via the body. My take on it is that the whole neurology of the body — the entire nervous system — acts as a distributed “brain” — but that’s just me. You make of it what you will. (The body-mind can also be conceptualized as a transceiver — an antenna that both sends & receives.)

However — if we can’t define the “I,” can’t define the mind — it’s a good idea to lose some of the ego, the belief that we know these things. That (false) confidence gets in the way of our ability to see things any other way — to take a different perspective. When you think you know, you’re just not open — which is precisely how mind tends to block Heart, something it can never understand.

Due to their current belief structures, today’s poor excuse for science can’t tell you what portion of “your” thoughts don’t originate with you. Of course not, as they’re not looking at thought that way, & our BS (Belief Systems) guide the direction of our exploration. Being telepathic — & I promise, you are — not all of your thoughts are your own.


Many of you will be aware of the US Army’s work with the Navajo scouts — using them as great trackers in the last century. Yet once they recruited them & cut off their long hair — suddenly their ability to track went into the trash, along with their hair.

After some experimentation, some classic failures in the field, they finally established that the long hair was very much a part of their tracking ability. So those scouts all received waivers to skip the crew cut. It appears the hair, itself, acts as a sort of antenna — interesting, huh? What if the brain is a bit like that? What if the body-mind, itself, is more like a sending/receiving mechanism? What then?

It’s possible that none of our thoughts actually originate in the brain, just as the television program doesn’t originate in the TV. We — this “I” which mind is so convinced it knows — may be no more than a sending/receiving mechanism for the soul to make an appearance in 3D. Plus, there are those of average IQ who have only 10% or less gray matter — brain — in their skulls. The rest is filled with water. Things that make ya go hmm.


Most are coming to realize that we’re the soul or Spirit, not the form. NDEs (Near-Death Experiences) & OBEs (Out-of-Body Experiences) are spurring that along, as people come back to report what they found on the “other side.” Though the tales can vary widely, it’s clear that our life, our being, is not form-dependent.

In the earlier versions of the Bible reincarnation was still taught, & some traces of it remain—never completely erased. It depends on your belief systems — what I call BS — whether or not you can see it, though — & that goes for seeing anything, not just reincarnation in the Bible. It’s time to recognize the immense power of thought — of beliefs.

Are you willing to step back from your 3D form enough to take this broader look? Does it make you uncomfortable? If so, that would be mind’s discomfort, not yours — so center in Heart for another look, if you like. Heart/soul has no trouble with this. We can take it from the perspective of expansion from the form — first out into the aura, then ever farther, for we encompass all of Cosmos, as Source-in-form.

Or we can take it as first being soul or Spirit — taking that perspective, then looking in on (or down into) the form aspect of our current 3D trek. Either way, we’re not at all what we were taught we are — the limited form or body-mind presence with which most identify. What a shock on the first encounter!


Are you in Heart? That’s the point of Power — the point of oneness where this can most clearly be directly experienced. That direct experience is blocked to the exact extent of our false beliefs. The more we align with what is true, the more clarity we have as direct experience.

And I’m not here to tell anyone what truth is, either — that’s a personal adventure, differing based on the perspective adopted. One of my cherished abilities is what I call a flexible perspective — the ability to take a different angle of view on anything. It’s great fun, & prevents many an argument from erupting.

So where does all of this leave us? What do we make of private versus public? In one way, such distinctions are not even possible — but that’s going pretty deep, too deep for most folks. Yet I hope it can be seen that the distinctions mind likes to make are not so cut-and-dried as mind believes them to be.

The main reasons we don’t experience, or are not fully aware of, our own telepathic abilities are two. First, because of our programming — some call it education — how we were taught gave no credence to such possibilities. The second is that we believed what we were taught.


Now don’t rush past that second one — it’s high time to recognize the power, both of thought, but also belief. Belief is the use of Free Will to align with what’s being presented.

Abraham Hicks — The FUN Of Ignoring Reality — 8:43

I enjoy listening to Esther’s presentation of the consciousness she calls Abraham, or Abraham-Hicks — who says that a belief is just a thought we keep thinking. When we accept something, we’ve made use of a most powerful aspect of our being — Free Will.

The choices we make are not just powerful, but far more powerful than mind is able to recognize, for it cannot rise up out of itself to take that broader look. Oh, of course it thinks it can, but if you’ve been on this awakening journey for long, then you realize that mind’s only ability is to think about — to know about things — never to know the things, themselves — to have the direct experience.

Are you with me? Are you in Heart, or centered in your own way? For if you’re just reading along, stationed in mind, you’re not able to be with me in this. The map is not the territory, the words are not the message — just images thereof, or pointers thereto — representations. Mind is the map-maker, the map-reader.

That’s all it can do, but who among us recognizes that? Hopefully, you do — else your mind would be bored stiff reading this. But perhaps you already know this — it’s not possible to be bored when in Heart. Nor is it possible to hate or be nasty or the like, for Heart is our direct linkage to Source, the wholeness of Love.


It’s all in the little things, friends. Mind likes to think it’s working toward this or that, moving away from this other thing — but that’s all illusion. There is no destination called “enlightenment” or being “awakened.” Listen from Heart if this is new to you.

