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Source-in-form — Say, What?

Moving Beyond Relativity & 3D

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — Spiritual Awakening, Bodymindsoulspirit.com

Have you noticed how simply everything in 3D is perspective-dependent? The simple 9 drawn on the ground illustrates this point:

Assumptions — Gci.org.uk

Who is to say whether it’s a 6 or a 9? Is one “right,” the other “wrong?” No. Just different, different perspectives of the same thing.

The implications, here, are YUGE. Have you ever considered the possibility — just the possibility, mind you, not to scare the mind too much — that “right” & “wrong” are just concepts, ideas that are not real?

We’ve fought both political & religious wars, killing & maiming one another over groups believing themselves right & others wrong. Oh, my. What if there’s another perspective, possibly a better one available? Are we brave enough to at least consider it, to explore?

Do we have any beliefs shouting that down, standing in our way? (Perhaps we could examine them later?)

Consider this idea that we — each conscious, aware being — could be, at our depths, Source-in-form. What if God (“Source” carries less baggage) isn’t just far away, but is also actually sitting right here, where I am, there where you are? What would that change? Well, besides, everything, LOL? 😆

“But I’ve never considered that, never encountered it in any way, so how could that be?” How does one handle such a concept, such a perspective without stepping over some invisible line, some restriction of belief, OR entering into a ridiculous sense of ego?

We step back to observe the mind.

For many, it’s freaking out. That’s not really a bad thing; a bit uncomfortable, but not “bad” or “wrong,” just different; not what we’re accustomed to. We can just watch, though. What will we see?

In my adventures thus far, it’s consistently my mind that freaks out. That was beyond awkward, was unacceptable in the days before I realized I was more than just the body-mind. This observing is beyond painful, it’s unbearable when what’s freaking out is what we take ourselves to be.

Yet, aren’t you discovering that you’re more than that? Many, perhaps most of us are in this ongoing Great Awakening. It’s a scary & crazy time of chaos & confusion, but it seems to be working to wake us the heck up; well, a lot of us, anyway. Some still seem able to sleep right through it all, locked in their Matrix mindset.

Let’s leave them there. It’s more than enough to just see to the self at this time; the self/Self.

We can’t really get anywhere with this idea of being Source-in-a-body until we step back from who we currently take ourselves to be. We can’t go forward like that; it just doesn’t work, for we’ve tried, most of us. It just looks like some sort of fairy tale or crazy theory — or does it?

Or rather, to what part of us does it look that way? As we step back far enough, seeing the forest beyond the trees, we’re surprised to realize that’s only the perspective of our mind. That one gives you pause, at first. How can I distance myself from my mind? Isn’t it this mind through which I perceive it all?

That depends. Like everything else, it’s perspective-dependent. Is it a 6 or a 9 — or is it both, depending on which way I view it?

To take this new, deeper perspective — deeper than anything we’ve ever viewed — we’ve got to deal with identity; ours. If we identify only with the body-mind, then we’re likely stuck. Our mind’s fears & beliefs will keep us trapped & too frightened to explore. This isn’t anything the mind enjoys.

We can be compassionate with our mind, realizing that its whole world is being challenged. This Self as Source-in-form thing blows all of the mind’s current perspectives to bits, forcing it to begin anew as if it was just born. There is little cultural or social support for such a view, either, making it that much more foreboding.

What to do? This gets extremely, & I mean extremely sticky, as this “I” we’re still identifying with is the one in question. That being the case, it’s in no position to examine itself, for that requires some distance. Heck, absent a mirror or some reflective body of water, we can’t even see the self we’d purport to examine. Kinda funny, really. It just won’t work.

So who or what is doing the examining?

Is there truly anything beyond the body-mind? If not, then we’re stuck, for wise ones have already established that we can’t examine something by remaining on the same level with it. We have to step back from it or rise above it to do that.

Okay, so who or what is stepping back? We must drop (or at least table) our beliefs in order to see, to potentially experience it, this new perspective that transcends the body-mind. We must let go of the mind’s-eye view of it all, a tall order for most since that’s the only view we’ve ever taken.

Ego isn’t making this journey, friends; and that’s good. We wouldn’t want it to, for we can imagine a hint of what that would be like, our ego believing it’s God, for heaven’s sake. Can you laugh? Don’t run away, screaming. This is doable, just not in any familiar sort of way.

We go from doing to being.

This is something you be. This observing is something that just happens. You experience it, but it’s not something you’re “doing.” It’s just happening. And if this doesn’t make sense, then drop focus down into the central chest, away from the head, the mind. Center in Heart. Heart just Knows.

The body-mind is the doer while Heart is the be-er; Heart just be’s. Yeah, it wrecks the heck out of English, but oh well. If we’re being real with it, that makes sense. The language developed out of our old way of seeing ourselves, out of our self-identity as the body-mind, which just doesn’t work for this new perspective.

So we let go. We allow. We observe by direct experience.
Something’s Added, Something’s Subtracted — The Tao, verse XLVIII

In the 3D realm of relativity, we know about things. We stand aside from things as we study them, study the writings, the works of those gone on before. This works fine for 3D, but it doesn’t work for this. Being such a radical departure from any norm we’ve ever encountered, we have a lot of letting go to do, or rather, LOL, to allow.

We’re losing the doer as we go. Do “you” see, do you sense? Many old concepts bar the way, but that doesn’t have to stop us. Only we can stop us via our use of free will. This is a shocking journey, at least at first, but one that’s always available. It just takes our readiness to explore — along with a good dose of humility, that willingness to admit we don’t know it all.

