The Unfathomable Power of Amor Fati
Ryan Holiday

Ryan, you have a new follower, due to the power of this piece, which is somewhat rare, & delightfully amazing.

Awakening takes self-awareness, & self-awareness is often enough painful, requiring that we see the warts & flab, along with the divine, right where we are. I love following authors who demonstrate that, no matter the stories they tell.

Waking-up isn’t into some la la land of endless bliss, as some marketers would have us believe. Here, buy my product, it will take you there, blah blah BS. We have to go deeper than that — almost infinitely deep. This is an excellent motto for the journey, helping brush the paraphernalia aside.

Blessings along your journey. May your Heart find fulfillment in each NowHere moment — which of course the mind views as nowhere.


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