In the midst of eternity-infinity, in the beginningless-endlessness of that — how can there be some sort of destination, some end point? All ends & beginnings — Big Bang, included — are illusion. Every ending is but the beginning of something else.

Here in 3D it seems that beginnings & endings are real — take relationships, for example, or bodies, for that matter — they surely are born with ends built right in, whether on the partner’s leaving or the body’s demise. Yet where is the enduring reality in that?

We — Who & what we truly are, not who or what we think we are — are eternal. Also infinite. Yet, until we can accept that, or at least set aside current beliefs long enough to sincerely consider the possibility — we won’t see it. We can’t.

Why not? Because mind (thought/belief) is blocking it. Because in the Matrix, our minds are basically hijacked. I have long said that seeing, itself, is a powerful form of doing — strange though that sounds, for seeing seems passive. It is not!


When signing-up for a YT (YouTube) account, it seemed every name I chose was already taken. Finally, out of desperation, I typed in TheseEyesGod, after my favorite saying — “These eyes, through which I hoped to see God, are the eyes through which God sees me.”

While that’s very deep — something mind will never understand— it’s not beyond Heart, where we can at last begin to have the experience. This points to the power of vision, of seeing. With Heart, our vision is unlimited in ways which no mind can grasp.

The challenge becomes to let go of the grip mind has on us — on our perceptions, our everyday vision of life, of what we call reality. What mind dubs reality can’t hold a candle to the Reality we experience via Heart.

Just place that beautiful quote in your Heart & let it sit — let it marinate a while there. (What it amounts to is that you are marinating in that — LOL.) It can & will bring changes — to the extent you can let go of your current BS (belief systems).

This is where many unintentionally draw the line. Unable to go there, they place blame or condemnation on the speaker, the one sharing from Heart, be it the Sufis, such as Rumi, or whomever. Mind will project it’s (mis)understanding, in its sincere belief that it is right. If it can’t grok what’s being said, then what’s being said must be BS, right? Well, not so fast.


It’s pretty funny, really, since the true BS is ever & always found within — but mind cannot know that. Yup, pretty funny, once one’s perspective is sufficiently flexible to perceive this way. I truly hope that some will allow themselves to be led into Heart — to begin to take up residence there.

It’s a bit like jumping from a cliff — regularly — for it leaves mind with no basis, no fundamental beliefs on which it can rest. Actually, though, it becomes rather in-joy-able to have the rug frequently pulled out from under what you thought was you, but turns out to be just your old BS. You want that stuff gone, don’t you — lover of Truth that you are?

Is there anything else to be said, here, about public versus private? Hopefully, you are at least a wee bit off-balance with this, now. That would be a good sign — a sign of sincere exploration — your willingness to “take the leap,” even in a small way — which is all that’s required.

We can’t possibly take ten steps at one time. It just doesn’t make sense. Though that’s the way mind wants to do things — it wants to plan, & gets way out ahead of itself, seeking out destinations, results & such — yet all we can ever take in this moment is the next step. It is enough — put Heart in charge.


As you accept the possibility, initially, you’ll begin to notice at odd moments that you are telepathic. People’s thoughts carry their personal vibration, a certain resonance which is distinct for each one. You’re more likely to note this when in the presence of people unlike yourself — rather than your best mates & friends, with whom you’ve already blended.

When an odd thought passes through, don’t automatically claim it as your own. Take a pause — just self-observe. Begin to be an observer of your own thought processes, for they’re not what you took them to be. (Telepathy can also come through as shared emotion.)

Have fun with this. Since the awakening journey is both tremendously difficult at times & greatly injoyable, my suggestion is to have fun with both sides of that coin — & why not? Who is to say that we must suffer? Is that not based in some sort of belief system BS?

Sure, maybe your knee hurts just now, but it can hurt & you can be miserable — or cheerful. It’s a choice. We have a power in thought undreamed of by mind. Seems funny, yes? Everything is rather amusing, when viewed deeply, via Heart. (It also comes from stepping back, the dis-identifying.)

Nothing need hurt, my friends. The body may experience challenges that bring physical pain — but you are not the body — & once you begin to sort that out & identify with Who you truly are (as Source-in-form), all of that begins to shift in ways unexplainable to mind. My suggestion — though hard to follow, initially — is to leave the mind & its opinions to the side — to quit believing it. It doesn’t really know as much as it thinks it does.


In reality, the mind knows quite literally nothing — it only knows about things. Many of you already know that, but for those who don’t, some repetition is handy, for mind is a hard task-master, & pretty terrible, initially, to bypass. Oh, we get it after a while when we persist.

Just set your firm intent to go deeper into truth, to enter Heart, & you simply must succeed. It just works like that. Yet absent that determination, mind will ever & always win. It’s programmed that way.

Know, too, that you pass on what you’re feeling, what you’re sensing, not just to the empaths, the intuitives & psychics among us — but to us all. You radiate it. Once you make room for this awareness to filter in, you’ll begin to see how what you’re not saying is still a part of the “conversation.”