Be in Heart to hear. If & as we’re Source-in-form at our core, then we can entrust our journey to That. We can begin to relax into It. We’ll make many a false step, as we don’t truly know Who we are, much less what we’re doing. It’s a simple given; one that’s good to accept early on.

The only one in our way at any point in any of this is the self, the lesser self or the ego-mind; the one we once took ourselves to be. We’re actually awareness, itself, or consciousness, but that takes a bit of getting used to. The body-mind doesn’t contain us, not all of us, for it can’t. No form could ever contain all of Source.

As We Are — I.pinimg.com

Things begin to seem backward or upside down. The way we’ve been taught/programmed goes directly against this new perspective we’re exploring. That’s precisely how we get in our own way, block our own progress along this path. Do you see?

None of that actually matters, ultimately, though some will freak out a bit over that. It’s not so much that we’ve given false values to things, but that we’ve seen the things a bit falsely. Nothing whatsoever is what we take it to be, what we’ve been taught that it is. It’s all different, somehow — radically different, actually — & that can be scary.

When we’re scared, the best thing I’ve found is to just stop & be still; to observe, just watch the self. You’ll discover for yourself that it’s almost always the mind freaking out. What you’ll also discover as you persist is that you’re not at all limited to the mind. It, too, is something we can step back & observe.

This is where we begin to encounter the limits of language. Being linear, one letter, one word, one sentence & paragraph at a time, it cannot convey that which exists beyond the realm of the relative — such as Source. As long as we stick strongly with Heart, we’ll do just fine.

We’ll discover Heart just Knows things.

Heart doesn’t need to learn, to study things, or even to step back from them. It just Knows, & its Knowing is nothing like any knowing we’ve ever encountered. The mind’s knowing compared to Heart’s Knowing is like the crystal compared to the rainbow; distantly similar, somehow linked, yet a completely different experience.

There’s no rushing any of this, either. Time becomes a bit of a joke, so distant is it from what we thought it was. All time is just now, the NowHere moment, but that makes not a lick of sense to the mind, something we’re working our way beyond.

The readiness for the next step arises when & how it will, which is beyond our ken, & that’s fine. Actually, it’s quite wonderful, for we realize it’s one less burden, trying to make ourselves comprehend something that’s just not making any recognizable sense.

As we keep choosing to be Heart-centric with everything, a relaxation begins to set in. It doesn’t creep up on us, as if from a distance, for we’re not a body-mind in this; we just are. We’re beyond form.

Whenever something doesn’t make sense, we center in Heart. The more we relax into this, the more we’ll tune in to Heart’s Knowing, allowing that to carry us on.

Heart has this covered, all of it. Our job, if you will, is becoming so thoroughly Heart-centric that we become okay with a whole lot of not-knowing. We’ll know we’re making progress when we begin to actually relax into this, no longer stressing so much, able to tolerate some mental confusion.

So yes, we are Source-in-form, but it’s nothing to which any mind has access. There is no manual, no course, no book of rules… Just as no two rays of the sun are the same, this journey is unique, no two alike. There is no guide, no teacher, no master whose steps into this will duplicate your own.

This is unlike anything you’ve ever tackled. Words can’t capture or convey it, but they don’t need to, as You, as Source-in-form, already Know. So it’s not something that’s in any way off in the future. There is neither future nor past in the NowHere, except as facets of the multifaceted crystal that is the NowHere moment.

One of the best ways in is to recognize that we know nothing. Every bit of everything we believe we know came to us second-hand. This must originate within us. When we don’t even know Who we really are, that’s a good entry into our admission that we don’t know anything; that what we know doesn’t apply, here.

All 3D truth is relative truth, meaning it will change over time. These things have no relevance, no meaning in the Source-in-form experience, that inner world where time doesn’t exist.

This is important: every single thing we think we know, all that we believe, all we expect, everything is very much in the way of our direct realization of our Source-in-form Reality. Of course, this deep, inner Reality is so well worth the journey, the allowing, the letting go of all that went before…but that doesn’t make it easy.

We must learn we’re not in charge in this new realm — Source is. Allowing is what we must welcome, what we must learn, now. It’s being, not doing, in Heart. When we’re aligned with that, with our Inner Being, we’re being danced. This is when we become the Divine Dance, the Dance of Source.

In this other “space,” we’re every bit the observer of it all. While others will look upon us, seeing us as the doer, the one acting or speaking or whatever, we’ll know we’re in a flow that’s somehow divine, that Source is the one doing it all.

We quickly learn that there’s no way to explain this to our friends, our family, or anyone, so we learn to hold our tongue most of the time. As we observe during these times, we spot the mind at work, trying to explain. Source has no need of that, in us or in them. As always, Source just Knows.

What we eventually discover is that, by following Heart, sensitizing ourselves to its guidance, its impulses, we speak up at just the right times & in just the right ways that we DO make connections with some. The sharing works likely because they’re also on their own Heart journey, & so have walked a mile in such shoes. They can read the energy, intuiting on Heart levels (Knowing) just what we mean.

All is well, regardless. We’re no longer dependent on the understanding of anyone else. Having found our way into Heart, we’re fully engaged in The Great Awakening, & whether we’re ever able to share it with a single individual or the whole world doesn’t mean anything, doesn’t matter.

Source is in charge.

It just is; we just are; & all is ever & always well. In Byron Katie’s words, “Life happens for you, not to you.” Oh, what a beautifully deep meaning such words now convey in our soul, our Heart, our Inner Being, or whatever words work for us at the time. Joy is the motor of Life.



3:54 am, Wednesday, 2019/02/20, Mayan day 7 Road / Eb