It’s having an influence — one mind never realized because it just couldn’t see that at work — due to its beliefs, & the inability of the 5 senses to perceive beyond 3D. Beliefs are blinding things, blocking our greater, deeper vision. It’s a really good idea to begin some serious self-observing — just witnessing what is, to start — then plucking out old, self-limiting beliefs as you go.


Where will it lead? That’s entirely up to you, to the choices you implement via Free Will. I love to capitalize that just to acknowledge its importance. It has a power we were never taught, for we were actually taught the reverse — to conform. If you go very far down this road you’re going to find yourself becoming ever more non-conformist, so make room for that.

You’ll find yourself changing in some pretty amazing ways. Why is that? Because the self you are now — the self you take yourself to be — is likely more mind than anything else. Most self-identify with body or mind & body — not much else.

Oh, we talk about soul & spirit a lot — especially at synagogue, temple, mosque or church — but it’s mostly mind at work, as your self-observation will reveal. Most of it is blah blah, talk about the subject, rather than direct experience. It’s a lot of studying the maps.

If you want to actually travel the territory, it’s time to step back, to step down into Heart, where that oneness abides — where no differences in gender, skin tone, religion or anything else can even exist. No room for that in the Heart of Love, the union of not just humanity, but All That Is.


You are That, too — as Source-in-form. (And OMG, how this will transform your experience of your religion.) BTW, this is neither for nor against any religion, or none — it’s all good. But if your mind objected, that would be a good subject for self-observation. ;-)

That may be rather much for many, but that’s okay, too. For those who are open, who have used their Free Will to set their feet on this awakening journey, it offers some seeds —which each one can choose to nurture, or not. Free Will is such an awesomely beautiful thing, friends — let’s relearn what it is to respect it, both in self & in seeming “other.”

Each one has full right to make their own choices. It’s not up to us to make choices for anyone else but self — not even our children or our mate. It’s not up to us to infringe on their Free Will — & perhaps you’ve noticed how it doesn’t work well when we try, anyway.

Let us rather choose the road of deep Respect — both for self & for others. We CAN choose to live in harmony, if we like. That will mean we may be shifting in relationships, in associations, organizations — some may have to go, & new ones may take their place.

If we truly don’t resonate with someone’s Free-Will choices, then our option is to stay or leave — to move on. Yet I have a big warning about moving into action too quickly — for that could be mind at work, once again thinking it knows what is best — when it cannot.


My suggestion is that it is time for a great deal of self-observation — rather than action of any kind. The only “action” I’m recommending right now is seeing — is vision. As we move more into Heart & out of head, Heart will begin to take over, to lead our steps in wonderful ways.

As long as we remain mind-based, that won’t happen — & we may ditch a perfectly good relationship unnecessarily. It’s hard to hear it, I know, but mind just can’t know — in spite of how intensely it tries to convince us that it does.

So during our transition into Heart-based living, I don’t recommend much action at all — just self-observation. To mind, that sounds terrible — like it’s not doing anything to make things better, which is its favorite occupation — but there ya go.

Mind has to die on the vine — & it’s you that must starve it out. Are you up to it? Hello? If you think you are, I suggest you cannot know, yet. Why not? Because it’s Heart that knows, & until we’re fully identifying with Who we truly are, it’s not knowable — just another belief.

That One, of course, is truly up to this, & anything we put before It — but until the self-identifying with mind is past, we are not fully anchored in our true identity. Nor can this be explained to mind, so I don’t suggest you even try to figure it out. If you’re on this journey, then this is a time to shift from thinking to sensing — to feeling your way into what is best.


Stepping back, stepping back, stepping back to just watch the self. Perhaps to keep a journal of your journey would be injoyable. I’ve certainly found it useful. Journaling is often enlightening, for things are revealed when you center down & start writing — things that originate deep within, that don’t come from mind — things you just would not uncover absent writing or speaking from Heart into the recorder.

It’s my hope that I’ve blurred the lines a bit between the within & the without — between so-called private & public. It’s not such a useful distinction from Heart perspective, where the knowing, the direct experience abides — where all is just One.

Heart knows that the journey is the current step you’re taking — not some grandiose plan dreamed up by mind, be it ascension or whatever. There is nothing greater than You, friend — but you’re not the you that mind thinks you are, so don’t take this on-board as a belief — it would just go to ego/mind.

Just let yourSelf be. Discover that Self. Set your intent firmly, your Free Will choice to awaken — then begin with strong, determined self-observation. Talk less. Journal more. Be open. Go for that flexible perspective, that ability to look at anything from a new angle. Know that you are Love, itself, clothed in form — that helps.

As we anchor into those things that are actually true — well, Truth always wins out, always stands when all else falls around it. This is one of the ways we can know truth — it always abides, where lies & BS cannot long last — they cannot stand in the Light of day.

I Love You. Be with me in Heart, where I Am that Love that You are — where we are & always were well & truly One — where “These eyes, through which I hoped to see God, are the eyes through which God sees me.”


11:11 a.m., 2016–04–11, Monday, Mayan day 2 Manik/Deer